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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sugar hair removal at home, and the advantages of this method of hair removal

Sugaring or sugar hair removal at home, was popular even among the ancient girls. Its discoverer are Egyptian. Maybe that's why Arab girls and women still like hair removal at home sugar - on the Muslim religion girls should not have body hair.

In addition , sugar hair removal features a large number of advantages , including the fact that it is quite simply washed off with water , completely natural and safe , suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin . Also, this hair removal is quite effective . Among the shortcomings can be identified that several sugar hair removal hurt others. But all this is tolerated, and a day later the pain is completely gone.
Comparing sugar wax and hair removal , it should be noted that the latter does not cause redness and pimples on the skin , as well as allergies. By the way, soothe irritation after the procedure can be a chocolate wrap.

Recipe sugar paste.Sugar hair removal is simple and many are doing it at home . To perform the procedures necessary preparations beforehand sugar paste , which recipe is simple - lemon juice , 1 tbsp. spoon of water and 10 st . spoons of sugar . All this is necessary to mix and then heat over low heat (mass need to stir until it is smooth ) . Temperature must be kept the same all the time. First sugar mass is transparent , more bubbles appear , and then it becomes golden brown.
The mixture should boil for 10 minutes, until bubbles appear , after which it was necessary to cool. When the mixture cools and becomes slightly viscous , take a bit of the mixture with your fingers. If the composition does not stick to it, it's done right.

Hair removal at home too much sugar will bring good results if we combine it with the methods of inhibiting the growth of hair. Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that at this hair removal hair removed with the root, and then do not grow for a long time . You need to know that only those completely removed the hair , the length of which is not more than 6 mm , all other required cut . Note that before the sugar hair removal hair and skin should be clean and dry , otherwise you will not achieve the desired result .
The paste must be applied in the direction of hair growth. It is better to perform the edge of the blade , not the flat side . Paste is applied on cotton fabric , one edge is left free . Immediately after tissue sticking to the sugar paste , you need to grab the free edge and pull sharply against the hair growth .
Do not forget to press the skin with the other hand . Do not pull on the fabric to the top or side. If the hair is removed at a particularly sensitive areas , should not be applied to them a lot of sugar at once , it is better to treat them in small portions .

Main advantages.

 Of course , the main advantage of this is a natural hair removal and hypoallergenic . Sugar paste , home-cooked , contains no preservatives, dyes and fragrances - it consists only of water and sugar . That's why you will not have allergies and skin is not red.
In addition, another advantage lies in the efficiency, such as after depilation hair will not grow within twenty days or more. Also, for this method you do not need high or low temperature . All will take place at normal body temperature , which eliminates burns or vasodilatation (subject to art hair removal ).

Action depilation.Components paste hair removal at home sugar thoroughly penetrate the hair bag, so your hair is removed almost completely , they will not grow into or break. We can say that this method of hair removal eliminates the inflammatory process.
Also, the uniqueness of this method is that the sugar used in the depilation paste does not touch the skin surface of living cells , but only their coats , then removes the hair . I must say that it makes it very carefully . Deleted even hair length of less than 1 mm. Also easy to remove and ingrown hairs , and if needed , can be applied to sugar paste the same place without having to re- injury.
In addition, due to the popularity of this method and hygienic . Many people know that sugar has an antiseptic effect , which means that it removes harmful microbes . Getting an infection in this method of hair removal is virtually impossible.
This method is so convenient that even leftover pasta removed quickly and easily - it is enough to take a warm shower . Do not use special tools . By the way , sugar hair removal helps remove hair on any part of the body.
Many women using this method of getting rid of hair on the arms, legs and even the bikini area . Hair can appear only once a month , and even more - it all depends on the characteristics of the organism. Epilation will be much easier if you repeat it several times , making the hair weaker. As for pain , they are rather weak. This is somewhat similar to the tearing of scotch from the body. There are cases of lung redness, which quickly disappears.
In stores you can buy a ready-made pasta, it is composed of citric acid and gum arabic . The first helps the skin to stretch , which simplifies the procedure , while the second makes it easier to rinse pasta under water. If the compare and sugar wax , the second chemical substance is not contained , it does not adhere well to the skin.
This hair removal can be done in the salon , you will not need a lot of money as sugar hair removal is fairly simple and is one of the cheapest methods . Defat the skin specialist first , then make the hair removal using sugar paste , and in the end cause the skin means to soothe her . Nevertheless , sugar hair removal is so simple that any girl can repeat it at home.

Caramel hair removal at home.
 Not so long ago in vogue caramel hair removal at home hair removal and honey at home. On these types of hair removal have been numerous discussions , where we discuss their strengths and weaknesses . Naturally, we are interested contraindications.
So, not many experts distinguish cases in which such methods of hair removal are contraindicated :

You can not make hair removal , if you spend a lot of time on the beach or in the solarium - because of this skin appear traces of UV rays , including redness, blisters and peeling.
If you suffer from diabetes . In this case, caramel hair removal at home, perhaps to do and allowed , but before that it is imperative to consult with your doctor, who will answer the question , not whether harm your health , this method of hair removal .
You can not make this kind of hair removal, if caramel paste contains honey, and you have an allergy to it .
Many girls and women say that this kind of hair removal at home though sugar and comfortable, but quite painful , especially for all those who first performs epilation.


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