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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The benefits of artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes can not be called a frequent guest on the tables of the Russians. Nevertheless, this garden of culture, perhaps, have heard everything. For many it is even growing in the cottages, but performs more decorative function - being a relative of the sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke flowers with beautiful yellow flowers. But the Jerusalem artichoke, or as it is called the "artichoke" is even more useful than its namesake fruit. Jerusalem artichoke tubers have powerful healing properties. The benefits of artichoke and talk.

 The taste of sweet artichoke tubers. However, they may even have diabetes, because it is proved that prolonged use of this vegetable lowers blood sugar levels. And all thanks to the natural analogue of insulin - a polysaccharide inulin, which is contained in the Jerusalem artichoke in large quantities. Inulin is getting into the stomach allocates fructose. Fructose is absorbed into the bloodstream and stimulates the removal from it of harmful waste products. Unsplit portion of inulin is rapidly excreted from the body by binding to and prihvatyvaya with unnecessary body substances such as radionuclides, heavy metals, fatty acids, cholesterol crystals, toxins and fatty acids.

In addition to the Jerusalem artichoke contains silicon and potassium salts, which have the body very positive effect. Silicon is essential for the normal functioning of the human brain, the thyroid gland. Silicon is the basic element in the formation of collagen, the connective tissue proteins. Health of our hair, bones, skin and nails also depends on the substance. Potassium is known to have beneficial effects on the heart. So, Jerusalem artichokes can be useful in diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis. It is proved that with prolonged use of artichoke helps to stabilize blood pressure.Artichoke does not contain selenium, but it helps the body absorb it from other products. And the availability of selenium in the body depends largely on our immune system.On the other vegetables artichoke different high protein content. That is, it will be useful, for example, diet. Low in calories artichoke makes it a valuable dietary product. In addition, like all the vegetables artichoke contains fiber.Jerusalem artichokes will be useful in case of problems with the stomach. Artichoke creates optimal living conditions for the normal intestinal microflora and thus provides increased resistance to bacterial and viral infections of the digestive system and even fights with some kinds of parasites.Jerusalem artichoke increases blood flow to the mucosa of gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.And all of this benefit - Jerusalem artichoke is almost a weed. Its long stems grow actively and in a few years could turn into a real forest is absolutely without any care. What is surprising, because Jerusalem artichoke undemanding to soil, has low humidity and light, almost not affected by disease, not afraid of any pests.Conveniently, the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke do not even need to dig. They are best stored in the soil. So, as soon as the snow melts and you go to open the holiday season, feel free to handle the spade and digs at his table fresh and rich in vitamins product.There is a Jerusalem artichoke, of course, the best raw, and even better with sandpaper. Then all the nutrients get into your body fully. However, the raw food diet is not to everyone's taste, so invite you to include Jerusalem artichokes in some recipes. It can be simply boiled, you can put it out, bake and pickle. Jerusalem artichoke make even a substitute for coffee. Eat meals from Jerusalem artichoke with butter or sour cream.Good health and bon appetit!

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