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Monday, February 28, 2011


In the East, the carpet from time immemorial considered a symbol of prosperity, health and loyalty to the customs of their ancestors. And she looked sorry for the family that could not ustelit floors of his house worthy of carpets. In some countries, carpets are still considered a symbol of wealth and power. They traditionally give to the wedding and anniversaries receive a legacy and keep as a priceless heirloom.

In some countries, carpets are still considered a symbol of wealth and power. They traditionally give to the wedding and anniversaries receive a legacy and keep as a priceless heirloom.
Indeed, oriental rugs can rightly be called works of art, equal in value to antique European tapestries, tapestries and paintings. For example, the production of this Persian rug requires the highest skill and diligence: the master tying thousands of knots on the cloth-based, it takes six months to several years (one square meter accounts for up to several millions of nodes). Once the carpet is woven, it is washed in running water - is a kind of check on quality. If a figure is not shed, paint is not darkened, and the thread will not disband, it means that the carpet is made to last.
Carpets are woven by hand until now. However, the production of a modern European carpet took away from the ancient oriental art: handmade gave way to machine, and national patterns and replace the images of flowers and geometric shapes. The cost of such machine-woven, carpet can sometimes equal the cost of manufacturing by hand. It all depends on the materials from which made the carpet, as well as its density (the number of knots per square meter), directly determines the longevity and quality of product. Behold the root
Basic materials for the production of carpets today - it's wool, silk and synthetic fibers. Wool is a traditional ancient times and the most common material for carpet weaving. She is extremely strong, durable, resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress. Therefore, better facilities in continuous use that wool rugs: they are flexible, their fiber returned to its original position even after a significant stress x, and they do not leave marks on the furniture.

 Wool carpets can trap moisture in damp areas and keep warm in poorly heated rooms. They do not accumulate static electricity on them pleasant to walk barefoot. Well known and aesthetic qualities of wool rugs - Wool fibers do not shine, look extremely soft, creating a feeling of comfort. By the way, the price of exclusive woolen carpets with time does not decrease but, on the contrary, increases.
Silk has long been considered one of the most valuable and revered natural materials. Silk Carpets differ grace, elegance, and a soft shimmering shine. Silk fibers are rightly considered the strongest, but the carpets are quite thin and unlikely to be warm on cold winter evenings. In addition, silk is highly hygroscopic, so the silk carpets should not be subjected to prolonged exposure to moisture. However, there are important advantage: silk yarn due to its extraordinary fineness can reach the highest density of weaving, due to what is provided exclusively detailed study of the figure and long product life.
Unbeaten record so far is set in China, where the carpet was woven with a density of approximately 10.8 million knots per square meter. This corresponds to about 3.3 knots per millimeter in width and height. Such hyperfine netting was included in the Guinness Book of Records. I must say that the cost of silk carpets is significantly higher wool. These carpets are used as decorative ornaments, which serve more than one generation. In addition to the natural silk produced from cocoons of silkworm larvae, for the manufacture of carpets is also used as an artificial - viscose, acetate and copper-ammonia silk. Rayon is produced from natural products - pulp, ie raw material is wood.
There are three industrial way to pull a thread out of pure cellulose. The use of so-called viscose method allows us to obtain viscose rayon or silk. When using the acetate method is obtained acetate silk, and when using a copper method - less widespread copper-ammonium filament yarn. The starting material for its production is extremely sanitized cellulose or linter, very SHORT cotton thread that does not allow spinning.

Pure silk can be distinguished from an artificial, or acetate, through a simple test - the so-called tests on combustion. Smoldering pure silk, which is a protein compound, smell like burnt horn. Acetate as silk, as a cellulose product, in contrast, forms a whitish smoke and distributes a sharp smell, similar to the smell of burning paper. Floor carpets made of artificial silk quickly dumped, and therefore easily contaminated, losing pretty soon its attractive appearance.
Cotton is the second most important role (after wool) in industrial production of woven carpets, but it is not used for the pile, and as the material foundation fabric (the warp and weft threads). Cotton, featuring a form of resistance and high tensile strength, is well established as a basis for holding carpet knots. Sometimes it is woven in the carpet pile. In old and antique carpets, such as Turkmen, it is sometimes used for decoration white outline, small parts of the pattern.
Today, cotton is part of the carpet nap usually in the form of mercerized. Mercerized yarn - this yarn, which took an additional technological processing - mercerization (handling the concentrated solution of caustic soda), which increases its resistance to tear and abrasion resistance, reduced hairiness, yarn acquires a cylindrical shape and silky shine.
This method was developed in the first half of the XIX century English chemist John Mercer. Chemical treatment improves both the ability to staining, approximately 25% higher and the tension load. Mercerized cotton is used for weaving carpets in Turkey (Kaiser), the Indian side of Kashmir, and rarely - in Pakistan. It gives the product a kind of silk carpets. In trade, such "silk imitation" called everywhere "misleading."
In Turkish bazaars mercerized silk represent tourists under the following names: wood silk, silk floral, flosh, shelkovidny material ipekli. These items are designed to disguise the true origin of the material and not just misleading, but they are wrong on the merits.
Enjoy great popularity today, carpets made of artificial materials - suprima, terklona, polyester, polyamide, etc. These rugs inexpensive, but their design has attracted many. In addition to price and design, synthetic products have a huge "plus" - practicality. They are much easier to clean than carpets made from natural materials. But the lion's share of the market today are not synthetic, not wool, and certainly not silk carpets.
Explicit leadership - for carpets of mixed fibers, having a fairly low cost. Typically, they are made of yarn, which is a mixture of wool and synthetic materials. In this case, that the carpet justified his price and has maintained its splendor to the delight of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the percentage of synthetic fibers in it should not exceed 50 percent. Therefore, the purchase must ask, what is its composition. Nodule zavyazhetsya ...
Carpets can be classified not only according to their composition, but also on ways of manufacturing. Depending on the technology of production and way of securing the yarn on the basis of the following types of carpets: woven, braided, felted, tufted (punched). Tufted production speed, cheap. The process of making woven carpets are much slower and more complicated. Simulating the traditional manual work, much more expensive woven carpets tufting. They are flat textile products consisting of two intersecting systems of fibers: longitudinal and transverse.

Woven carpet is not a nap. In contrast to woven, braided rugs are produced in the process of introducing the yarn into cloth (cotton, wool or, for example, jute) framework by weaving knots. Wicker rugs have pile. Each knot is tied separately, thus ensuring the opportunity to get absolutely any patterns.
Carpets also differ in texture, pile, which can be folded or split. Split hair is obtained if the loop cut or trim. It is less durable than loop. But looks elegant. And in one mat may be a loop, and split hair. The simplest single-level loop carpet is: all the loops have the same height and not cut. This is an ideal solution for offices and rooms that are frequently used, such as for stairs. Uncut loops are resistant to wear. If you make a loop of varying heights, we obtain a multi-level loop carpet with relief.
However, one should bear in mind that even on a short split hair are the next steps and dirt, so this rug requires much more attention and care. Swap it chairs or tables, of course, is not recommended. You should not become attracted the softness of a long nap, if the carpet is designed for rooms where going to a lot of people. A long nap is better suited for bedrooms and home offices, and a short, vice versa - for living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. Exotic East
Today, many are willing to design the interior of the so-called colonial style. This requires an exotic furniture, ornaments made of ivory, exquisite china and, of course, carpets - Persian, Turkish or Chinese. The story colonial-style rugs are traditional ornaments: flowers, animals, medallions, as well as religious and philosophical reasons for the countries where they are produced. Of course, not everyone can afford to have the old carpet, but many are able to buy an affordable, high-quality replica.
These carpets are produced in Europe based on sketches of European and American designers in small batches and have their own, albeit narrow, market. By the way, due to relatively low prices for excellent quality of interest in these products continues unabated. Buying is real Persian handmade carpet, can not doubt its exclusivity - the master with an accuracy never repeat pattern, although the common elements of the pattern may persist: it is for him can be judged, in some areas made carpet.
For example, in carpets made in the Iranian city of Tabriz, dominated by bright colors and large elements of the pattern in Naina - on the contrary, cold colors and fine details. For Nepali carpets typical large geometric pattern reminiscent of abstract paintings, and sharp transitions of color. In this case, perhaps the most challenging combinations: bright red with green or purple with white. From handmade carpets, perhaps, only the Nepalese can be wholly self-colored, patterned in the form of one or more geometric shapes. Caring for carpets:

* The carpet should be regularly vacuumed. This will preserve its appearance and prolong its service life.
* Timely remove stains. The sooner you start cleaning, the greater the likelihood of success.
* The main condition in order not to leave stains - do not try to rub it into the carpet. And in order to avoid the stains, sprinkle talcum powder on the edge spots or starch, and start brushing from the edge to the middle spot.
* For wet cleaning, use the foaming shampoo that will protect the carpet from getting wet. Use only a quality product that will not damage the color and texture of carpet.
* If you can not clean the carpet in the home - contact the professionals. They will return to your favorite carpet its original appearance, and it will serve you for years to come.
* To prepare the carpet for the storage, you first need to roll it into a roll, and then close the plastic wrap.
* To dry carpets need a natural way, avoiding direct sunlight.
Price issue
Thus, the price of carpet depends primarily on the material, manufacturing technology (manual or machine) and country of origin. If it is a natural hand woven carpets, the price of which increases year by year, then another criterion for determining the price, will the term of its existence. However, there must be very careful: the increased demand for antiques made the masters to develop the technology of "artificial aging", in which the carpet "boils" and polished. Sometimes only an expert can distinguish the carpet, created decades ago, from product manufactured recently.
Considered to be the most expensive silk carpets (the price can be several tens of thousands of dollars). Next to "carpet hierarchy" down the following products made of wool. More "below" - carpets of wool in combination with synthetics. And finally, the cheapest - synthetic carpets. With regard to the country, here, again, the leader of Iran. The price for a silk rug is from 1000 dollars per square meter, for wool - from $ 400 per square meter. Nepalese carpets can be half the price, and Chinese - even tripled. What can we say about the Azerbaijani and Turkmen - their cost is about $ 100 per square meter of wool carpet.
However, these figures are very conditional, as important are the size (the larger the rug, the more expensive per square meter of this article), variety of colors and density, from which "flow" properties such as complexity and detail of the pattern of the carpet. Most-most:

* The world's largest carpet in the casino Argentine resort Mar del Plata. An area of 6 thousand square meters. m
* The most ancient of all known in the world of cut pile carpets is stored in the Hermitage. According to archaeologists, his age is not less than 2500 years. Precious discovery brought a mountain of Altai.
* The carpet is worn under the knees of Muslims in the Great Mosque in Sivas, Turkey. Under the existing traditions, old carpets of the mosques are not released every 30-40 years for them new plank. The first carpet covered the floor of the Great Mosque back in the XI century.
Fur coat for the fair sex
It is known that today more and more appears admirers of modern style. Clearly, oriental rugs with traditional for them to figure in the minimalist interior is unlikely to fit. In such cases, choose either the carpets plain or decorated with a rare, non-intrusive geometric pattern. At the same time in Europe gained increasing popularity fur rugs and skins. Some well-known Italian factory to their collections of furniture and accessories offering carpets (eg, Baxter, Bizzarri, Minotti).


In general, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, the carpets themselves this richness and often are. However, good hand-made, expensive materials and exclusive nature of the pattern is always appreciated. And such a piece of furniture, the carpet, whose history goes back more than 8,000 years, always occupy a dominant place in the room. He dominates the furniture and paintings set the tone for the mood and draws attention. This creation of beauty, a work of art. Each carpet has its own soul, its own personality. Each of these original and unique. And this, you will agree is well worth it.

Getting rid of rust on the car

How to be the case if there was rust on cars, or we bought the car unnoticed by us with rust.

 In that case, if the rust is touched while only the wings, there is nothing terrible, any car over the years, it happens. Such a machine in the future, more will succumb to failure. We can get rid of the rust for up to 3 years, if done conscientiously.
The first step is a place of rust handle a drill with a special nozzle (steel brush), to "live" metal. From our scrutiny will depend on the time we get rid of the rust. After all the drills and degreasing process rust converter. Recall that the converters are in the majority of acid and we must first protect themselves from the acid.
Everything to do with gloves when in contact with skin wash with running water and soda solution, and if suddenly hit in the eye, then wash them just need water, then definitely see a doctor.
Then place car body rinse with plenty of water, getting rid of the converter, degreased and put putty.
Waiting until all dries out and not through the waterproof skins on wooden bars, and plenty of water, leveled surface. At this stage it is necessary to exercise maximum patience and accuracy, will depend on it, as would later become the treated area look bodywork.
With water, remove all dust from the fillings and dry them. You can paint, and own, but if you're worried about the future appearance of the machine and the chance to implement it in the future, it is safer to turn to professionals.
They will pick up the paint so that it is a native and there will be an opportunity to offer a car more expensive, as no rust. If you were to paint without the help of others, you will need a spray gun, paint, primer and adhesive tape with the paper to frame the space of treatment and did not touch the places that you do not want to paint.
Before painting all must be carefully dried and free of grease, paint advise on a sunny day, a used car in the sun and the paint on the hot metal, or, in extreme cases, a little warm fireplace. Grunt Apply a thin layer two to three times, then dry them all and paint, also plot the two or three thin layers.
That's all work to remove rust completed in the future, do not allow the accumulation of dirt in this place.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

For the first time in history

In the German city Koenigsee held a historic event for the Russian bobsled. For the first time in the history of the world championships in this sport the gold went to domestic athletes. Alexander Zubkov and Alexei Voyevoda won the competition among the crews-twos and are located on the top step of the podium.

 The result of Zubkov and Commanders - 3.20,72. Silver won just two German crew - Thomas Florshutts / Kevin Cuzco and Manuel Machata / Andreas Bredau, which showed at one time - 3.20,90.
"We did not come to win and fight for victory - Alexander Zubkov said after his success in an interview with Sport-Express." - It brought together the world's best bobsled force. And everyone, without exception, the crew considered the world championship as the main start of the season. In such a situation is too risky to lock themselves into a corner goal to win. You've seen what level of competition showed here the first six. Somebody was luckier, someone smaller. But we think, proved that today really is the best two in the world. "
Such a success earlier in the World Cup for the entire 80-year history of the tournament did not know any Russian or Soviet bobsled. True, it was Olympic gold-88 "in execution" Janis Kipursa and Vladimir Kozlov. Most medals won the last world championships, German athletes - 128 pieces. 48 of them gold - it is also more than anyone else. We (including the Soviet history), a total of seven medals: 1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze. Of these, almost all - on account of crews Zubkov. Sintis Ekmans and Nicholas Jirov won bronze medals in 1985 World Cup, and four years later a similar success achieved Janis Kipurs and Aldis Inters.
Alexander Zubkov retrained in bobsledder in 1999, and before that was on the luge and the field became the world champion, however, among the juniors. He took part in the Olympics in Nagano (1998), which achieved a result that hardly anyone proud - he took twentieth place.
The first major success as a bobsledder came to him in 2003 when he won a bronze medal at the world championship crew-four. Two years later, he improved his performance, finished second and won silver at the Olympics in Turin in 2006. A year earlier, though the crew Zubkov was won championship gold in Europe. In total to date Zubkov owns four medals of higher dignity, won at the European championships (two doubles and four carriages). The collection is now enriched with Russians winning gold and world championship.
As we see this golden success Zubkov was not one year, and yet was getting was able to make a name for themselves, including in companies with dispersed Alexei governor. So when a poor history of achievements at the national bobsleigh world championships, winning Zubkov and Commanders can not be called sensational. It was a victory for athletes involved in elite international bobsleigh and one of the favorites of the competition.
For a full ammo (and the account Zubkov there and win the World Cup) to our compatriots do not have enough gold medal and the Olympic Games. Zubkov himself after Vancouver 2010, where he won the bronze medal at the "two" with the magistrates, intended to finish his career. But a little reflection, he decided to come back in a big sport, and has not lost. Now, his passion increased, and an athlete determined to win in Sochi 2014. Then you can hang on a nail, if not a bean, then at least a helmet. It would be symbolic.

Health and acupressure

Cheerfulness, good humor and his peace of mind you can adjust itself: they are hidden in the tips of your fingers! It is only necessary to know the techniques of the ancient oriental massage.

It's simple, convenient and requires no cost - just need your own hands. By stimulating the points, hidden under the skin, you can get rid of fatigue, aches and malaise.
If the massage is done systematically builds up energy, strengthens the body's resistance to various diseases and even better looks! Contraindications to the point self-massage
Reliability of the massage techniques is time-tested - it has existed for several centuries, even if you do not immediately find the desired point and pomassiruesh only adjacent area, no harm will be. However, precautions should observe in this case.
You should not put pressure on the affected skin - it is impossible to massage where there is inflammation, bruises, scrapes, open wounds or varicose veins.
It is impossible to carry out massage while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. If you are pregnant, talk to a specialist: there are certain points that you better not touch. How to make a point self-massage
Find the right point you will help our pictures and descriptions.
If the pressure is on the point may seem sensible, therefore, it is found true. To properly carry out massage, you need to press the point (no longer than a second), let go, to push back - and "drummed" so on point for one minute.
No matter, how to keep your finger - or perpendicular angle to the point, as long as you feel comfortable. The points are divided into three groups.
Incentive points are best to strengthen twice daily: upon awakening and before bedtime.
Special points and relaxation should "include" only when necessary. Special points
This is a special point of destination, their massage to address specific problems. And only when needed.  


This is a very powerful and effective point. It is located between the carpal ligament in the center.
When you are depressed or broken down with fatigue, turn the arm palm up, find the point with his thumb the other hand and press it. This simple movement improves circulation and overall condition, gives vitality, improves the overall tone.
Ease in the muscles and mind


Find the two symmetrical points on the neck - in the pits, where they can feel the muscles and the skull base, at the beginning of hair growth.
To relieve the tension in the neck and shoulders, have both put pressure on them, the two index fingers.
Stimulating point
Even in the difficult days they protect the immune system and helps to keep in shape. Well, if their "inclusion" will become your daily habit.
Positive attitude


On the rise of the foot, about two inches above the spot where it joins the large bone and a second finger, find a small indentation. Push the index finger.
With this massage improves the function of the liver, strengthens the immune system, reduces irritability. Massage this point normalizes blood pressure, enhancing blood circulation in the legs, eliminating the seizures and preventing varicose veins and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.


To the thought of the upcoming rendezvous was inspired by you, is to massage the point on the inner side of the tibia at a distance of four fingers of the ankle.
In addition that will increase your sexual desire and weakened ICP activates digestion and circulation. Warning: if you're pregnant, do not massage this point.


Here we have to try: the point is hidden on the outer side of the forearm in the crook of the elbow - where a fold of skin is formed. Hold the elbow arm, pressed the point with his thumb.
This simple movement you sposobstvuesh absorption of nutrients and aktiviziruesh metabolic processes, and hence improve their figure! In addition, massage helps to cleanse the digestive tract.
Disease Prevention


Bowed his head. Where the combined cervical and dorsal spine, found two vertebrae. Here is a very important point. Straightened his head, pushed her index finger.
This point is very effective for strengthening the immune system and stabilize the heart.
Point relaxation
Thanks to massage these points more active hormone rest. It should use when you need to relieve stress.
Get rid of headaches


When you connect your thumb and index fingers, it is seen as a strained muscle - at its base and the point is, get rid of a headache.
Push it with your thumb - and feel how the pain will subside, relax the neck, back and arms, will come good thoughts. Still, this point "charge" the bowels and eliminate impurities.
Coping with nausea


This point is especially needed to Navigators, and those suffering from toxemia. It is situated below (about the width of two thumbs) wrist.
Click on it with your thumb - will be bitterness in the mouth, stomach and the rest prosvetleyut thought. You can also withdraw insomnia and anxiety. It is true that great? Take the nobility - help a loved one, even if he was unwell.

Arch: "bends" space at will

Surprise someone arch in the interior today is difficult. Individual architects and passed into the category altogether ardent opponents of the installation of interior doors. Arch - is exactly the case, which gets rid of door openings, making it possible to survey the space completely.

Arches, like any other interior design elements should be involved in shaping the overall atmosphere in the house or apartment, so, in accordance with the objectives of the arches have different shapes.
To avoid the stereotypes of the construction of the space, the arch has become a real discovery. The main objective of the arch - demarcate two zones, but the arch did not share them, but rather visually unites. Such a perception of the integrity of the space, for example, gives an arch between the living room and hallway.
The same arched doorway is a good idea to look at the boundary of the dining room, where to eat, and the kitchen where she cooked. In this case, the arch indicates that it is somewhat different functional areas, but at the same time emphasizes that they share a common direction.
List all the options for the use of arches is quite difficult. The main thing - to trust your own design or fancy, and by even a single detail of the interior, the arches, the space in the apartment or house can be transformed.
Every border zone in the house can be emphasized by an arched geometry, its size. Form arches are diverse, with the arches are divided into active and passive. The last ones were found more often - they are simple and uncomplicated in design. But, active arches are complex and unconventional forms. Through these arches views to several rooms. The very geometry of such arches have an element of decor.
Of course, what will be an arch, for the most part depends on the overall style, which made room. If the room is done in Art Nouveau style, the arch is recommended manufacture of wood, which creates harmony with painted stained glass. As an example of a popular decoration for the arch you can call it a painting on the contours. This approach focuses on the style of the room, which is located behind the arch.
Another interesting way to upholstery fabric decorative arches, allowing curtain opening, isolating the room from each other. We note again that the arch, regardless of its possible self-vu - it's still an integral part of the wall and its decor will remain constituent element of the overall mood of an apartment or house. But it's so strong and expressive element of architecture that any artwork will significantly increase its value in the style of the house.
In fact, in itself is not an arch over the new invention. This architectural element came to us from time immemorial. For many years before our era arch is decorated temples and palaces.
Over time, mankind learned to decorate the arch, which gave them new functionality. And, of course, the arch will remain in demand in the future, as the architects and designers, in fact, not so much money for the resettlement of the dwelling.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Robert Kubica: "I am confident 2011 will be successful ..."

Robert Kubica many consider one of the top riders of last season, and in general, one of the brightest representatives of the current generation of Formula 1. This year, Eric Bule, head of Lotus Renault GP, poses a serious challenge for the team - third place in the Constructors' Championship. In an interview with the official site of the championship Pole says he is ready to implement it ...

Robert Kubica many consider one of the top riders of last season, and in general, one of the brightest representatives of the current generation of Formula 1. This year, Eric Bule, head of Lotus Renault GP, poses a serious challenge for the team - third place in the Constructors' Championship. In an interview with the official site of the championship Pole says he is ready to implement it ...
- Robert, you're on the eve of his sixth season in Formula 1. Over the past five years have you been an impressive path from novice to contender for the title, then you are considered unlucky middle peasant, but last season you have returned to a group of leaders ...
- Each of these seasons was quite unlike any other. Markedly changed technical regulations, my car, tires, as well as goals and objectives. In the first year I was a test pilot, then took part in Friday's training and eventually became a prize-winning racer. I was pleased with the progress since has significant experience, as well as the podium at Monza - still one of the most memorable moments.
The year 2007 was not as successful. I pursued technical problems, and in Montreal, I found myself in a very severe accident. But 2008 has started well, and it culminated in Canada, where I won the race and became the leader of the championship. Unfortunately, the team that season set itself other goals, so I decided to stop upgrading machines, concentrating on preparing for next year.
It is a pity, because both the team and I was a lost opportunity to: sure, sorry about this decision is not just me. But the chassis of 2009 was terrible, because the machine was created around a system of KERS, which worked extremely important. When she was dismantled, there remain serious challenges chassis weight distribution. In the middle of the season, BMW has decided to leave Formula 1, but the second half of the season we had a good idea, and in Brazil were able to climb the podium.
In 2010, I was in a Renault F1, where I could breathe much easier. The season will be successful: the team listened to my suggestions and comments, and I enjoy driving machine. The last championship will be remembered for a long time, thanks to three podiums and some good racing.
- What experience was most helpful to you?
- In the first season, you learn a lot, but mainly because almost all new to you. Then you begin to understand not only in setting the machine, but also in the tactics and strategies in the race and the championship as it was in 2008 when most of the season I was fighting for the title. In any case, you will always continue to learn, especially when changing regulations.
- Frustrated that so far have not become world champion?
- No, not upset, because I know perfectly well: to win the championship is necessary to successfully developed a variety of circumstances. This can be compared with the transmission: if at least one of the steps is not working properly, the whole mechanism breaks down, or at least, his options considerably reduced.
- You really like the rally. Maybe so complicated that you pursue a career in this sport, as did Kimi Raikkonen?
- Now I get the pleasure of participating in the rally because the food is not aiming at the result, just for fun. Probably, if I become a professional rallistov, the situation will change. However, do not exclude such a possibility in the future could unlearn. The rally can be competitive, regardless of age, so I still have a lot of time, and I will not soon seriously think about that.
- Now we see that in Formula 1 is changing: there are riders who have a strong sponsorship. It seems that the talent is not enough, at least for some teams. You're not going to change their attitude to F1 in this situation?
- Not for me to evaluate solutions that take teams that are going to compromise, picking up riders. In the history of the sport is gone. In my opinion, the professional level racing, acting in Formula 1 is very high, and the championship of that does not suffer. If I was in a similar situation, I probably would have started thinking about other racing series, but certainly not going to condemn those that are trying to stay in F1, using all possible means.
- Your new car will be painted in black and golden color gamut - so look Lotus cars during the past glory of this team. What do you think about this?
- Knock on wood! Sure, the 2011-th year will be successful, because this winter the financial position of the team more favorably than a year ago, organizational issues are also addressed. According to Eric Bule, he wanted to in season, our car won the race - I had exactly the same mood!