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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Carpet care and carpet - rules and recommendations

If you follow some simple rules and take care of your carpet and carpet, they will long remain clean, bright and fresh.

Buy high-quality goodsThe appearance of your carpet a couple of years depends on what quality you select when purchasing. Do not chase cheapness . Nice carpet and provides comfort underfoot, and high wear resistance .Proper transportTo carpet retained its attractive appearance , it must be properly transported and, if necessary and store : just rolled up into a roll in the horizontal position.

Periodically permutationRearrange furniture need not to update the look of your room and in order to avoid dents and creases cloth. If relocation is not possible to do , then move the furniture a few inches to the side.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the United States have created an analog interface, consisting of thousands of mobile columns

Developers Tangible Media Group at MIT have unveiled a prototype analog interface inFORM, which may present a 3D-object into a plurality of small square columns.

InFORM device represents a table with 900 columns of square section , each of which is let down by a separate drive . Data processing of any 3D- object connected to the computer device breaks it into many small sites and transmits to each drive on each of them. As a result, the table is created inFORM rough machined projection model or dataset.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sugar hair removal at home, and the advantages of this method of hair removal

Sugaring or sugar hair removal at home, was popular even among the ancient girls. Its discoverer are Egyptian. Maybe that's why Arab girls and women still like hair removal at home sugar - on the Muslim religion girls should not have body hair.

In addition , sugar hair removal features a large number of advantages , including the fact that it is quite simply washed off with water , completely natural and safe , suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin . Also, this hair removal is quite effective . Among the shortcomings can be identified that several sugar hair removal hurt others. But all this is tolerated, and a day later the pain is completely gone.
Comparing sugar wax and hair removal , it should be noted that the latter does not cause redness and pimples on the skin , as well as allergies. By the way, soothe irritation after the procedure can be a chocolate wrap.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Over the ocean waves: the best surfing

People keen on surfing, faced with such a problem as the selection of suitable for the sport seats. The problem is that not everyone is suitable for seaside passion for pleasure. NameWoman offers a small overview of the places where surfers can catch the wave. So, where we are waiting for the best surfing?

Surfers from Europe prefer to go to the south- west France on the Atlantic coast . There is a resort called Biarritz, which is popular for a long time by the surfers and town Lacanau is a kind of pilgrimage site water sports , as at this point the competition is held among surfers around the world. Professionals prefer the beaches of Le Verdon and Cap Ferrat. Real freedom for surfers here comes the autumn, when the tourists leave with beaches . However, at this time of year is worth taking care of a wetsuit.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unusual computer mouse for foot Toe Mouse

Some designers are sometimes a computer mouse in very unusual ways. Mouse foot Toe Mouse is designed for those who find it difficult or inconvenient to hold a controller in hand.

Design of the gadget borrowed from the beach Slippers: between the thumb and ring finger is located partition, allowing to hold the mouse. Under the thumb is the left mouse button, under the others are on the right. Functionality unusual «rodent» completely identical to the classic mouse.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Reassure the child: error parents

Often parents do not know how to behave during children's tantrums and whims. There is no universal method that would reassure all children. To every child needs an individual approach. However, in search of their method most parents are stepping on the same rake. Consider the 5 major mistakes.

1. The desire immediately to calm the child. Whims and hysteria is an emotional splash, which tells about the feelings and perceptions of the child. Children can be capricious, because they want to sleep or they lack the awareness of the parents, and sometimes due to the fact that you just need to splash out the accumulated energy. Before you instantly «plugging» hysteria, give a few minutes of free splash of emotions. And then start a conversation with your child about his needs.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Warming food and drink, or what to drink and eat in winter

Here came a cold, and knowing our winter, they will end no earlier than April. In such weather, everyone is trying to keep warm, someone heater, and someone warm embrace. But the other uniquely pleasure came from the frost, eat a bowl of hot soup or a drink of warm tea. Today we will talk about what to eat and drink in winter to warm up faster.

In winter we need strength to the body can serve themselves from the inside. Keep heat inside keeps warming food and drink. And this is not something special and original, but only a certain set of products. For example, everyone knows that roasted meat heats not worse than vodka, but about the pumpkin is hardly think, meanwhile, pumpkin cream soup with croutons perfectly warm. From cereals is preferred buckwheat and oat, special isolating properties of vegetables are famous onions and radishes, and of the fruit - raisins and dried apricots. Smoked trout and tuna, lamb grilled chicken and game too, fall into the warm company. A special role in winter are spices. Your food and you will get the necessary energy from cinnamon, pepper, curry powder, dill, cumin, garlic.