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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Robot android FACE transmits human emotions through facial expressions

One of the ideas that form the basis of the principle of "Sinister Valley", which was developed by the Japanese Masahiro Mori (Masahiro Mori), is more than an android robot looks human and mimics human behavior, the more attractive it is for ordinary people to a certain limit, after which comes the backlash. And in yet another attempt to cross the principle of this "sinister valley" a team of researchers from the University of Pisa, Italy, has developed a new humanoid robot FACE, whose face can take a variety of expressions, sometimes, even the most difficult. By creating this robot, the researchers were intended searching for the answer to one of the fundamental issues of robotics - the robot can clearly express human emotions?
Latstseri Nicole (Nicole Lazzeri) and her team have designed an incredibly complex system of the robot face FACE, which is driven by electric motors 32, which allows the robot to realistically imitate the movements of almost all of the muscles and muscle groups of the human face. It is known that under the surface of the human face are about 100 muscles, which differ in form and function.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to decorate a room for the baby?

When we are waiting for our first child, one of the most enjoyable tasks that are now before us completely out for him ...

 Nine months of waiting for a long time, and many parents can not wait for you to live in their house is a little man. Looking forward to a visit with guests usually cooked thoroughly. Preparations are mainly associated with the newcomer to organize their own space and equipment so that was nice and comfortable for the child and parents.
However, the first child is usually not know what to expect, what is important and what is unnecessary and useless. Children will find a lot of furniture stores and gadgets that seem to be necessary, they look sweet and i .. are expensive. In a fit of emotion and fervor we purchase, which later turn out to be completely wrong. Ahead of time, so you have to learn from other parents and training to an absolute minimum, which can later be enriched with new features.
Preparing the best stretch over time, so as not to be too tedious and financially burdensome. We can then better think of different solutions, new interior - thoroughly ventilate the room before settling in newborns.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pregnancy - is happiness?

I'm pregnant ... I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant! How many women over 10 seconds time to experience confusion, shock, and, finally, the boundless joy of learning that are of a new life! It's amazing the emotions and feelings, because his understanding of motherhood comes much later, but first - just the unknown. Interestingly, a condition that is often perceived as a lack of disease and, in fact, a happy period of life. Therefore, the word "pregnancy" should get used to.

 It is essential that within 9 months of each woman is given a myriad of issues, which previously did not have to think about. This applies both to their own health (emotional or physical), and the relationship with her husband, friends, and often occur and material issues. Of course, we find many answers at once, during consultations with doctors, reading relevant literature, finally getting his own experience. But there are questions that are not immediately provide a response, or openly shunned him. For example, it concerns the so-called payment for labor, the various contributions and pay analyzes and reviews. Of course, in a country where the medicine is free, all used to the obligatory "gifts." Just not everyone can afford such gifts. But first things first.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 things you should know going to Egypt

Egypt - one of the most popular destinations chosen by Russian tourists. And no wonder. Due to low labor costs, vacation in Egypt, is relatively cheap. Going to Egypt, remember a few rules that (though we may seem strange) applies to aliens.1) Mandatory gratuities.Let's start with the tip, which is a tradition in Egypt. In Egypt, the tip will be expected of us, almost all the locals involved in tourism - the bartenders, cooks, drivers, servicing the hotel. What they get them, depends on us. However, during the holidays in Egypt, tipping is recommended to give at least to secure the sympathy of the entire hotel. It may also happen that he will ask Egyptian tipping, what should be prepared. How high should the tip be? $ 1-2 (5-10 Egyptian pounds) more than enough. For us it is not enough, but for the Egyptian bartenders are a lot of money. They earn an average of about $ 40 a month.2) Follow the ... photo!In most civilized countries of the world, photography is free. In Egypt, everything is different. If, for example, the owner of the stand will see that you're shooting against the backdrop of his tent, he will approach you and ask for money for the pictures. This also applies to pictures with the camels, or camels. Of course, in such a situation, do not argue, just pull out a dollar.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Human gases - the guard's health

As a rule, easier for us to talk about sex and rotten teeth, than the human gases. Even nature itself admits gases. But tell your doctor about your gas it is difficult. We try not to think about. And when the gases from the intestines come out against our will, we want to sink into the ground. How often produced gases and what they smell, decides to our diet. Sometimes, excessive "wind" - a symptom of the disease.The human body produces in a day - 180 to 720 g of gas. Physiology has its own laws. These figures clearly show that the amount of gas varies greatly, but the standards are broad. Gases accumulated in the intestine, odorless, and change as a result of fermentation. Each of us has a number of cultures of bacteria responsible for the digestion of food residue. The more problems with digestion and metabolism is slower, the more "spoiled" remains. Then produces more gases, including methane, as well as acids, gases that make extremely unpleasant. It is easy to see and feel that some foods in our diet have a major impact on increasing the production of gas in the intestines. Of course, depending on the individual, we have a large and small, the consequences of our diet. However, if an excess of gas is your problem, it is necessary to limit the consumption of cabbage and vegetables, beans, onions, beets, cauliflower and cabbage. Also note that the raw fruit, nuts, cereals, bread, hot spices, and even alcohol and sweets.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Can I travel during pregnancy?

If the woman is healthy, it passes Pregnancy normally. No reason When ban trips. On the other side, lyubыe complications yavlyayutsya signal that something better ostavatsya home. If there is trevozhnыe pryznaky or Symptoms (bleeding, pain in live sokraschenyya, libraries noh, holovnыe pain, temperature), k nemedlenno obratytes physician! Beremennыe zhenschynы, who want the puteshestvovat often boyatsya the possible consequences.
The majority of pregnant women women Submissions may be puteshestvovat osobыh without effort, in the period from 14 and 28 week pregnancy. In the CEI period telo adaptyruetsya, nausea yschezaet. Before the Journey is necessary predvarytelnoe osmotr doctor, When determine if there is ly pryznaky prezhdevremennыh family. If this is so, And if a woman feels wring or pain in the back, she could not puteshestvovat so napryazhena.Take with a medical visit, DATA osmotra. Learn how a group of blood in the event, if something suddenly proyzoydet. Ubedytes, something your insurance pokrыvaet Costs in pregnancy. If You edete on dlytelnыy term, ask the physician porekomendovat Gynecologists, who operates in the volume area, Where otpravlyaetes. Do not forget to drugs, who you ponadobytsya Submissions may be, for example, that constipation and yzzhohy. First of something otpravytsya, becoming aware at sanitary-hygienic the conditions, where You will live.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Internet. Education. Free. Where and what can be learned on the Internet

Internet - a dimensionless mine of information. If you live in a Western country, or even just speak English well, do not use this opportunity to improve their education simply a sin.

It offers lecture notes on YouTube, and lecture notes, and additional materials. Especially in the U.S. have succeeded. And, presumably, will succeed even more: President Barack Obama never tires of talking about the need to improve the education system and mass adoption of its capabilities online. In Russia the situation is somewhat different, but not hopeless.Perhaps the most famous in the world of the initiative in the field of Internet education belongs to Apple. The project, the speaker called iTunes U for almost three years allows students all over the world to download, watch and listen to the lectures of the most famous professors in the world. The origins of this initiative takes in 1985, when Steve Jobs, who left (as it turned out, temporarily) from Apple, founded NeXT.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Case for bathroom equipment.

If with lateral walls of a toilet, a floor and a ceiling at repair usually there are no big problems what to do with a back wall of a bathroom not absolutely clearly. After all there sheaves of pipes with counters and gates are located. All this sanitary enchanting spectacle extremely modestly looks, however to immure it behind a falshstenka from gypsum cardboard for ever in any way it is impossible, as access to pipes is necessary. Besides behind a toilet bowl there is very many space which can be used for storage of household chemicals. As there it is possible to place a drain tank of a built-in toilet bowl, a water heater and mass of other useful sanitary gadgets. So, we will try to understand as competently to hide a pipe a toilet?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

In the XVIII century, the capital of Denmark has been almost completely destroyed by fire, and in 1807 again set on fire by the British, so there is little in Copenhagen's historic center with narrow streets. And yet, here is something to see: beautiful palaces, numerous museums and galleries, a lively, nicely divided theme park, one of the world's longest shopping streets and cozy quarter with restaurants, bars and cafes open-air terraces.

The Little Mermaid, being just a small-sized sculpture is one of the most frequently photographed women in the world. The work was done by Edward Eriksen commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, founder of the brewery Carlsberg. "The Little Mermaid" - a fairy tale written by the great Hans Christian Andersen, the heroine saved the lives of the Prince, the ship which was wrecked. To be able to marry the prince, she had to sacrifice her beautiful voice and a fish's tail. In 1909, Jacobsen saw the staging of this tale performed by the Royal Danish Ballet, under the strong impression that he decided to give the city a sculpture Little Mermaid, which was established in 1913 and immediately became a symbol of Copenhagen.Erickson has served as a model of the sculptor, his wife, ballerina Ellen Price, at least in her head.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The benefits of artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes can not be called a frequent guest on the tables of the Russians. Nevertheless, this garden of culture, perhaps, have heard everything. For many it is even growing in the cottages, but performs more decorative function - being a relative of the sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke flowers with beautiful yellow flowers. But the Jerusalem artichoke, or as it is called the "artichoke" is even more useful than its namesake fruit. Jerusalem artichoke tubers have powerful healing properties. The benefits of artichoke and talk.

 The taste of sweet artichoke tubers. However, they may even have diabetes, because it is proved that prolonged use of this vegetable lowers blood sugar levels. And all thanks to the natural analogue of insulin - a polysaccharide inulin, which is contained in the Jerusalem artichoke in large quantities. Inulin is getting into the stomach allocates fructose. Fructose is absorbed into the bloodstream and stimulates the removal from it of harmful waste products. Unsplit portion of inulin is rapidly excreted from the body by binding to and prihvatyvaya with unnecessary body substances such as radionuclides, heavy metals, fatty acids, cholesterol crystals, toxins and fatty acids.