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Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to grow healthy and wise child?

Ask any parent how he wants to see his child, and 99% of the answer - " first of all, healthy. Unfortunately, at the present time under dry health statistics, only 20% of children are born healthy, and 80% of the children are sick already at birth or begin to seriously ill literally from the cradle. So how to grow healthy and wise child? We'll try to understand today in our article.

All parents want to grow healthy and wise child

Few people think that the basis of the health of the child lays not even in the period of pregnancy, but much earlier, and depend on how well his future parents, both the mother and the father. In the period of preparation for pregnancy, and experts believe it to be six months before the date of the purported conception, prospective parents to the possibility of a full medical examination, and in the case of identification of problems, immediately remove them.