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Friday, December 31, 2010

In Egypt, a school bus crash: death of six human

In Egypt, dropped school bus, five students of the local women's secondary school were killed on the spot. Schoolgirls returning to Assiut from a day trip to the city of El Minho, the center of the same province in Egypt.

The night before because of bad weather school transport driver lost control on slippery from rain the track Assiut - El-Minya, and a bus carrying children crashed in stormy mudflow.

Arrived on the scene, officers of the ambulance helped get off the bus schoolgirls and their accompanying adults.

The victim was the driver of the ambulance helped search for Gone with the flow of students and myself got into a strong current was unable to get ashore. The bodies of all six victims of the crash rescuers discovered early Thursday morning.

In total, suffered an accident 53 people, including 51 schoolgirl.

Off the coast of Israel discovered a large gas field

The American company Noble Energy and its Israeli partners officially informed that they had discovered large gas reserves off the coast of Israel.

According to the company, the drilling of wells on the field "Leviathan"(Leviathan) confirmed that its reserves are around 450 billion cubic meters, and the site is located at a depth of 1,645 meters in 130 kilometers from Haifa.

It is reported that this discovery was the largest in the last 10 years, and this field can be called the biggest of those that they have ever found.

Microsoft founder will once again plead with Google and Apple

Company co-founder of Microsoft, has filed a second lawsuit against the largest IT-companies in the world Google, Apple, Facebook and Yahoo!

In the company accused of violating patents owned by his former company Interval Licensing. Note that we are talking about technologies related to pop-up in search engines, as well as online stores.

Recall that the lawsuit was filed against the IT-companies in August 2010. Also among the defendants include the following companies: AOL, YouTube, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples and eBay.

The court rejected the claim, now there is no data as the received power.

What is it - sex after 50?

"Yes, she is already thinking about the soul must be!" - Say thirties, when their mothers are trying to hint that they have a personal life. And in actual fact? In the twenty and you still head around the possibilities, and you do not even have time to memorize the names of random lovers. In the thirty and you have a baby and work. Then work and school (lessons, two, fought back again to walk, parents' meeting). Later career. And it turns out that 50 comes pretty quickly. And even in the mirror at yourself looking at is not without pleasure, but with the understanding and acceptance. It was then that she happens - personal life. Unless, of course, there is nothing she can not hurt.Stereotyped thinking
- First of all, we impede our own stereotypes, ie the idea that after a certain age, female sex is no longer needed, and simply indecent: children are adults, and even grandchildren are about to appear, and I'll think about sex - says a psychologist, a leading women's training Alain Samoshina.
What to do in this situation? The answer is obvious: to change the internal settings. And how long do you take the initiative in sex? No, no one talks about how to start wearing clothes from a sex shop every day and meet her husband, not with dinner, and with a whip in his hand ... But at least hint that today you are located in more than watching a TV under the cutlets and tea, it is quite possible. And if you both like, you can move and sexy outfit, and role-playing games. Why not?I hate this aunt!
I wake up in the morning, past the mirror go to the bathroom, look at yourself while brush my teeth and realize: "I hate this aunt!" Familiar? Some women have this attitude to his becoming the norm. But this is a direct way to ensure that sex will go out of your life. And, perhaps even before 50.
Because the principal limitation of sex, in the opinion of professionals, often in a lack of self-love. When we do not accept or love your body in 20 years - we have a relatively large number of opportunities to change it. When we were two times twenty, or even more - not fewer opportunities is but one begins to realize that the love for body modifications will not do. Liposuction can be done three times a year, be broken off Botox and change the shape of the chin - if you do not accept yourself, such as it is, then you yourself do not accept. Likewise, we do not accept then and his age, and the changes that he brings to the exterior.
Need to accept and love yourself - this, incidentally, do not hurt at any age.
Incidentally, a friend of mine quite seriously believes that there is nothing that adorns a woman as facial lines and wrinkles at all. "According to him immediately clear - he says - like a woman laughing. And if so, then we will surely find a common language. " He, incidentally, 35 years old, and his current girlfriend ... 53. And they are not complex.Stay away from me: I'm offended!
The third pillar on which stands the age-sex deficit - is unrealized claims to the male gender. As a rule, we are discussing women age accumulate multiple offenses and grievances, and in relation to the man with whom she lives, and indeed, to all men. And obviously, it is absolutely not conducive to good sex.
- But if you live with this person, it means that something good in it necessarily is. - Commented Alain Samoshina. - You just need to learn to see this good again, as at the time when you're just getting started. It is also important to learn to forgive the man his weakness and imperfection, learn to be grateful.And then he gives practical advice: Draw up a list of 25 qualities, which can be commended for her man.
And yet you can create a diary of gratitude to her husband and lead him for a while, even through force, but regularly. Why is a virtue? Because any habit takes time. Write down every little thing or a sign of attention or help around the house - in short, everything that he managed to please you. Because the more you pay attention to good quality, the more good things will appear in your relationship. You'll see!Familiarity with a
And finally, no one has repealed the hormonal processes that occur in women. Menopause - is something with which each of us sooner or later have to face. And so it all depends on how you look at the problem. On the negative side, we all know: flushing, fever, mood swings and much more ... And is there a something positive? Undoubtedly, yes. First, you can forget about the need to protect themselves and give free rein to the instincts, do not hold back anything. Second, you can re-acquainted with his own body and learn to dialogue with it. Because if you want sex but your body is not - it means that most likely still on the dialogue you just had no time.
Do you know what kindness bring you pleasure? Canst not hesitate to tell them a partner, or better yet - show in itself? Do you know how to bring yourself to orgasm? If not - it's time to know yourself better, so that if necessary, help yourself to tune in on sex and horny.
Someone may appear a logical question: for what all the fuss? Why calculate what is the reason that sex had gone out of life? Is not it easier to abandon it or reduce it to a rare ritual actions in bed, as does a lot of steam? Perhaps it's easier. But it does mean that many more years in our country and will not appear sexy, uninhibited and beautiful women over 50. In glossy magazines, which are already long been accused of plotting against the older women still will not be luxurious and charming heroines in an age where pictures can be printed on the covers. And most importantly, that you deprive yourself many nights full of passion, tenderness and romance, after which a man whispers to you: "Beloved, over the years, you become just beautiful!"

Art in the interior

Obeying the designers, they may be a link between the individual elements of the room or fill a malfunctioning space blend in with interior design, animate shapes of furniture and highlight key points, contributing to functional zoning, underline style, to create a certain atmosphere ... But apart from a modest role enhancement, the details of making the interior completed, any work of art can take one of the main places in the home or office, to be the main decoration in the room. Due to the painting, murals or pictures have undoubted artistic value, the owner of the house presents itself as a creative person who has a sense of beauty and has a high spiritual needs. That kind of thing says a lot about his outlook and taste (and sometimes wealth), hints at the lifestyle of the owner, it generates the desired image.

However, in any case (whether it is the author's exclusive thing or just a spot to support the curtains) any work of art should not appear in the interior of accidentally.

Should always begin at the stage of development of the overall project design residential or commercial premises. Pre-selected items that fit into the overall concept of interior (as well as consistent with its geometry and determine the location of lighting, niches, etc.) performs a designer of each wall to choose to work in an appropriate design (prints, mats, etc.) and plans are hanging on every room. After all, the right to place art in the interior - this occupation that requires a certain skill and taste. And now the question is not about the quality of various art objects (even if a designer or decorator offers choices and protects them - the final choice is always yours), and about literacy - both technically and compositionally - the location of the landscape design project.

By choosing a subject an interior painting, graphics, small plastic and so should pay attention to genre and theme product line with the functional purpose of each room. For example, in the kitchen or dining room would be appropriate still-lifes of various eatables and art ceramics, in the living room - landscapes and portraits, in his office - a tapestry, painting or sculpture, depicting a hunting scene or a poster with a map of the world, in the bedroom - an easy thing nude, executed in watercolor and batik, etc.

In addition to the contents of the selected works of great importance for their tonal and color - must be harmoniously and deliberately enter art into the overall palette of the interior.

It is also natural that the style and the idea of living space, hotels and coffee shops is a determining factor when choosing a pattern or floral composition. Any work should highlight and expand the topic defined in the interior, whether eastern luxury, classic and hi-tech. Abstraction in the spirit of Malevich will decorate a modern loft, a classic, full of tragedy marina in carved gilt frames - receiving in the spirit of Baroque statues handcrafted from exotic woods will blend into ethnic "bungalows."

However, not enough to pick up elementary supermatizm to minimalism and decorative amphora to classicism - every interior meets not only the style and genre, but also a certain kind of art.

In one house would be more appropriate painting, and in another - Uzbek carpets or black and white photography. If dining in a country style cottage with fireplace and wooden furniture will suit painted pottery and vintage images, then the modern beauty - colorful posters. Or, for example, tapestries were historically part of the decoration of palaces and castles - respectively such things in their classical performance fit for the rich country houses with traditional interiors, and a studio apartment will fit into a democratic fotoprint.

Concluding the conversation about the right choice of art, it is necessary to emphasize that interior design is desirable to use copyright works. This does not mean you have to sell all the property, and relatives to surrender to perpetual slavery for the sake of his box from under the TV to hang a genuine Van Gogh. Buy "live" work can be young or "not promoted" artists - the main thing is that the selected hurt you for a living.

Once the artwork selected, they need to properly execute and place in the interior. Typically, clearance to be painting, drawing and photography. Wall panels and tapestries enclose baguette similar pattern, although they do not always need extra clearance, as in themselves have a rigid shape and decorative edge. But batik, executed on fine silk, you need the stretcher, and prints.

With regard to registration of paintings and graphic works, there are rules and canons. Frames should not just framing a picture or photograph, it should be with her one-track, whole, perfectly matched in style and color, and shape, and size. However, the frame must not only conform to the actual work of art, but, equally, to the interior, where it is located. For oil paintings and is located in a classic study, fit the massive decorative gilt frame, for easy graphics or photos - a simple and unique aluminum or wooden frame.

Ideal background for any work is monotonous wall. Patterned, bright walls "eat" your picture. The maximum that you can afford (eg, hanging watercolor paintings) - Discreet and small ornament on the wallpaper.

If you do not place the cloth hanging too high, the optimal height for a medium format - at eye-level person of average height. If a group of different-things - make a balanced composition (first on paper or on the floor), which optimally fit into the space allotted to it. Paintings, photographs, etc. can not only hang - they can simply put on the floor, leaning against a wall or placed on an easel.

The ideal lighting for works of art will be a good general light in the room, but sometimes you need to provide additional illumination. Sales have special lighting to highlight - the optimal length of such a device 2 / 3 the length of the frame. If this is the usual lights, do not forget about safety of paintings and graphics: Use a weak light (better to use a halogen) and locate it no closer than 1 meter from the works of art.

In no case do not put pictures in direct sunlight - they distort color perception, and it might just ruin everything.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off the coast of California, the search continues for boat with 4 persons on board

U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday morning resumed the search for a 20-foot pleasure boat, which is reported to be in an emergency.

Local rescue the company on Wednesday said the Coast Guard had received reports from aboard a boat, on which there are three children and one adult.

Helicopter Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk, two boats and several rescue units went on a quest, which continued till late evening.

Searches were carried out at a wind speed of 30 knots, 6-foot waves and 10-mile visibility.

On Thursday, the search resumed.

The best zoos in the world

On the pages of well-known tourist publication Forbes Travel was published rating of the most attractive zoos in the world, which included representatives from 4 continents.
Topped the rating of the most popular zoos in the world of Animal Kingdom (USA). Disney's Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998. On the territory of 500 acres can see more than 300 different mammals, birds and reptiles from all over the planet. Animal Kingdom is a symbol of the magnificent tree of life is 44 meters.

The second was the Swiss Basel Zoo. Born in 1874, the zoo each year is visited by approximately one million tourists. It is interesting that such attendance does the zoo and the second in attendance in general in the country among the historical and cultural monuments. Basel Zoo - is a six hundred species, ie nearly six thousand animals, including a rather rare species. The most popular in the Basel Zoo enjoys the so-called vivarium, which clearly demonstrates the evolution of species.

In third place in the ranking Zoo de Beauval, France. Bovalsky zoo was reborn from the aviaries, opened in 1980. But ten years later began to appear the first exotic species, mostly of African descent. Today, Zoo de Beauval was home to 4000 animals, including marine. It is the largest zoo in France.
Fourth position in the Berlin Zoological Garden. Berlin Zoo, the first zoo in Germany, opened its doors on August 1, 1844. Covers an area of 35 hectares in the Berlin district of Tiergarten. No other zoo land is not represented so many species of animals (approximately 14,000 animals, 1440 species). Together with the adjoining aquarium, on three floors which are not only fish, but also reptiles, amphibians, insects and invertebrates, the Berlin Zoo belongs to the main attractions of Berlin. Each year, the zoo attracts over 2.6 million people.

Fifth among the best is yet another American Zoo - Bronx Zoo. Traces its history to 1899. At the zoo contains more than 4000 animals, including many endangered species. Bronx Zoo is famous for such sections as "World of Reptiles," "African plain," "Tiger Mountain", "World of Birds" and "Night world". There also is "Butterfly Garden". In a pavilion of elongated shape, resembling a caterpillar, butterflies fluttering and whirling from all over the world.
Sixth in the ranking was the British Chester Zoo. At Chester Zoo area of 110 acres of live coati, guanaco, tuatara and other rare species.
It was founded in 1934 by George Mottershead and now managed by a charitable foundation of the Zoological Society of Northern England.

Small-sized Czech Prague Zoological Garden according to Forbes Travel deserved seventh place in the ranking. An area of just 110 acres housed 630 species, ie A total of about 4600 individuals. The zoo is located in beautiful Troy basin where interspersed with meadows, rocks, water. Over time, the zoo won the Czech title of the monastery for the rarest species on the brink of extinction. Number of species listed in Red Book 58. Endangered - 14.
On the eighth position National Zoological Gardens (South Africa). 198-acre area is divided into two parts, the river flowing at the foot of a high hill. Thus, some species that can be reached by two bridges, dwells on the vast hillside.
Ninth place in the ranking is an American San Diego Zoo, recognized as the world's most progressive zoo. Most of the hundreds of acres of the area can be explored using the tourist bus or monorail. The zoo is famous for the largest population of pandas living in natural conditions.

Closes the top ten oldest zoo in Austria Schonbrunner Zoo, which this year marks 257 years.

How can I cook a duck

Perhaps it is better to tell than the duck better chicken in the culinary sense. The modern industry of growing and processing of meat has a huge share of chicken production. That's production. This is a very popular bird is grown in greenhouse conditions on biokormah, so much cheaper than other chicken meat, mild taste and quite versatile. Will not go into an analysis of what is being fed hens in large plants, but whoever ate a village chicken, instantly detects the difference. For those who do not eat: the difference is the same as between the meat and sausage, that is awesome.
There are two kinds of ducks - the village and farm, that is shopping. Shopping softer and closer to the chicken to taste, with less fuss. Perhaps for the first time cost to buy just this (the next time to find the village and compare). Duck choose the size of the container in which to cook. Simply put, imagine if it will fit into your utyatnitsu or on a baking sheet. (Do not forget about adequate space and lining the edges.) Ducks are from 1,5 to 2,5 kg. Village ducks look larger, yellowish skin tone, a lot of fat under the skin and in the tail. The animals are fat, so they, like geese, baked with stuffing. Bake the duck does not necessarily entirely, you can put out, but all it looks much tastier and more effective.
In preparing the duck most Frenchmen succeeded, so will be ready with an eye on their vast experience, but given our realities. Bake the duck itself, of course you can, but it will be tastier with a stuffing (stuffing). Duck "friends" with many components, and pretty hard to miss. Listen to yourself that you would like a duck, given that it is quite oily. From the classic fillings can be recommended: cooked cereals (buckwheat) with onions and garlic, vegetables (sauerkraut), fruits (apples, cherries), sour berries (bilberries, cranberries), dried fruit (apricots, raisins, prunes), citrus (oranges, lemons), roots (potatoes, celery). The stuffing can be done not only uniform but also to combine several types.
In addition to filling needed seasoning. As a minimum, this will be the salt, black pepper, basil and onions, and the maximum is limited only by imagination and common sense. Recommendations for guidance:

* For the duck, and any other poultry seasoning best - it's green. Thyme, dill, basil, parsley.
* Coriander is suited to all types of meat, the bird too. Loves moderation.
* Cumin want to pound fines. Roast cumin unbeaten hate to get stuck in your teeth.
* Med. You can "relate" to them a few dry spices and rub the duck mixture, you can just smear honey inside. Honey does not like high fever, not mazhte duck outside.
* Cranberry depending on the quantity and condition will be filling or sauce. Replaces the lemon.
* Garlic - the amateur. Interesting choice for the ducks: garlic + honey.
From cookware and tools for cooking duck you need:

* Utyatnitsu or suitable size thick-walled glassware with high bumpers.
* Instead utyatnitsu can use a baking sheet with high walls.
* Fork with sharp teeth (piercing the skin).
* Blades, but rather large fork (made of plastic or wood, if the non-stick coating) for turning. More convenient to operate two such plugs or spade and fork.
* Capacity of water. Is in the pan.
* Aluminium (food) foil. May need to "fine tuning" control the degree of crackling, to protect the wings and bulging parts, as well as for vystilaniya baking, if desired.
* Grill (in the case of cooking "on grid").
The French cook duck with oranges (classic version), or artichokes (in olive). Oranges stuffed duck itself, of which the same sauce is made with white wine and garlic and pepper. Starting from the basic version with apples, you can vary the dish by adding an orange or orange sauce to cook for watering. For the sauce take a few oranges, a little dry white wine, thyme (savory), and bay leaf.
Farshiruya duck, just like any other bird, remember that the stuffing tends to expand, and duck meat can be expanded not only outward but inward. These small quantities at a very dense stuffing can be critical - the seam gets going, and the filling will come out before the end of cooking. To avoid this, leave some leeway in the cavity, or simply stuffed, not sealing.
Duck cooking time will vary on the degree of freshness (fresh longer), marinating, the value of duck dishes and the nature of the furnace. In any case, the duck is prepared at least an hour and no more than two hours. Let me remind you that all this applies to the whole duck, not to the individual parts that use a slightly different mode of cooking. A whole duck is much more spectacular on the table and has great taste benefits.
Prior to the baking preheat the oven necessarily a good thing. Cook on middle shelf, and on the bottom put a bowl of water, the level that keeps the 1-2 cm Duck does not like high temperatures, so she dries quickly covered with a crust and baked through evenly from the inside. For baking, use the following principle: the first 10 minutes - the maximum flame temperature of the oven 230-250 degrees, the next 10 minutes reduce the temperature to 200, and the remaining time to cook at 180. Any meat like being watered juice, duck is no exception. Fat drips out very well watered the duck every 10 minutes. In addition to a thorough watering juice, duck should turn every 20-30 minutes. Start to bake, put the duck on his back, and turns a few times during cooking.
For the duck, there are many fragrant sauce that refreshing taste. A striking example - cranberry sauce. Cranberries - berry tart, with a fatty duck goes well, the high contrast between the meat and sauce helps to experience all the delights of meat flavor. The composition of a sample, there may be some changes in the proportions and components:

* 200 g of cranberries;
* 2 tbsp. olive oil;
* 500 ml of water;
* 3 tbsp. spoon of honey;
* 4 cloves garlic;
* 2 pinches of salt;
* 3-4 teaspoons of sugar;
* Spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves);
* Basil.
Cranberry crush (no blender or mixer) in a mortar or tolkushkoy, add water and oil. Put on medium heat and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and, stirring, Uvarov for 10 minutes, uncovered. Add salt, sugar and garlic (finely chopped), stirring, hold the fire another 3 minutes. Add spices, basil and honey, stir, turn off the flame and cover with lid.
Ready to duck out onto a plate, remove the skin, baked apples and other fillings Put around. Serve the sauce in separate bowls.
Go to any meat, and even more so, to fatty duck very good fit dry red wine. Ideal in this case are the French wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. Like rich wines of northern Italy, New Zealand, South America, Moldova and the Southern Crimea. Fruit sauces are best combined with a merlot and a sauce of honey and berries suitable pinot-gris and riesling.

Guarantee perfect hair

Skiing, like any other sport, is incredibly useful exercise. Your body will be nice to stretch my bones, but the hair did not come to the delight of winter fun.

Even if you go from one winter to another, that is the city with the cold weather in the snowy mountains, still the difference of climatic conditions is palpable. Therefore, your hair can show their displeasure. What do you need such trouble?
For a start will identify the main reasons because of which the hair is deteriorating, and after we seek methods of dealing with His Majesty the cold. The first reason is - a serious temperature drop. It's the difference between weather in the city from which you came, that which decided to leave, and between the temperature, which creates your hat and a hotel. The second reason: under the influence of low temperature outside the blood vessels narrow, which means that hair does not get properly the necessary nutrients. Third, currently lets you know winter avitaminosis and, fourthly, under the headline electrified hair and become too fat. In general, a pleasant enough. Try to provide hair with maximum comfort, or from a mountain vacation to recover will have for too long.Two Trump: the protection and care

* Going on a trip, how smart tourists take all to a minimum. In this minimum should be included special funds for the care of hair. Admit it, you're on vacation you will remember the last thing on people's recipes with oils. But the shampoo from hotel rooms will hardly mind your strands, so what risk? Pay attention to the fact that the cosmetic company specially produce to the cold season series "Winter Care". They are particularly active moisturize, nourish and protect hair. If you're afraid that this is just a publicity stunt, address to the product tested brands.
* It is possible that you run into the problem of electrification of the hair. This will help avoid again the special funds, but if you do not forget, taking with them a pink or lavender oil. They - the natural antistatic.
* Due to the headdress hair quickly contaminated. Because of this you start to wash my hair more often. That hair is not thinned, you need to regularly indulge in their masks. Preference for a hydrating mask. Particular attention is paid to the cold weather ends of the hair-prone section.
* When choosing a hat for skiing, pay attention not only to comfort but also for practicality. Cleanliness is essential to ensure that hair is salted and has not appeared dandruff.
* Do not go outside with wet hair at the same time try to use less than a hair dryer.
* Avoid too hot water. Regular changes in temperature will not bring happiness your hair.
* A balanced diet is equally important. And best of all, if you begin to practice it more before going on vacation. Essential unsaturated fatty acids contained, for example, in fish and flaxseed oil, as well as silicon, magnesium, selenium and zinc.
* A few weeks before the holidays begin to drink vitamins. Now drugstores special complexes that are designed specifically for growth, repair and maintain your hair in perfect condition, and to prevent their loss. Particular attention is paid to the B vitamins, vitamin E, C and A, and folic acid.
If you're one of those girls who have long realized that chic hair can conquer any man care for his shock of hair, always and everywhere, do not forget about caring for her and the rest. Relax and forget - then sign up for the subsequent weeks of hair restoration. Agree that the basic rules of care are quite simple and follow them will have no difficulty.

If a child wants to celebrate New Year's Eve alone

Your child asks to let him go with friends to celebrate the New Year or Christmas. How wisely do parents in this situation? Fear for your child is quite natural for parents. But at the same time, we should understand that a son or daughter have the right to independent living.It is very easy to spoil relations with the younger child of not always wanting you to understand, but a categorical prohibition also does not solve the problem. Forbidden fruit is known ...
First try an honest answer to yourself questions

* Is your adult child? Psychologists believe that somewhere from 14 years to arrange holidays without adult is quite acceptable.
* At what age did you have to let parents to such a party?
* Do you trust your child? If not, why?
* What exactly are you afraid of, and whether your fears real reason?
* It is very important for you to explain to a child, what are the reasons that makes you worry for him.
After weighing all the pros and cons, choose one of three options

* And yet you are opposed. In this case, ask the child to a decent alternative: a trip to the holidays, or the joint holiday with friends who have kids the same age. Offer does not celebrate Christmas at home, and somewhere on the street, in the area. You can take part in festivals. Your task is to make sure that the child was interesting.
* In principle, not against, not for the whole night. This is a compromise. Let your offspring will do a couple of test calls home. Agreed that he will stay at the festival, for example, up to 2 o'clock in the morning and then come back home. If this is you can meet him or to call him.
* I let go, but only if ... And here you must specify the "rules of safety."
Safety, or coaching for parents

* Try to find out where and with whom your child will be celebrating. Make it better in a friendly conversation - a chance to learn the truth. If you do not know guys, that your child is going to have fun, try to meet them. Offer to help in the preparation of the holiday, arrange things so that his company was visited at home.
* Risk the offer's apartment as a venue for the event. Not the fact that survives dishes and apartment will be clean, but at least your child will be at home rather than in someone else's apartment.
* Emblem Has your child to alcohol? There are not only talking about spirits and champagne, for example. Explain possible side effects from drinking alcohol. Any fact can happen, but it is better to avoid trouble.
        * Your intuition tells you that your child is ready for sexual exploits? Sexual literacy campaign is to engage in long before the "critical" age.There are already important degree of trust between parent and child. Talk about this topic with your child: what to avoid, what to fear. Emphasize that mutual love - a very important component of successful sex. And, perhaps, put your teen a condom in his pocket.
Parents on the note

* Know the exact address and telephone number of places where it will be your child.
* Agree to call up at regular intervals.
* Let your child will necessarily be recorded emergency phone number.
* Be prepared in case of unforeseen circumstances come quickly for the child.
* Try to calm down and not get nervous.
* Learn to trust your child.
Trust - a lot! Let your child trusts you!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Help your feet - take charge!

Absolute health stop boast only 15% of the people. Leg rest that something so overpowered: fatigue, heaviness, swelling. The most famous foot-enemy - the flat.
Most often goes
to the fairer sex: a desire for beauty (fashion shoes with heels and sharp toes) and physiology (hormonal changes at puberty, pregnancy, menopause).
Gentlemen, do not rejoice: with time you will have to pay for the love of power sports and, again, uncomfortable shoes.
But we should not wait for the limb to pray for forgiveness for mercy - it is better to regret it in advance. Mash bones and help strengthen the ligaments Her Majesty Gymnastics.

* Looking for a house suitable threshold or elevation. Are in for him so that your heels hanging over the floor. Climb up on his toes.
* Becomes erect. Raise the leg, bent at the knee and do rotational movements foot.
* Complicating the task. Still standing, pulling the leg horizontally forward, trying not to bend at the knee. Pivoted to the foot, trying to pull a sock as far as possible to the outside.
* Learn to move in office. To do this, grab your toes, pencils or any sticks of appropriate size, and just like that, not letting go "sports equipment", walking around the apartment.
* We continue to walk around. At this time poluprisede. But on his fingers, trying to turn them inward.
* Now we just go ... no, just so, and on the outside of the feet. So what is inconvenient? But useful!

France opened the network for the sale of steroids across Europe

French police uncovered an international network for the sale of anabolic steroids, based in Marseille. According to the Ministry of Sports, only in France at the intruders had 10,000 customers, and across Europe - about 200 thousand. Illegal drugs are also sold in the U.S..
On charges of organizing the supply chain of steroids in Marseille arrested three men, told Reuters news agency a source in law enforcement. The sale was arranged through the Internet.
Drugs manufactured in clandestine laboratories in China, Turkey and Cyprus.
Investigation into the case continues. According to the source, when they searched the houses of two of the accused seized large sums of money. Daily income from selling attackers steroids only in Marseilles was about a thousand euros.
Operation against the distributors of doping was done in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in other European countries on December 7. During the investigation, were also opened channels of money laundering defendants in Germany and the Netherlands.
Anabolic steroids - drugs whose action is aimed at the regeneration of cells and tissues. They enter the Prohibited List International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
The other day illicit drugs were found in the Swedish hotel, where they lived athletes from Russia, Belarus and Germany who participated in the skiing World Cup. Law enforcement agencies of Sweden and RUSADA study finding.

Vinegar - not just an ingredient

The owner of a famous American restaurant French Laundry, Thomas Keller makes a simple sauce for green beans, whipping cream and adding to them the red wine vinegar. Sour note vinegar reduces the creamy taste and texture of the sauce is similar to oil, but it is much easier.
Cooks say that by the way used vinegar, you can always distinguish the good from the great cooks. The owner of a famous American restaurant French Laundry, Thomas Keller makes a simple sauce for green beans, whipping cream and adding to them the red wine vinegar. Sour note vinegar reduces the creamy taste and texture of the sauce is similar to oil, but it is much easier.
Vinegar in cooking not only an ingredient, it is itself a way to prepare foods, especially pickles and marinades. The most natural product to do this are cucumbers. But not only that: You can marinate and peaches, and cherries, and onions, shallots, and even. Vinegar thus should have at least 4% acidity. Often use white vinegar, but worth a try, and more fragrant varieties, including rice, which makes it easier to marinade.
Apple cider vinegar is good for pickling cucumbers, peaches and other stuff, its aroma and acidity level is optimal for this task.
Balsamic vinegar - is a kind of brandy vinegar, it is mild and sweet, using it is always possible to prepare well-balanced to taste the dressing, but it was good, and as a single ingredient. Especially delicious sprinkled Balsamico ripe tomatoes - fresh or freshly baked in the oven. Even more impressive results give a few drops of balsamic vinegar in summer berries. Since the "balsamic" so harmoniously sweet and sour notes, it goes well even with foie gras.
Brown rice vinegar. It might be called the Asian "balsamico". It is indispensable in the majority of Chinese, Korean and Thai salads. Its can also be used as an ingredient in more complex sauces for roasted or grilled vegetables in a pan: in this capacity, he replaces the lemon.
Champagne vinegar is applicable in all cases where commonly used white and red wine vinegar, but it features a more delicate flavor.
Distilled white vinegar is the most dismal of all, and. as a joke someone famous chefs, it is best to use it for washing vegetables and fruits.
Fruit vinegars (raspberry, blueberry, etc.) - something between a balsamic and wine vinegar. Many of their species are used for salads. Raspberry Vinegar has the property to reduce fat in the flavor of a dish.
Red wine vinegar as if specially made for salads. The simplest dressing, with its "participation" - mix red vinegar, olive oil and add the French (Dijon) mustard.
Rice wine vinegar has a very mild flavor and is good for light salad dressings, especially when combined with sesame oil. From it also turns out a great "dip", if the rice wine vinegar, add finely chopped garlic and a little sugar.
Vinegar "sherry" is more acidic than balsamic, and its use for preparation of a more vibrant ingredients. Especially good for potato salad or Spanish tomato soup "Gazpacho".

Italy will build a new collider

Italy has announced plans to build a new collider, in which the electrons will collide with positrons. As it became known, the new collider will use parts from American collider PEP-II, who stopped working in 2009.

According to preliminary data, budget SuperB collider will reach 400 million euros, and the processes it will study the CP-symmetry violation - a phenomenon for which in 2008 was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Currently, major work on the study of CP-symmetry violation shall be held in Japan - it works collider KEKB.

Assange receive for an autobiography more than 1,5 million dollars

Founder of the controversial WikiLeaks site Assange Julian (Julian Assange) be applied for the publication of his autobiography, more than 1.5 million dollars.

It is reported that the American publisher Knopf will pay him 800 thousand dollars and signed a contract with the British Canongate will bring about another 500 thousand dollars. Assange also expects to profit from sales in other countries.

Assange himself stresses that he does not want to write a book, but it forced the circumstances because he has already spent 200,000 pounds on legal costs, but it has yet to appear in court and maintain WikiLeaks.

Recall Assange is involved in the case of sexual harassment, investigation of which involved law enforcement agencies in Sweden.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Daily aspirin reduces risk of cancer

According to new research, long-term acceptance of low doses of aspirin significantly reduces the risk of various cancers.

In particular, researchers from Britain found evidence that low dose aspirin (75 milligrams) taken daily for at least five years by 10-60 percent (depending on the type of cancer) reduces the likelihood of cancer.
Results are based on fresh analysis of eight studies that involved more than 25,500 patients. These studies were conducted to study the effect of aspirin on cardiovascular disease.
However, the study's lead author, Professor Peter Rothwell of Oxford University says it does not mean that all adults should begin immediately to take aspirin.
Now recommended for healthy middle-aged people who have no risk of bleeding, to prevent cardiovascular disease.
The study's authors caution that further studies are needed to make recommendations on the use of aspirin for cancer prevention, but they suggest that greater benefit from taking aspirin 50-60 summer people.

The structure of the brain depends on the communication

You have a lot of time to spend with friends? This could mean that one part of your brain more than usual.

Of the brain called the amygdala, located deep inside. Brain 58 volunteers preliminary study has been scanned. Found that those who socialize more with friends and family, the amygdala was larger than the others.

This can be explained by the fact that this particular brain region is responsible for communication. For example, helps to define or identify familiar faces of friends and enemies.

However, until the investigation was unable to answer the question, what of it - enlarged tonsils or communication - is the cause but the consequence. The study's author Lisa Feldman Barrett said that, most likely, little bit of everything.

The study is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.