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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pregnancy - is happiness?

I'm pregnant ... I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant! How many women over 10 seconds time to experience confusion, shock, and, finally, the boundless joy of learning that are of a new life! It's amazing the emotions and feelings, because his understanding of motherhood comes much later, but first - just the unknown. Interestingly, a condition that is often perceived as a lack of disease and, in fact, a happy period of life. Therefore, the word "pregnancy" should get used to.

 It is essential that within 9 months of each woman is given a myriad of issues, which previously did not have to think about. This applies both to their own health (emotional or physical), and the relationship with her husband, friends, and often occur and material issues. Of course, we find many answers at once, during consultations with doctors, reading relevant literature, finally getting his own experience. But there are questions that are not immediately provide a response, or openly shunned him. For example, it concerns the so-called payment for labor, the various contributions and pay analyzes and reviews. Of course, in a country where the medicine is free, all used to the obligatory "gifts." Just not everyone can afford such gifts. But first things first.

First I would like to clarify or explain the very state of pregnancy and how to perceive it. It also will address family issues of paternity and, finally, think about how to pay for their contribution to society, that is, when a baby into the world.

Of course, it is impossible to understand the pregnant woman, not being it. Why men so often incredibly difficult to get along with his wife during this exciting period for both. The problem lies not only in men, and to a greater extent in women who from the very conception, pregnancy is perceived as a disease. Often leads to positioning itself as a victim, a poor, miserable, that nobody understands. It is important to understand and explain to myself that bear a child - not a pathology, it's made millions of women around the world. Also, it is not a disease, and pregnancy-related symptoms are quite natural and worth of what lies ahead. Of course, I'm not going to draw all the bright colors. For a woman who carries a strong toxemia, perhaps, difficult to prove that this state is a joy and happiness. It is difficult to smile at the mention of a set of prohibitions, ranging from food and ending with a way of life in general. And a lot of different secrets hidden under the mysterious word "pregnancy", but he took first in the hands of the baby, the mother forgets all that experienced, nurturing it. I think it's fair to say that the pregnancy - is both a gift and sacrifice. But we need to immediately correct accents: there will be no gift without a previous victim, but we need to focus on the first. As already noted, pain, limitation, all the difficulties are forgotten at the first contact of mother and child. So, the first sacrifice was a woman who refused to so many things for the sake of the child, but that this child was a great gift and reward.

The big problem for every pregnant woman is irritable, which is prohibited in this state. What advice to women who can not help but be nervous? After all, everyday life provokes the various tests. Nerve stress, depression and frequent panic ... Of course, before that you should not bring yourself. It is important to understand what motivates you to the hassle, why do you want to cry or shout, who and what you were offended. Perhaps the problem does not, and you're just too sensitive. Well, if a woman finds solace in spiritual meditation, devoted time to prayer. It not only soothes, but also provides emotional resistance to many difficult moments. Do not listen to all that talk to other women, doctors, different people. Every person - personality. Perhaps what happened to the one pregnant, will pass you, then do not have to worry about premature for what yet. It is also good not to overload yourself physically. It is advisable not to work a lot and do not overwork, because everything that happens to you, sent your child, and it may be frustrating. We have a common stereotype that should bear at least 25-30 years. From the standpoint of medicine, the first birth is really desirable to 30 years, but do not have to be considered forty-year old mother. Moreover, if the child is not the first. "Every birth: 20, 30, 40 years is unique primarily for moral and emotional state of women. This is very different feelings and experiences. And it's worth it" - obstetrician-gynecologist.It is particularly important for every woman is a person actively involved in the life of the unborn child from the beginning of pregnancy. This applies to the extra attention and care for pregnant women, and the realization by man of his paternity, which has already begun. Do not wait until the child reaches 2-3 years. You are already parents, and, therefore, must take care of it from the womb. A common mistake many parents is positioning itself as the holder of the family, that is, to reduce its role as father to make money. Caring is manifested not in the gifts. A child should not associate his father with a gold box of money, my father - it is much more than that. Interested in the life of the child since its conception, to listen to his movements, to observe his movements in the womb, to try to talk and think about the good - is not only the task of the mother. If a person is actively involved in "carrying" a child, it will be easier with my wife, "give birth" of their baby. Thus, it is to give birth! After birth the family were quite common in modern society. This is a huge support for women and no less significant experience and a lesson for the man who will be able to appreciate the role of wife as a wife and mother. Many question whether the positive impact on the husband's presence at birth? Is he prepared for this and will not be a worry? Trite answer is simple: it is a question each couple must decide himself. Of course, if a person is so sensitive and so stubbornly refuses to cut the umbilical cord to your child, you should not force him to do so. But, perhaps, every woman would like to support the critical moment of a loved one.

That's your baby was born. Some tests of the back, others - to come. But what to do with "gratitude" to doctors, midwives, nurses, pediatricians and anyone who thinks that is worthy? This issue is also personal. Unfortunately, we have taken the material, "thanks." But is not that they can. And it's not worth it, finally. Think about it: why should you pay for something that gave birth to a baby? Moreover, if the birth took place without complications, the natural way. However, note that it is only about public hospitals and maternity wards, and of course the doctors that you get chance, not by appointment. If a woman, trying to provide a professional therapist, looking for this before, it is clear that such services will have to pay, because they are considered private. But do not forget that every doctor with whom you negotiate, there may already be on duty at the time of your birth. If the public hospitals and maternity homes require a "thank you" through the writings of various abnormalities and illnesses for your baby or you have (especially when the first birth), then this is a test for your psychological stability and balance. It's a shame to face with arrogance and extortion, so you should think twice before to satisfy the appetites of people who gave the oath of Hippocrates, and who should do their work honestly and conscientiously. Of course, maybe it's worth, "to thank." But you can decide whether or not that doctor that "gratitude," which asks for it. In the end, for you personally, such a "thanks" will not have a moral sin, and, moreover, is not considered as something obscene.

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