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Friday, August 3, 2012

Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

In the XVIII century, the capital of Denmark has been almost completely destroyed by fire, and in 1807 again set on fire by the British, so there is little in Copenhagen's historic center with narrow streets. And yet, here is something to see: beautiful palaces, numerous museums and galleries, a lively, nicely divided theme park, one of the world's longest shopping streets and cozy quarter with restaurants, bars and cafes open-air terraces.

The Little Mermaid, being just a small-sized sculpture is one of the most frequently photographed women in the world. The work was done by Edward Eriksen commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, founder of the brewery Carlsberg. "The Little Mermaid" - a fairy tale written by the great Hans Christian Andersen, the heroine saved the lives of the Prince, the ship which was wrecked. To be able to marry the prince, she had to sacrifice her beautiful voice and a fish's tail. In 1909, Jacobsen saw the staging of this tale performed by the Royal Danish Ballet, under the strong impression that he decided to give the city a sculpture Little Mermaid, which was established in 1913 and immediately became a symbol of Copenhagen.Erickson has served as a model of the sculptor, his wife, ballerina Ellen Price, at least in her head.
By the way, unknown vandals twice decapitated statue of the Little Mermaid, so the present-day her head - not the original. In 60th years, The Little Mermaid on a regular basis became the center of the various protests, sculpture often polluted. Those days are gone, though now occasionally appear on it the inscription, graffiti vandals made. Bronze sculpture - one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen, so the day it is extremely difficult to photograph so that the shot did not get many tourists. In order to make a "virgin" photo The Little Mermaid, you'll have to get up very early, preferably with the first rays of the sun.

Amalienborg (Amalienborg) - winter residence of the Danish royal family. This ensemble, which consists of four palaces surrounding an octagonal area, centered on the equestrian statue of King Frederik V. Amalienborg was originally the residence of noble families, but after a fire at Christiansborg Castle passed into the possession of the royal family. Externally, all four of the palace look alike, they all are made in the Rococo style, but their interiors are different. Two of the palaces are open to visitors. Christian VIII's Palace became a museum Gluecksburg Dynasty (1863-1972). Here you can see the working offices of Christian IX, X, and Christian Frederick VIII, King's dining room, lounge Queen Louise, and also look into the royal wardrobe. All rooms are furnished with original furniture and other attributes of the interior.Palace of Christian II rarely opens its doors to visitors. It is often used by the royal family, as is the official place where the Danish queen. Amalienborg belongs Amaliehaven, public park, located between the palace and port. This is a very young fleet, established in 1983 by Belgian architect Jean Delaunay. Not only the residents of Copenhagen, and tourists enjoy spending time in this green oasis in the heart of the city. 

Rosenborg Castle 
Every day at 12.00 in front of the palace changing of the guard takes place. The guard is marching on the castle Rosenborg (Rosenborg) to Amalienborg. Rosenborg was built in the early XVII century, the castle is surrounded by canals and park. Inside it are beautiful rooms with paintings, ceramics and jewelry Danish royal family, among them the crown of Christian V. Dining room is decorated with wonderful wall carpets, which depicts a scene at the time of the Danes won the Danish-Swedish War (1675-1679). 

Tivoli Park
 One of the most famous amusement parks in Europe, was designed in 1840th years by George Karstensenom than roundabouts, among which the biggest roundabout in the world of Star Flyer, its territory has two theaters, the scene of an open-air aquarium and museum. On weekends and public holidays at 17.30 and 19.30 along the paths of the park, accompanied by the orchestra and the mail coach, drawn by horses, is a young guard of Tivoli. And though sometimes it seems Tivoli crowded, too expensive and maybe a little bland, however, it has its own special appeal, especially in the evenings, when the trees are illuminated with lanterns. From April to September, there are numerous concerts and events, and in December opened a Christmas market. 

Round Tower (Rundetarn) 
The oldest observatory in Europe. The tower, built during the reign of Christian IV, is part of the educational center of the XVII century, to which also belongs to the university library (now - exhibition hall) and the student's church. On the rise of the spiral length of more than 209 m can climb to the top of the tower, which offers a wonderful view of the Old Town. 

The National Museum 
National Museum, housed in a former royal palace, is the best historical and cultural museum of the country. Its permanent exhibition tells the history of Denmark from the Ice Age to the XVII century, is displayed as ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts. Part ekzpozitsii acquaints visitors with the life of the indigenous inhabitants of Denmark in prehistoric times. In addition, the museum has an interactive section for children. 

Gourmets: Copenhagen Cuisine, Restaurants and cafes 
National cuisine is distinguished by originality and simplicity. It's amazing how local chefs can cook many different dishes from ordinary potatoes and fish. One of the secrets of the national cuisine is in the active use of spices and herbs. They are used in the preparation of all dishes are absolutely, even desserts can not do without fragrant vanilla and cinnamon.Local cuisine will love the seafood lovers in every restaurant guests will be served a delicious fish, all kinds of soups with seafood and salads. Another national dish is pork liver, which is often served with crispy fried onions and red cabbage. The local restaurants will be hard to find exotic food, national cuisine is very simple, but no less attractive. Chicken with pineapple - perhaps one of the most exotic dishes, which can offer a local chef.No less popular pork with prunes and fresh salads. As for desserts, the most visitors enjoy the so-called "red Meuse fleze Dream" - a thick black currant jelly, which is usually seasoned with whipped cream. At lunch the locals usually ordered crispy rolls and coffee, they can capture the unique flavor next to each cafe. There are restaurants in the city and European cuisine, so fans of this culinary trends do not have to change their habits.The most prestigious restaurant of the city is Era Ora, which opened in 1982. His menu offers dishes and national cuisine, and fine Italian delicacies, the perfect complement to a glass which will be vintage wine. National cuisine in the classic version you can try the restaurant Kommandanten. Restaurant menu is updated every two weeks, each time for a pleasant surprise to visitors and lots of original dishes. The best in seafood dishes are served at the restaurant Krogs. You can try and copyrights salads and traditional Mediterranean dishes, and exotic delicacies. 

The coloring of Copenhagen: traditions, mentality and habits 
Local residents are law-abiding, with the exception of, perhaps, football fans and motorists. Thus, the inhabitants of Copenhagen are very conscientious about paying taxes, patiently make out all the required papers and did not need to put all the tedious procedures, even under the slightest doubt. However, in communicating the locals behave as temperamental and emotional natures, their main cult is freedom, it is capricious, and have unshakable self-esteem.Indigenous people are always fighting for their rights, and to some aspects of life are rather peculiar. For example, people who break the law, is considered insane. Instead, the rule of law offenders in prison waiting for a few years of compulsory treatment in a local clinic. Local residents distinguishes panic in solitude, so the city has a mass of clubs, where people can spend their leisure time and socialize with like-minded. Residents of the city is very kind and gently apply to the traditions of their ancestors, take care of historical monuments, and never talk about past times in a negative way.Copenhagen is a lot of interesting festivals and carnivals, all of them are marked on a large scale in the city and attract a large number of tourists. Thus, in early July in the capital of Denmark attracts jazz lovers. Music Festival, held in August, is also popular with music lovers and fans of folk music. Many travelers want to get into the city during the Christmas holidays. Funny street performances, fairs and sales, an abundance of culinary delights from local restaurants and cafes - in Copenhagen during the holiday immersed in the atmosphere and celebration extravaganza. Passing in the annual carnival and does can be called one of the most beautiful festivals in the world. Preparing for it is the whole year, participants compete in the creation of original costumes, music and dance talents.

Notes on Copenhagen: What to visit - the culture, architecture, museums and churchesCopenhagen offers a lot of interesting places to visit and to make excursions to historical monuments of the city. Deserves the attention of the City Hall Building (City hall), which was built in the early 20th century. The beautiful building of red brick struck by its grandeur and austerity. At rest there is a unique opportunity to stroll through the beautiful halls of City Hall and to evaluate its refined decoration. No less valuable architectural monument is the Palace of Hristianborg (Christiansborg Palace), the facade of a historic building is decorated with brass trim and granite. Open for visitors to the throne room and banquet, as well as the old library books, some of which are true museum pieces.In the suburban area of ​​Copenhagen is the famous open air museum (The open air museum). It covers an area of ​​almost 30 hectares and represents the visitors layouts of old fishermen's houses, windmills and other farm buildings. There is in the museum complex and a restaurant of national cuisine, which is also styled "antique". Among the cultural institutions is to provide and the Thorvaldsen Museum (Thorvaldsens Museum), which presents a huge collection of works by the great sculptor's early 19th century. A striking architectural monument is the Christiansborg Palace. Previously on the site of the palace has a strong fortress, whose construction took place in the mid-12th century. The current building was erected much later in the 18th century, and is a fine example of a building in the Baroque style.For walking is the best fit street Stroget. During the walk, vacationers can see a lot of interesting historical sites, old churches and cathedrals, as well as visit the local restaurants. For souvenirs and the best to go out into the street Stroget, the choice of memorial gifts in local stores is very high. Fans will enjoy outdoor recreation and park Tivoli, which was founded in the mid-19th century. Park became the permanent venue for a variety of musical and theatrical performances, children also spend a lot of interesting events.

Copenhagen Travel Guide: Activities, entertainment and nightlife 

Speaking of entertainment in Copenhagen, it is worth more to tell about the world-famous cultural and entertainment complex on Tivoli. This park was founded in 1843, now located in its territory a lot of bars, restaurants, attractions and roundabouts for the little ones. In addition, the park has more than one concert scenes in the evening there are dance shows and musical performances. The park is perfect for a romantic rendezvous, and walks under the moon, most couples gather in a remote part of the park and admire the beautiful fountains. During the day, visitors are carried out for the little funny games and lotteries, in the evenings the young people go to the park at the disco, and gourmets can enjoy the local elite restaurants.Speaking about the night clubs of the city, it is worth noting the variety of various clubs (discos card / clubs and casinos. Often a club combines several institutions: the noisy disco, a cozy bar, a billiard hall or casino. Most-visited institution of the city remains a nightclub Coctail Parties, each Friday, there are enchanting show. During the day, the club operates as a Dubliner Irish Pub, and after dark here reside club music lovers and brilliant parties. It is worth noting that the best local beer in the Dubliner can try at night, a great addition to the drink will be a variety of snacks. well-known nightclub is the Vega, it has repeatedly held performances world stars. Club is decorated in a "retro" and equally popular with both tourists and locals.Rust Club has a reputation for a calm and cozy establishment, where you can hear the music of different directions. Those who want to relax in a more intimate setting, can stroll along the picturesque terrace. On weekends, the club held a party and the bartender interesting show. For relaxation in a large company is perfect club Nyhavn, he receives visitors only in summer. In addition to traditional dances, the club offers many interesting attractions. You can walk through a beautiful garden, enjoy exotic drinks or a game of tennis on the adjacent site. Despite the abundance of nightlife in the city, its streets there is always a calm, so residents of the central area can be safely sent to an evening stroll.

Copenhagen: Preparing for the trip - tips for travelers
A. Travelers are advised to take the car hire in international firms such as Hertz and Avis. Prices are much more attractive than the local rental shops.
Two. Most major hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, visitors can pay by credit cards Visa, American Express, Master-Card and Eurocard. Cash is recommended to be reserved for those who want to use public transport to attend open-air cafes and ride on the ferry.
In most of the restaurants every day there is a so-called "menu of the day", so guests have the opportunity for a reasonable price to order the most delicious dishes and drinks.
Those planning to attend various cultural institutions, it is advisable to purchase a special museum card. Address of the sale of cards is available from any guide or at the hotel employees.
Even during the cold season in the streets of Copenhagen, you can see the outdoor cafes. The fact that most of these tables are heated by infrared lamps, which gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.
Tourists who will be in Copenhagen a couple of days, we can recommend to go for a walk through the channels. During the tour you can see a lot of interesting sights, and visit the attractive restaurants.
The city is convenient to travel by bicycle. Along major highways laid special bike lanes, two-wheeled transport to get to be around the city.
Beach lovers waiting for a little disappointed. Local beaches are perfect for sunbathing, but the water is quite cool even in summer. The best destination for fans of water activities will nab Havnebadet, which is the main city pool.


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