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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Multi-table MT55

deum addition to the series presented a 55-inch LCD multi-table high-definition. Declared as the most subtle of the commercially available multi-tops on the market, the optical sensor system platform MT55 is capable of handling 32 simultaneous pressing.

 Like its big brother, the platform comes with a Wireless-N and Bluetooth connectivity, hidden ports, one control button and LED illumination.LED-backlit 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920 × 1080 LCD display has a multi-wide (178 degree) viewing angle and contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. The optical system can monitor multi 32 simultaneous touch points, the response time of ± 7 ms.At the base of MT55 HD is an integrated computer system that includes dual-core processor l Core i5-560M with a frequency of 2.66 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB Hard Drive SATA II. Except for one small fan that cools the processor, the computer system has no moving parts.

What can we build a house?

Is there a man who would not dream of your own home? Perhaps the only one that was already built. However, for many the dream still remains elusive, because the construction of the house is not easy and not cheap. However, if you are the proud owner of six acres, has not yet mastered, or have already decorated the house - sheds - a big reason for optimism! After all, would land, and build a dwelling on it no problem. Of course it will not be the palace, and not even the House, but not a hut on chicken legs. So, how does their own hands with limited finance to become a homeowner? Try to understand.

It is believed that the cheapest house you can buy in India. Local industrial giant Tata launches home worth slightly more than seven hundred dollars. It's a miracle housing area of ​​twenty square meters dismantled and packed in a flat box. The buyer is required simply to build it as a wardrobe. However, as you know, the walls and roof of jute, which is enough for tropical India, it is not suitable for our latitude. So, unfortunately, the construction of houses in Russia would cost considerably more expensive, because you need to do the foundation, insulate walls and roof.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Third child: difficult or easy?

Once upon a time, giving birth to her second child, I thought it was my third time everything will be crystal clear to me. My second birth was miraculous: easy and harmonious, exactly as I wanted them to be. And I was very interested in what will be the third generations? It seems that there's nowhere better! My curiosity was satisfied, even earlier than I expected, and expecting her third child, I got a whole new experience!

FamiliaritySuch a start, we still were not. We live, not knowing that our third baby has already come to us and said quietly: "I will live here!" Apparently, very quietly, because we do not hear anything. Once I began to feel an unusual silence, wondering when will begin a new cycle in my body. It seemed as if the body does not think it started ... My husband and I giggled at this, but the days passed, and, increasingly, in my head swam absolutely incredible idea, from which the skin creepy fled. Believe in the reality of this assumption was completely impossible. But suddenly came the day when I realized that I wanted certainty. Immediately! An hour later I was in the hands of the test. And when in the first few seconds, the band lit up with two fat, I was overwhelmed by the storm all sorts of feelings. It was absolutely incredible! And at the same time is absolutely real! I was breathless with excitement that I wanted to run around, do anything just to feel solid ground under their feet. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. Ya I'm waiting. Third. The child.

The smartphone with a flexible display Samsung Galaxy Note II

According to official information that was obtained from the Korean media this year, in autumn, probably in the month of October will be released a new smartphone with a flexible display, Samsung Galaxy Note II. This smartph

one is expected to be become a direct competitor to the new Apple iPhone.

As we have already learned a new smartphone with a flexible screen Samsung Galaxy Note II will have a highly flexible unbreakable display, a 5.3-inch. Also new will be on board a powerful quad-core processor and a camera, the resolution of which will be 12 MPX.
The new smartphone with a flexible display Samsung Galaxy Note II will apply the latest technology available at the moment. Progress did not pass on your mobile device and operating system. As the developers of mobile devices, Samsung Galaxy Note II will run on Android Jelly Bean, which we previously heard very little.
Also at the request of numerous members of the new generation of smartphone developers managed to bring the energy consumption when operating in mixed mode phones to a minimum and with the same parameters of the battery to extend the functionality gadget almost doubled compared to the previous model.
More information about the new smartphone with a flexible display Samsung Galaxy Note II, his guts, technology and price, we will tell later, after the official announcement, which will take place in late summer early fall of this year.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The enemies of love

The main enemy of love is the gradual disappearance of admiration for each other. This is facilitated by the following circumstances. The first of them - an act of psycho-physiological adaptation of the law, under which "the value of any sensation is reduced at a constant action of the same pathogen." Reduction in the degree of novelty of living together - an inevitable process that leads to the effect of habituation. Love frequently dies, becoming, at best, a habit. Remember, as Pushkin: "The habit of replacing more than we are given a happiness it is."

2) Reduction of interest to the spouse as a person as a result of repetition of the same thoughts, assessments, statements. And as a consequence - the cloying dialogue with each other.
3) "The effect of neluchshego underwear" - sloppy declassification of spouses to each other in a backyard life.What kills love
If you want your husband is often looked at the women around him, you should make quite a bit:

walking home in an old tattered robe with sagging pockets (stuffed with all sorts of things) and always with greasy belly;
the evening will certainly appear in front of him with his hair in curlers sound around, shoot them in the morning before work, let your hair only admire your colleagues and boss;
very good evening to smear the face shiny and greasy cream does not remove its remains until the morning;
and more - to wear old tattered slippers with soles peeled;
You can add a little thing: do not use the bra at home, let the breasts hanging and swaying under the old robe - it is very impressive;
it is advisable to wear a "chewing" is not quite fresh nightgown;
and it would be good to top it all, learn to snore, as a firefighter.
I think, has everything! Now he'll go the way you imagined in the mind - find a lover, and probably just get away from you forever.
Even your favorite toothbrush is not catching.
Before marriage, each spouse, of course, tends to appear before the other with the best hand, watching his looks, carefully avoids the bad manners, etc. After the marriage is changing: the wife often appears in front of her husband in curlers and a bathrobe unwashed, and her husband shows her his unshaven stubble, worn-out sneakers and bubbling on his knees tights.
Of course, appearance is of some importance in the origin of the partner momentum for intimacy, but also are not going to wash dishes in an evening dress or toilet repair in evening dress. And our way of life, unfortunately, does not relieve the spouse from these duties.
Addiction, disappointment spouse leads to a 4-5-year life together for many spouses weakens sexual desire for each other. A related, in particular, the peak number of divorces in the 5-year experience of family life.How to keep love
The first condition is constantly working on yourself, spiritual growth, the desire to maintain in the eyes of your loved one's prestige and status, because, according to the just remark IM Sechenov, "passion is supported by a brightness variability passionate way."
Marriage is in no way should be construed as an end in the young, after which you can achieve the "relax", but on the contrary, it is necessary to consider it as a starting point of the struggle for marital happiness. This means that the couple simply do not have the right to stay in their development, as well as face and move in which their deep personal intimacy, openness to each other will interfere with the existence of the family.
The second condition - improving cultural relations between spouses, education of a consistently getting on with everyone, kindness, sensitivity, restraint and allows to avoid unnecessary "declassification" tact. Elevating respect for each other, raising a kind of exaggeration of the merits of another, in full compliance with the wise idea Prishvin that "the person that you love me, of course, better than I do, I do not like that. But you love, and I'll try to be better than yourself. "
The third condition for increasing the strength of the family acts as the relative freedom of spouses to each other. In fact, this condition is a natural consequence of the same psycho-physiological adaptation of the law - temporary cessation of the stimulus restores the excitability of the nervous system and increases the intensity of sensations during subsequent stimulation. It has long been reflected in the global culture: the immortal lines of the poet's "face to face shall not see, a lot is seen at a distance" and the parable of the two lovers, whose punishment was forced to look at each other, and that was enough, so they are very soon came to hate each other. Or, in the rough everyday saying, "With a short leash slips rather than long."
However, the idea of ​​the necessity of temporary separations are usually difficult to find a place in the minds of young married couples, and therefore the advice of experts about the relative autonomy of forms - a joint silent pastime, "open" (ie, based on the Leisure) days, etc. . - Usually they are not implemented, which ultimately detrimental effect on the stability of marriage.
In surveys conducted revealed that the critical moments of the first years of marriage are quite similar for most young couples, although they are significantly different for men and women. Men in general were most sensitive to the material inconveniences and difficulties of physical adaptation. The women also expressed the greatest concern about failure (with their feminine point of view) display by their spouses feelings of love and respect, the loss of a romantic tone premarital courtship.
A new way of life, burden of family responsibilities, unsettled life, and other associated with the beginning of a joint life circumstances turn out for many couples unexpected, unpleasant, and sometimes very heavy burden. The fact that this is the case, evidenced by the authoritative opinion of A. and B. Kharcheva Matskovskii that are among the main causes of family conflict and divorce in young families include the installation of the marriage as something easy. This setting appears in the following four factors.

Lack of preparation of young people in a dramatic change in lifestyle.
The complexity of relations between the generations.
Waiting for the marriage only pleasant surprises.
Unwillingness to fulfill family responsibilities.

Is it possible without love?
Is it always required the love in the family? Maybe good enough relationship, common interests, respect for each other?
This question is relevant because about a third of men and women who want to get married, do not believe in love.
About family life is often said (and many believe it): If there is love - nothing terrible, but if there is no love - it does not work. And then, and more, perhaps, wrong.
Most people get married for love, affection, attraction. Judging by sociologists, most people get married in our heart of gravity, but how many of them associates love, how many - love or just attraction - is unknown. You can probably assume that loves and desires more than love. Many such pairs of gravitation heart a few years after the wedding subsides, and they share a sense of no longer, and children, custom, flat, material dependence.
Newlyweds the other groups (they lower) find each other "by reason" without a heart desire. They have not met a man at heart, and it's time to start a family, here and choose someone who seems like a soul, mind. There are those who are married to the calculation of the material, its too much.
In the first group - those who are married to cardiac impulse, for every ten successful marriages have failed ten or eleven. Apparently, most of these failed marriages - marriages of love, attraction, not love, feelings are often selfish, and without the aid of reason, they are unlikely to deeply connect people.
Those who are married to reason, for every ten successful destinies occur four or five unsuccessful. Hence, the proportion of successes is two - two and a half times greater than that of lovers. And even those who are married on the calculation, the percentage of successful destiny and a half times greater than that of lovers.
More than a win before calculating reason is because the mind considers the deeper factors - human, and in the calculation - the material, and transient.
These figures are overturn our most cherished notions. They make a new way to think about indigenous family supports morality. It turns out, heartfelt desire - not a guarantee family happiness: it gives him less than half the time, and reason and calculation - much more frequently. It does not harm a sensory attraction to marriage? Is not it better the other way - tranquil, not blurred sense of choice? Maybe he is more suited to the current man with his rationalism and inhibition of feelings?
The point, perhaps, is that there are different types of people, and that is good one, is poorly suited to others.
Perhaps people who are married to reason and calculation, less exacting emotional, psychological demands - and this more getting on with everyone. Perhaps many of them love or love was simply not available. Perhaps, for these people family peace of mind (not happy!) Achievable than for those who love or loved. But their lives are probably more uniform - there is no love storms, highs of happiness, grief failures, it is richer calm, but poorer than the passions.
For such people, the main basis of marriage - not love, but simply a good relationship. This foundation is responsible, probably, their psychological makeup, it is natural for them. But for most of today's men and women craving senses - the best basis for the family. And no matter what the numbers on the failure of their marriage, the people of this type will still marry for love or attraction - this is their psychology.
However, the heart of gravity - most often the mainstay in the early phase of family life. All of them - a sense of fading, and if they do not support, they fall off, fade. Of course, the deeper sense, the longer it lives, but the deepest love, unfortunately, die if we do not try to prolong her life. The reasons we have discussed above.
The fate of marriage is extremely important, much more depends not on the feelings that people get married, and their spiritual properties, kindness, altruism and selfishness, indifference, or hospitality. From these properties are much more than the feeling depends on how people behave with each other, how they fit together, that is, the very fate depends on their feelings. This is probably the fundamental psychological law that governs the fate of marriage today.
The initial feeling - only one link in a multilink marital compatibility, and the focus of it is only the beginning of marriage. The older the marriage, the higher its center of gravity moves to the other side of interoperability, which depend on the nature of the people of their identity.
To live without love (or not love), of course, possible, and even to live well. There is nothing unnatural, immoral and even more so, in the present circumstances, when many hard to find a man's heart is normal, moral, human, especially when people are well related to each other. But in a good relationship with them will appear some sense - or sympathy, or affection, or a good habit (a habit, not indifference, but a habit, inclination, it meets at least). These pairs like to start living right in the second stage of marriage, without going through the first - the first step of ardor feelings.
By its very nature, emotional people simply can not be with each other senseless, even the most quiet, which is not lit, and warm. Between them there are always some kind of attraction or repulsion.
In such a life can be happy, but more often, perhaps, from the children, not from each other. Unfortunately, the happiness ups often overlap are failures of grief - love or left out of the aching pain of loneliness, if the spouse is emotionally distant ... However, it very often happens over time and those who are married to cardiac impulse.
In personal relationships, family life does not often the way in which it would be good. More often, perhaps, comes fusion successes and failures. And do not look here general recipes - each one has to choose which path it is more appropriate:
Each woman chooses for themselves, their religion, the way ...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Google has pledged $ 1 million to hackers who can hack Chrome

Google Inc. made ​​a bid for the quality of their own recent browser Google Chrome. At the conference, CanSecWest security company's management announced that hackers who are able to crack the program will receive $ 1,000,000. Prize money, according to the company, will be divided into several parts: $ 60,000, $ 40,000 and $ 20,000. Awards will be distributed according to the manner in which decide to use the hackers to break into the browser, but also from the danger of the identified vulnerabilities.

 $ 60,000 Reward in "Absolute victory over Chrome» get hackers to break into that browser will use only the vulnerability of Google Chrome.

Win a $ 40,000 "Incomplete victory over Chrome» get those who will benefit not only the vulnerability of the browser, as well as other software that interacts with it.

Win a $ 20,000 "Consolation prize" will be presented with burglars gained access to a foreign account, with the error in Flash and in the absence of vulnerabilities of the browser.

Similar actions, Google seeks to establish a reliable internet browser that is able to resist attacks by hackers. In the past year secondary Google promised $ 35,000 a hacker who managed to find and apply for hacking vulnerabilities browser, but there is none to find.

So I wish you all good luck.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A small tour of Australia

A trip to Australia took place at the junction of years for that would celebrate the New Year in Sydney for their famous fireworks. The flight was made with the airline Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong, docking, docking a very comfortable 3 hours. We are underpaid by $ 100 per person for each flight, for which we have put the emergency exit is almost lying down, but the truth is it was cold. In general, flight-long night passed with flying colors.

The first item on our trip was the city of Melbourne. Settled in the Park Hyatt Melbourne Hotel 5 *. Excellent hotel with very spacious rooms, well located, though breakfast is mediocre, but this is probably Australia's national trait.

 For inspection of Melbourne we had the freedom one day because There is nothing special to watch, rose to the observation deck on the roof of a skyscraper ($ 17.5 per person) looked at the panorama of the city, walked around the city and its parks.

 The next day went to the famous Great Ocean Road. To be honest in her great and did not understand, just the road along the ocean. But the rock "12 Apostles" liked. Even on the road passing through the eucalyptus grove seen a couple peacefully chewing the leaves Koala.

 The next day we moved on a plane to Sydney. Settled in the Hotel Sofitel Sidney Wentworth 5 *. The hotel definitely not 5 *, and at best 4 *. The rooms are small, breakfast is traditionally mediocre. The truth is a good idea of it as equally close to Hyde Park, so on to the aquarium and the Sydney Opera House not more than 10 minutes to each of these points.

 On inspection of Sydney took us two full days and then had difficulty. We took a helicopter tour ($ 700 for the whole car max 3 people), have examined the entire coastline of Sydney's outlying areas and the natural center and all it took about an hour of flight time. All the rest of the time walked, visited the aquarium and there is a small zoo (both on my $ 30 per person). Zoo is nothing special, but the aquarium is excellent. A walk through the parks.

 We strongly recommend you go after 10pm feed Possum in Hyde Park. As a treat we took the grapes - went with a bang. Naturally visited the Sydney Opera House and bridge.

 As I said in our plan was to meet the New Year in Sydney and, accordingly, beholding vaunted fireworks. Since the Sydney heard about the fireworks, not only we, but still about a million tourists from all over the world specially to him who came to Sydney, we had to shell out at a table in the restaurant at the Harbour Bridge, the alternative - a couple of days living in a sleeping bag in the port of another good species will not. Place us at a table at a cost of $ 350 a person, but was included in the price of food and mediocre poilo and even what you guys singing songs.

 In general, if without undue emotion - is the fact that the fireworks would be specifically for him to go, it's really one of the main attractions of Australia. Another interesting feature of Fireworks 2 - the first version of the light at 21:00 for children and the second in 00:00 for the rest. At 1:00 the event ends and the restaurants are closed. I was shooting fireworks on your mobile, but the video will not spread as the internet is full of better movies than the Sydney fireworks my hand made.

After seeing Sydney, we went to look at the famous Blue Mountains. Honestly not impressed, in my opinion in any mountain range there are landscapes. But the road to the Blue Mountains, we stopped at a large zoo with an assortment of presents all the fauna of Australia. Moreover, almost all the animals on open pasture that is they can pet, hug, feed, etc. This zoo has become for us one of the two main attractions of Australia, along with fireworks.

 The next day we devoted to alcohol is went on a trip to the wine provinces of Australia. Tastings are held on the fine, we have held themselves as best they could - toast did not say, do not check, did not sing songs and do not even fought. Wine is generally liked, including sparkling, but it did not fly back home - to drive away.That's all our micro tour of Australia. The overall impression is not bad, but there is a slight disappointment because seemed to arriving at such a distance you see something beyond special, but everything is ordinary. As the prices of all, the country is quite expensive. An interesting feature, although the official rate of the Australian dollar to the U.S. about 1:1 is actually a single American in the exchange offer 0.87 Australian exchangers and all, without exception, apparently they have what the tax is charged or when the exchange rates are taken from the banks for the service . Therefore, in any store you can try to pay in cash U.S. dollars at the exchange rate of 1:1. We are not just rolled in the souvenir shops, and boutiques such as Louis Vuitton. So there is a good opportunity to save money. And you can still get a tax free for about 9%.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to clean the hands after garden?

With the advent of spring comes the garden and summer season. Lovers of gardens after the winter cold, happy to go out on their private plots. Here you can and say goodbye to their fashionable and beautiful nails! Goodbye neat and smooth nails, hello broken off and dirty fingernails!

This article is dedicated gardeners and farmers how to prevent this outrage, like clean the hands after garden.
Well, first, of course, before going into the garden, I recommend putting on gloves. But not everyone likes this kind of protection, and prefer to work without gloves nih.rezinovyeWhat we can do if you do not want to wear gloves?

Take a piece of soap and scrape the nails on it, so that it beat under his fingernails. This will prevent your nails from severe pollution and subsequently facilitate the cleaning of hands. Thus, the dirt will be less to fall under the nails.Before going to the garden, apply the so-called synthetic gloves
In warm water add a little gelatin, starch, talc and boric acid. All this stir well, put on your hands and dry thoroughly. In the hands plenochkoy formed, which will act as a glove.
You can just do a silicone cream.Second, if the skin is dirty, clean the hands after a vegetable garden?Recipes
Good help in this case, the leaves of sorrel. Simply rub the leaves of the palms and between your fingers, the mud will do.

Just help us, and tomato. We must take the overripe tomatoes and spread their arms. The dirt will come down immediately. Helps even when heavily soiled.
About the bleaching properties of lemon we have said many times, but remember about him again.
Cut the lemon in half and drop the back toes. Whiten your nails, then the same half prothrombin and hands.
You can use lemon instead of citric acid. Wet your hands with water and sprinkle a handful of citric acid in the palm of your hand. How to massage your hands scrub and rinse with warm water.

Another good natural remedy to cleanse their hands after garden, potato broth. It not only cleans but also softens the skin. Boil potatoes, drain the broth, mash potatoes and a 1.2 mix with the broth. In this bath lower your arms and hold them there for 20-30 minutes.
Salt contributes to misalignment as the healing of scratches, which can remain on the hands after pruning roses or raspberries, well or other thorny plants. In 250 g of warm water, add s tablespoons of salt. Lower the arm back, hold for 15 minutes.
Besides the fact that our hands are dirty, there is a problem coarsening skin. Here I present some of the recipes, how to fight it. Also, paraffin therapy is very effective.

So today I told you how to clean the hands after garden. If you still have what some recipes, be sure to share!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to launder dirty vegetables?

Washing vegetables that grew in the ground - pretty dirty job. We offer to do so in special gloves made ​​their hands.

They also help to quickly remove the thin skin of new potatoes, carrots, zucchini and other vegetables. Walk hand in glove on all bends a lot easier than a knife with a flat blade. Skin can just erase it under running water.

A special charm is that gloves can be done in just a half hour.
What do you need?

     glove-sponge baths for 2 pcs.;
     Abrasive cloth for washing dishes 2 pc.
     acrylic yarn.


     darning needle.

step 1

A. From abrasive cloths should cut two hearts. It is easier if the hearts are smaller than the palm of your hand. In addition, you can cut ovals for the fingers.

step 2

Two. Sew them on the palms of the gloves, large stitches.

 step 3

Three. Gloves for washing vegetables are ready. Right and left hands are not available. If you want to clean the vegetables - hearts on the palms. If you only wash - change the right and left glove. Now abrasive hearts - on the back of the hand.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to care for suspended ceilings

Today's variety of materials of construction for the basic elements for suspended ceiling systems, just can not hit a man who has decided to choose the most suitable option for the registration of ceiling space.

Among the leaders is worth noting pendant design, basic elements of a module which is a glass made of mineral components. With an already pretty impressive list of advantages (quick installation, the ability to replace individual parts of the ceiling, etc.), the ceiling system is also fairly easy to maintain. Caring for suspended ceilings, in this case as simple and requires no purchase is absolutely no additional equipment or special detergents. However, the apparent simplicity should know and care about all existing nuances regarding choice of both the detergent and the equipment used. About how must also be caring for ceilings, this article will be discussed.
Initially, before it started cleaning the ceiling, you should determine the type of material that was used for its manufacture, as well as technology-figure, which is applied to the surface and the presence of the special fiber. For this reason, care for suspended ceilings can be somewhat complicated or limited in the selection of equipment and cleaning agent. So, be aware that the surface of the glass ceiling systems belonging to the category of "hygiene" (they are usually used in children's and health facilities), protected by a special layer, which prevents the reproduction of bacteria and it does not collect dust and dirt. In order not to disturb the layer and save the surface of the ceiling, thereby retaining its functionality and purpose, you should carefully select and self cleaning agent and the instrument / equipment, which it will be applied. Cleaning the ceiling in this case is not satisfied with the use of abrasive materials (powders) and coarse in its texture sponges and rags. Mikrotsarapiny that are sure to appear on the surface, not only spoil the general appearance of the ceiling, but will cause more rapid contamination (usually it is in these grooves and scratches accumulated dust and dirt).
Caring for the ceilings of this type tends to be of several types - dry and wet. In the first case can be used plain or flannel cloth or a vacuum cleaner. In the latter case, care for suspended ceilings involves the use of specialized cleaning products, which should be carefully washed from the surface of each module. It's no secret that the surface having the remains of the detergent, is several times faster to take the dust and dirt than the usual clean surface. For this reason, care should be taken so that the detergent was washed away completely sure. Of course, wet cleaning of the ceiling in many ways similar to the care of the products made of glass, it is better not to use hot or warm water, but rather cool. As for the choice of detergent, then this issue is better to consult directly with the manufacturer, because you can not just scratch the surface of the abrasive particles, but also permanently affect him. Caring for suspended ceilings can be compared with the care of any product / surface of the glass. It is also pretty neat to be treated to the surface of the modules and the ceilings in the case when there is caused to any technology, it was drawing, because the use of strong detergents can damage it.
Caring for the ceilings, of course, should be executed, not when its surface is already visible to the naked eye, a thick layer of dust or soot, and at regular intervals. Typically, regular care, you can avoid the need to use detergents with a potent components and abrasive materials, which saves the ceiling modules.

Mars Mars Odyssey apparatus began to show signs of life

Obsolete NASA, rotating in an orbit around Mars was closer to recovery from a fault that occurred on it earlier. NASA reported that a small but very important part of the machine began to show signs of life. Now engineers are testing the work of one department of the service elements of the 11-year apparatus Mars Odyssey. After completing this work, it will be possible to establish the system of communication, which is already a week showed no signs of life.

Last week, the unit went into safe mode, because the number of service systems Odyssey out of order and the unit was unable to communicate in the center of the Earth. The problem with Odyssey lay in the failures of the system of jet wheels that are out of order, but the engineers were able to establish communications and emergency management to establish a jet wheel.
For the first time problems have arisen with jet wheels June 8, when one of them got stuck and the machine was not able to precisely control its position in space. As a result, the orbiter went into safe mode, awaiting commands from Earth. Now NASA engineers say that at least one jet impeller rotates at a speed of 5000 rev / min in both forward and reverse directions. Managers say that even one wheel out of order, but it can be replaced by a reserve.
NASA said that the jet wheels - it is important, but not the only regulatory system targeting the orbiter in space. To do this, you can also use engines Odyssey, but the jet wheels are more accurate, and may not expend precious fuel, articulating that Odyssey will not be able to rotate around Mars.
Today, Mars Odyssey is the longest in the history of the Martian mission. This unit is now to act for the landing radioretranslyatora Martian probes, in addition, he previously held scientific study of the Martian surface.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to save on trips in Munich

Medieval castles, historic museums-the-art brewery and automotive companies - all of this federal state of Bavaria. Today we'll show you how, arrived in Munich, self-organize for a few excursions.

The cityAny city tour will begin at the central Marienplatz square. You see the Frauenkirche Cathedral and the Church of St. Peter, you get to a nearby grocery market is bright Viktualienmarkt. Then there is the visit to the area of ​​the Max-Joseph, in a Odeonsplats residences, go to the summer palace of Nymphenburg Bavarian rulers, or to do shopping on the main streets. If you are interested in art, be sure to visit the Old and New Pinakothek. Men clearly want to look into the Museum of BMW, which holds dozens of motorcycles and cars (from the very first vintage race cars before) this mark. When you want a break from the city, wander through the beautiful park weird Englischer Garten: good for him to walk on foot, cycling, and a small river that flows through it, not so long ago created an artificial wave surfing. The best view of the city is from the Olympic Tower - Munich TV tower, built in the Olympic Village. And in the evening we recommend to get to the restaurant-brewery Hofbrauehaus and a Bavarian drinking songs of excellent beer and eating sausages with white vaysvurst Munich. Munich city center is large enough, so if you want to save time, use the subway."Bavarian" ticketIf you decide to travel to Bavaria, is to buy a Bayern Ticket - a specific loan for which you will be able to use all kinds of public transportation, ride across federal land, and even get to the nearby Austrian villages on the commuter trains. One ticket for 29 euros from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3:00 am the next day and 12 nights on the weekend can go to 5 people (single ticket will cost 21 euros). Be careful on high-speed train, this ticket is not valid!


Little over an hour by train you will reach the historic Nuremberg - the city of the artist Albrecht Dürer and poet Hans Sachs. Even if you've always avoided a museum party, we recommend to look into the German National Museum, who gave a whole street: you'll consistently go from house to house, and then find yourself inside the old church - all without leaving the museum, looking at all sorts of unique collections of antique manuscripts to musical instruments. And children and any adult would be interesting to look at the Toy Museum. Many believe that it is much more interesting to Munich, the exhibition richer, there is a very rare instances puppet houses where the German thoroughness recreated all the fine details. Fans of art, of course, will visit the museum of Durer, and all others must come to a strange controversial monument - dyurerovskomu hare. Before leaving, do not forget to try the fried thin Nuremberg sausages with sauerkraut!


A little less than an hour will take to get from Munich to the city of Ingolstadt, sprawling on the banks of the Danube, where there is also the ducal castle of the XIII century - the oldest in Bavaria, and the building of the first university in the land, and many ancient churches. Men interested in Ingolstadt, especially the huge factory museum Audi. And the women waiting for more entertainment: near Ingolstadt is a great outlet village.


Yet another charming Bavarian town - Passau - located east of the federal land. To reach it by train from Munich, you will need two hours. In the third century BC, the Celts found to his village a wonderful place - under the hill, which merge into one multi-colored waters of three rivers: the Danube, Inna and Uelzen. In this town is coming to rest in the silence of the city park, walk in the middle of ancient castles and monasteries, to observe the numerous river ship, sailing from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest distant.


By train a couple of hours from the capital of Bavaria, you can reach the old Würzburg - a small town on the banks of the River Main. It is called the "capital of the Bavarian Baroque." On the streets you will see many beautiful decorated with all sorts of architectural excesses of the buildings, and the most luxurious - the bishop's residence Würzburger Residenz. As in any decent medieval town, in Würzburg is a massive fortress Marienberg, which offers the best views in town. Then the whole of Bavaria is famous for its beer, Würzburg better known for its wines, which make it back to Roman times. So coming to this place, be sure to taste the wine Würzburger Leisten and visit to the wine tasting rooms, or Byurgershpital Yuliusshpital.


Strange King Ludwig II built on the ground a few Bavarian castles, the most beautiful of which Neuschwanstein. Independent path to it is not very easy: First you need to get to Füssen (the train will take you there for two hours), then the station should transfer to the bus and get it to stop Hohenschwangau (it will take about 10 minutes). So you find yourself at the foot of the mountain, where you have to buy a ticket before you start to climb the mountain on foot (about 30 minutes) by bus or by horse cart. Note that since the beginning of April to October 7 offices work from 8 am to 5 pm and from 8 October to late March - just from 9 am to 3 days.


Approximately 20 minutes by suburban train S-Bahn from Munich you reach the village of Dachau, where the Nazi concentration camp in which over 12 years of its existence have killed more than 43 thousand people. From the train station to the memorial complex of a bus.