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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We catch the balance on a picnic, what is SLACKLINE

We are accustomed to thinking of walking on a tightrope, as a kind of circus skills, which in ancient times, fakirs entertained audiences in the markets. However, in our days walking on a tightrope turned into a full-fledged sport called "SLACKLINING." He has a lot of fans around the world and regularly collects international championships.

The main sports equipment is modern high-wire SLACKLINE - it is a nylon sling in width from two to five centimeters, which is stretched between two supports with the ratchet. That is SLACKLINE outwardly looks much the same as a car tow rope. Its main difference is that sports a sling made from a flexible and springy material, and of course decorated with cheerful.
At first glance it may seem that walking on the sling - fun for the gymnasts. However SLACKLINE - very democratic sports equipment, and it can bring a lot of positive emotions to every fan of an active lifestyle. Especially in summer, when trips to countryside outings are scheduled regularly, and the question arises what is there to do. To tighten the SLACKLINE only need two strong trees at a distance of 5-10 meters between them is more or less flat meadow.
Stepping on a sling you'll probably be surprised what a storm of emotions that can cause a simple sports equipment. Keep the balance on the narrow strip of nylon - it's not simple, but very funny, and not only for the tightrope walker, but for others. The audience will laugh a lot, watching the attempts to resist SLACKLINE. By the way, you can draw on the very low altitude, so traumatic it can hardly be called fun.
Surprisingly, this simple, seemingly act as walking a tightrope brings a real pleasure. After all, catching the balance on the sling requires considerable concentration, that is, to allow training time to forget all the troubles. In addition, it's a good exercise. Walking on SLACKLINE burns calories and strengthens legs. So, learning to control the body dangling on the sling, you will feel that the earth began to walk confidently. If you are an experienced athlete, training and coordination of movements is useful to you. For example will help to keep fit fans of skiing and snowboarding in the summer. And if you're planning a trip to the tropical country to learn surfing, SLACKLINE also be a good trainer. After all, to stand on the wave of the sea requires a good coordination of movements.
Stepping on SLACKLINE spanned the first time you decide to stay on it is simply impossible - sling terribly loose, not giving what is not to walk on it, but even to stand. But in fact, not hanging strap, and your own feet and taking control of the body you hit the balance. Put your right foot along the SLACKLINE and abruptly wake up. After the tenth attempt is sure to succeed. The closer you stay to the support, the less will be hanging strap and stand on it will be easier. By learning to stand on SLACKLINE, you can quickly learn to walk on it. And then, and do simple tricks - to turn around, walk backwards, and put on a sling.
And it certainly is not the limit. Advanced sleklaynery jump on slings, both on a trampoline, managing to even do a somersault in the air and get back on a narrow strip. Another subspecies SLACKLINE - the so-called longlayn - is walking on very long lines on the high altitude. Some ekstremalschiki walking a tightrope over the abyss, even without insurance. To reach such heights of sports will be trained in the gym, where the SLACKLINE are soft mats, and at high altitude you tie tether. To know what to strive for, watch the video with the international competitions in kanatohodstvu. And who knows, maybe you are so imbued with this sport that can be written in regular exercise.
It is believed that SLACKLINING invented in the seventies, American climbers, who thus amused at the halts. Initially, they used simple climbing slings, which stretched through blocks by hand. Many people now use a similar technique. However, the "amateurs" are usually ready for SLACKLINE kits, which include the very slings with a loop at the end of the sling and short, as with the loop and ratchet - tensioner. Both parts of the overlooked SLACKLINE in their own loops and tightened around the trees. Then a long sling is passed to the rattle, and stretched all the way. Manufacturers claim that spanned SLACKLINE holds up to 4 tons, so you can ride on it safely.
SLACKLINE differ mainly in the degree of springiness. Cheap models slightly springy. Learning to walk on them easier, but that jumps to work out is unlikely to succeed. But they are lighter and occupy less space. A more professional SLACKLINE made to a high pop, in addition to rubberized surface, it does not allow the feet to slide when landing.
Just SLACKLINE differ in length. Standard length is 15 meters and for entertainment on a country picnic you are unlikely to need more.
Get SLACKLINE and you will always have an excellent opportunity to get to the park at night to fresh air, rather than sitting at home watching TV.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Unusual island of Borneo

Southeast Asia - one of the most exotic regions of our planet, which has incredible natural beauty, and capable of indescribable scenery and boasts excellent facilities for recreation of millions of people. Therefore, the island of Borneo, also known as Kalimantan, simply could not be here. This place is unique in almost everything that characterizes it. First, it is one of the largest islands on earth. Second, it is divided between the three states at once. And thirdly, there is everything for the rest: indescribable beauty, is always very warm sea and a lot of interesting places.

Famous for the island of Borneo, not some well-known structures and the traces of deep history. Here a man has made all nature. Borneo - an island of dense primeval jungle, amazing caves and mountains, rare flora and fauna. Such a large island, of course, is full of beaches. At the same time they are always calm and there are no big waves, from which scattered everywhere save coral reefs.
The northern part of the island is East Malaysia (approximately 30% of the island), which is weakly populated. Sabah, also known as the "land below the wind", is located below the zone of tropical cyclones, so it is very popular among the millions of tourists. This part of Borneo is also famous for white sand beaches, beautiful parks, gambling, go to excursions, and many small islands along the coastline.
Transparent sea water attracts fans of diving the coral reefs, but still the main feature of Sabah - these are the small islands, which are constantly cruising boats. It is on these pieces of land in the middle of the sea surface, most fascinating, and visitors prefer to spend their vacation. Enough for all the islands - some just a few minutes 'drive' for half an hour to get to the other, but are always willing. Therefore, by the way, many hotels do not have clearly set out the beaches on the island. This is how easy the road to the beach every day will discover something new and interesting, as well as gain new experiences.
Climb a mountain or climb the long winding caves in the mountainous terrain can be close to Mount Kinabalu, near the state capital. This mountain - the highest point of Asia from the Himalayas to New Zealand. In the local dense forests full of rare and representatives of the fauna and flora. Fans can visit the fauna orangutan rehabilitation center and sanctuary island of turtles.
Very interesting tour in Borneo acquaint visitors with life-aboriginal fishermen, which is not changed for centuries. The boat will bring you into the thick, seemingly impenetrable mangrove swamps, where right on the water are the home of the indigenous population. A more civilized state capital welcomes you - Kota Kinabalu with its beautiful promenade and entertaining walks.

How to remove wrinkles

Over the years, the female body is aging, facial skin fade, covered with fine facial wrinkles and becomes flabby. The appearance of wrinkles is also related to lifestyle, which can lead to premature fading of the body. Skin type also affects the appearance of first wrinkles. For women with oily skin, they appear later. The skin condition affects poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking, alcoholism, constant stress. The first wrinkles begin to appear under the eyes, because in these places the most tender, sensitive and delicate skin.

 It is easier to prevent the appearance of first wrinkles than to fight them later, so the need to treat skin when she was still young, smooth and elastic, so that in this condition she was, as much as possible time. Moisturizing Mask from wrinkles to help get rid of first wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth. But fat is often used cosmetic products should not be that the skin does not get used to them. Creams, lotions, tonics should be selected for the type of skin, paying particular attention to the composition of these funds. A good moisturizing component - is grapeseed oil.

Effective anti-wrinkle technique "non-surgical facelift." Restore youthful skin usually occurs within a few months. Moreover, a feature of this method - not only the reduction of facial wrinkles, and wrinkles associated with aging skin.

 When the first wrinkles have appeared, it is necessary to restore skin tone. Good help steam bath. Boil in boiling water teaspoon thyme, hop cones and flowers hollyhocks. Tilt your face over a bowl of broth and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash with cool water and apply a nourishing cream. You can use herbal lotion chamomile flowers, filled with dry white wine. The lotion should be a few weeks to infuse. Gauze or cotton cloth to moisten and hold chamomile lotion on his face.
From the wrinkles under the eyes, bruising and swelling will save pieces of ice. It is better to prepare herbal teas (chamomile mint + + St. John's wort) and freeze it to use the refreshing, rejuvenating and toning up the pieces of ice every morning.
Avoid rapid weight loss, because the skin does not have time to reorganize and wrinkles under the eyes, chin and cheeks sagged. In the summer wear sunglasses so as not to screw up his eyes, and in winter lubricate the face of a protective cream. Fast and lasting results provide rejuvenating treatments offered by beauty salons and cosmetic cabinets. But abusing these costly procedures are not worth it, better use of funds from the domestic cosmetics and normalize the power supply to the skin glowing from within.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Signs of an unhappy marriage: a powerful impact on health

A bad marriage can have an impact on your health. Find out how to fix it. You may have heard that people are married are healthier physically and mentally, than singles. But this does not apply to people living in an unhappy marriage. Such relationships may even damage your health. Studies show that people who are dissatisfied with their marriage, have higher levels of stress and are more prone to heart disease. This does not mean that being happily married, you no ill, or vice versa, an unhappy marriage necessarily lead to disease. But it is indisputable that an unhappy marriage does not make you good.

Be aware of stress
If your marriage is unhappy, do not underestimate the stress that you experience every day. If you are constantly quarreling, nervous or worried silence their grievances, you inflict damage to your health.
Most couples can not solve their problems, such as when one partner does not feel empathy for another, or even allow the violence. But for most families, experts say, there is hope, even if they are unhappy in the marriage for several years.
The five most common bad habits to the marriage and how to deal with them.Keep everything in a
Each pair must overcome trials. But if you do not discuss the issue, the tension in the family will only grow as the distance from each other's spouses.
One patient recalled how she avoided conflicts with ex-husband when he was treated for alcoholism. "I always tried to have him all was well, he did not want to start drinking again. So I in no way upset him, and did not say anything that might cause a fight. " This restriction of communication led to her depression.
People who grew up in families where family members are free to discuss with each other their problems, it is easy to forge communication with your partner. But people who have not mastered these skills in childhood, face challenges, they need help to raise important issues in the talks.
How to fix: improve your communication skills. Try to read books about it or materials on the Internet. You can also refer to a psychologist-consultant.Inability to listen
Everyone wants to be heard, but the couple in an unhappy marriage is rarely listen to each other. It often happens that you do not listen to a partner, but pay attention to a word that makes you a negative reaction, and starts a quarrel.
When a person feels that he does not listen, it ceases to share innermost thoughts. If a person is, by contrast, understands that he listened attentively, communication becomes more intense.
How to fix: agree with your partner listen to each other by one of three or five minutes without interrupting. Try it and you'll see a spouse in a new light.Recrimination
In the unhappy marriage, bogged down in quarrels and anger, people are often accused of partners, rather than take responsibility for their own actions. But the prosecution does not help to solve the problem, they only increase the conflict.
How to fix: Try to find the true reason for which you quarrel. For example, you feel a lack of love, attention or respect.
If you find it difficult to find out why, ask yourself what you like, this quarrel. When you find out the reasons, you can change the behavior.To take another for granted
One of the most common problems in a marriage - where one partner perceives the other for granted and become inattentive to the needs of the spouse.
Perhaps, the husband stopped to greet, coming home from work or not thanks for the dinner. We all want to have appreciated, without it people feel lonely and unappreciated.
How to fix: show the spouse that you value it - a modest gift or a simple thanks. Take the time to the relationship, for example, plan the evening, you will spend together.
Perhaps you feel too irate or offended to give gifts. Experts advise to do it yet - and a wall of anger and resentment will be slightly lower.
You can strengthen closeness, remembering that you liked partner in the before and telling him in a calm tone that you're concerned about his behavior.Too fast to give
Do not refuse any help, especially if you're tired and not able to do to improve relations.
How to fix: you need time. Do not expect the anger will disappear immediately. Wait at least three months to figure out, does work with a therapist, or follow the advice of the books.
Change can be slow. But do not be afraid to make small steps toward the goal. Even the smallest step can be very important for the long road to recovery relationship.

Talking about sex

If you have sex is always held, and sepulchral silence, a sudden transition from the silent scenes of a talk show would look unnatural and shocking. We must start slowly.

 The method of "compliments and praises"
To overcome the first shyness, learn to speak simple throwing an stuff. It is hard to mess up the case in recognition of the fact that you like the girl herself as a whole and its individual parts and movements in particular. We all love to hear about a good compliment to praise and cheer up your girlfriend and her inspiring enthusiasm for the charge. But do not be too eloquent. Check in the spirit of "your lips - a heady source of delight" may cause involuntary muscle contractions girls jaw. Keep it simple: "You have such soft lips."The method of "statement of facts"
The principle of "what I see, then I sing" - another easy way to talk. If a girl, for example, sat watching football with you, you're going to explain to her what was happening on the field. Similarly, you can comment on what is happening during sex: tell her what she looks like she is doing and how you feel. To hear about it, doing this - a great incentive. To start choose a neutral expression - with herbs is better to wait until the second time.The method of "debriefing"
Rest after the fight - another good time to practice the vocabulary of love. The words come easily and naturally: "It was great! Come on and next time ... "After that outlines his cherished sexual fantasy, gradually shifting the conversation to the mode of dialogue. "And if we're stuck in the elevator at night? Imagine: my hand as if by chance you find in the dark ... "asked her to join this mise en scene, and you can easily figure out what it terms the most pleasant to discuss intimate details.The method of "remote access"
One woman described how she managed to talk my husband. She asked him to talk about sex on the phone in the middle of the day. "At first he resisted, but after the first attempts to" phone sex "was given to him easily. Previously, he was embarrassed because I thought that looks at the same time once a fool. On the phone, this problem has disappeared - he did not see my eyes and facial expressions, and therefore felt much freer. Over time, he was very successful in retelling what we were before and where he wanted me to touch it. " Very soon, scientists talk naturally transported home.The method of "remember everything"
Try to just start remembering especially the highlights of your shared sexual history. "Do you remember when the last referendum, we retired to the voting booth, you're bent on the newsletter, but I ..." Suggest a girl to fill the missing details, and you do not have time to look around, all sorts of barriers will disappear by themselves. Barrier overcome shyness? It's time to begin to hone a style. Take care of poetic images until the Day of Saint Valentine. The main thing in pododeyalnyh conversations - it's natural. We have already mentioned that we write about the conversations that accompany just the sex itself. Not before, not after, and in those moments when two people get pleasure from physical contact. The fight finished phrases and literary revolutions! The words come straight from the language of the heart, from the fingertips - anywhere, just not from the brain. Igor, realizing the error of his first experience, he rushed to the other extreme. He said: "I lust your vagina, fragrant Earl Grey!" The scars on his face were much faster than the memory of what she said in response. Women want honesty, not the love lyric poets of the Decembrists.Speak directly
All women in whom we were interested in the preferred topic of conversation under the blanket, were unanimous: "I want the man did not hesitate and just said he wants to do." Translation: No need to think, what you should say. And if you really want a girl turned on her side or on top of the village and talk. Given our warnings about the form submission.Install the boundaries of what is permitted
Nothing bad will happen if you did not say what she expects from you. In the worst case, lost excitement, sex does not work and you will leave your friends. To tune in a partner, listen to what she uses expressions. What it casually into the language, the more you can afford. Some "dirty girls" give birth to obscenity. If you are not disgusted - communicate on health as you like. There is even a form of sexual deviation - "koprofemiya" - uncontrollable desire to use foul dirty in bed. Zoophilia worse.Gradually escalate
Erotic fantasy - a good thing, but still try to control myself. One of our respondents complained that the appeals be frank her husband said homosexual monologue. What scared to death girl, expect to see in the title role himself, and not someone else's uncle.Install the brake lights
As in any other form of gambling and new activities, the more you do it, the more sophisticated you become. Sexual conversations can fill these related erotic feelings like fear, shame or guilt. With all this you can play and go farther and farther, until it is turned on you both. Do not forget to work out some sign or signal, which means "stop." Do you know how to fight - slapping his hand on the mat means "pain." If the girl burst into tears and spat in his face, then maybe that means it's time to stop.Give your opponent to speak
Maybe you will face with the unexpected rapid response to a modest attempt to sound sexy game. Be ready for this, as well as some unexpected turns, which may seem to you too crude, vulgar and sentimental. If you're not too breaks off, try not to limit freedom of speech partner. While she does not offend your religious or national feelings, as well as if her words did not call for the overthrow of the state system. If a particular turnover hurts too much ear or wander out of the erotic mood, try to repeat it to myself fifty times - any term loses its meaning when repeated many times.Do not forget about the groans, sighs and interjections
Nonverbal scale can add an erotic glow better than dirty words. Groans and pohryukivaniya, especially made in his ear, give the impression of losing control and animal pleasures. In principle, in the bed of these sounds may be sufficient if they are adequately convey your condition. As we know from the texts of popular songs, all we are animals when it comes to wild sex. Losing the human form, we will demolish all boundaries and conventions, and does not guarantee a fabulous sex?Know how to shut up time
Sometimes, though, you just want to enjoy their own feelings without any sound. At this point, just need to take advantage of the most conditioned signal to stop. Mastery of talking during sex is akin to the skill of the narrator - one must know when to stop, so as not to spoil the experience.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How to properly compliment

How to properly compliment many of us really like to see the relatives, friends and acquaintances come to our ideas, respectively. For these people, we usually say compliments, to maintain cordial relations with them, deepening and developing these same relationships to the extent that it arises from the need for them. Only some of their good will pay tribute to the response shown by the care and attention, but most often they take friendship for granted.

 Who is not familiar with this pattern: the husband tries to satisfy all the whims of his wife, expecting a reply note, it is also the eyebrow will not lead to thank him, to make it pleasant. However, my husband is doing something wrong as soon starts insults and reproaches poured on his head so much criticism and instruction, how to behave, what it stupid, insensitive and does not assimilate the basic things. If both hot temperaments, it is possible that it's all over a big quarrel with the massacre.Why is it worth paying complimentsIf you ignore the behavior desired for you, showing no emotion responses like, "Oh, what a fine fellow," "You understand me perfectly," "I just do not know what would be done without your help!", "You my best! "- and saying the wrong man for his behavior all the way up to the unprintable language, you risk to make enemies of the secret or overt.
In theory, the study of behavior set forth a rule, consonant with the Biblical dictum: "Do unto others as you would like to see you came." That is, the ratio of family and people around you depends on your response to them. The action you have encouraged, is repeated more often than one that is ignored. The negative behavior of a person, if he wants to attract attention, and will continue to occur. This phenomenon is known as "enhanced returns."Therefore, to obtain a positive return of the strong, we advise:

Encourage good behavior and do not skimp on the kind words and compliments.
Do not try to scold generously, to reprimand or punish him for bad behavior to you.For some, it will be a humiliation, while others perceive it as shown to the attention deficit and repeat the negative action.One woman in a conversation with the psychologist admitted that she could not get a trust relationship with your pet just because all the good that was shown towards her, she perceived as something for granted. This approach gave a negative result - it became less talk. After meeting the woman tried to change the style of communication, was to smile and say kind words to any positive behavior. Now the family does not know - so much love among its members. Everyone feels socially significant person, irreplaceable.I guess everyone remembers this pattern: the more giving sincere compliments, the more in return receive the kind words. And the opinion of you changes dramatically - you and responsive, and intelligent, and attentive, and attractive.Many people mistakenly believe that if openly express their positive feelings of the other party, he may become conceited and stop justifying your expectations on him. These people live by the principle that better fit than encouraged.However, this tactic gives a rather dubious results. After receiving a negative reaction in response to their actions or simply indifference, such people experience self-doubt, depressed. They have reduced self-esteem, there is no incentive for striving forward. In contrast, compliment and encourage like pouring fresh forces and entail conquer the vast summit.Art complimentWe now turn to how to say compliments.

How to properly compliment

Tip one: a clear, imagine what tone will speak word. Most will not have a good compliment to the desired action, if it is pronounce his teeth or with frowning brows. That is, you get: your face should match the spoken word as it is due to visual contact, we have more than 90% of the information about the psychological state of the interlocutor.
Tip two: a compliment not only to say what you like in another person, but also why. For example: "You are a great musician, because you are perfectly performs its work." "You have a great dress! It sits perfectly on your figure. "
Tip three: contact person by name. The ancient philosophers were well aware that the world he is the sweetest sound. If you want to increase their word to compliment a particular other person individually, use the given condition. In the example, with the compliments they can be paraphrased as follows: "Alexander, you're a great musician, because you are perfectly performs its work." "Oksana, you have a great dress! It sits perfectly on your figure! ".
In a business call to a conversation partner by the name makes it easier to reach a mutual agreement. MirSovetov recommends the use of this technique, when the conversation touches the most difficult issues when you want to convince your opponent to agree with you, to your point of view or a specific proposal.
Tip four: do not say compliments, if you expect to get something from your conversation. You write down a long time in the category of flatterers. And the others will remain negative impressions, and you want to cooperate very few.
Tip five: Do not answer the same compliment to you made a confession. For example: "Lena, do you watch the original!" "Your too good ..." It looks like you have nothing to say and you have to somehow respond.
Tip six: Do not go too far in their expressions. For example: "Thank you, that you gave the camera, it is very useful to me. By the way, show me how to insert the film - I can not understand ... ".
Tip seven: learn how to turn criticism into a constructive statement. In a conversation sometimes a desire to criticize the other, strike the right chord to push for better behavior, or to another embodiment of the solution. For example, instead of the words: "You had made hideous dress", it is better to say: "You are perfectly matched the color of matter, the top you have a well-decorated, but the bottom can do differently?". That is, first look for the positive moments and carefully sum up the man to the problem of offering a way to solutions. Criticism, starting with a compliment, people perceive the softer and faster to agree on the proposed changes.

Tip Eight: help a person accept a compliment. Speaking of compliments, we usually expect to see a grateful glance companion, a warm response or a modest silence. But how to behave, if you say you hear something that makes you feel embarrassed and sorry about what he said? For example, you say, "What you have beautiful shoes!" And hear in response: "It's an old shoe." Or: "You've got so clean in the house," to which should be: "Nonsense, but the mess in the kitchen." And stuff like that.The man who can not accept compliments, as a rule, suffer low self-esteem, lack of confidence in the fact that he is really well done his job. Almost always he has a problem in communication. What to do in such cases? Here MirSovetov may recommend to ask a question after a compliment, not to give the other party to humiliate himself. Here's an example: "What you have a good phone! Where did you got? "Usually people are grateful and brief answer.With this technique, you can always help a person accept praise for him as your interaction will be remembered as an easy and effortless.Your ability to speak sincerely compliments certainly help in communications with all people to achieve mutual sympathy, at work, will give a chance to establish strong relationships with employees, will lead to success in your career!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A female traveler in India: safety first!

It is said that India - a country of extremes. Country of unearthly beauty, and it is very dirty. Nature, where there is no soul, and with the most dense city traffic. The rich own the countless treasures, and the poor are literally swell from hunger. Actress in Indian films, seductive, but more conservative than the country of India has to look! Because of this conservatism, women riding vacation or work in India, the Indian is to learn social norms and to learn about Indian culture to the round trip was as safe as possible.

In India every year are coming female tourists. Most of them respect the native customs, but there are those who, through ignorance or negligence, acts and dresses in a manner shocking the Indians. This not only affects your attitude towards the local population, but also can threaten your safety.That's what you need to know a woman traveling on a journey in a magical India.ClothingThe way you dress defines the relationship to you of the local population. Properly selecting the style of clothing, you can protect yourself from unnecessary harassment. Tight skirts, skirts above the knee, with straps shirts, shorts and bikinis in India is absolutely not approved. On the beach resorts (eg Goa) bathing suits are allowed. But it should give preference to conservative closed models. If you do not tan, or communicate with the local - put on a sarong and a t-shirt. Cotton shirt with short sleeves are permitted but they must be free and not fitting. In general, watch out for local girls and dress a little more conservative than the liberal local version.Nice to go shopping immediately on arrival and buy something domestic: shawl, scarf or blouse.SecurityIn general, single women in India is quite a high level of risk. Should take care of the personal safety and security of your property.To prevent sexual harassment on public transport or in places where people cross hands in front of him. It is better not to have conversations that could be interpreted as flirting or personal interest. Leave the personal issues in his address. If you are traveling alone or with a friend, invent non-existent, and her husband clearly let us understand that in addition to it, you will not care. Avoid situations where you can be alone with a man. To take a taxi or go on tour with other tourists skooperiruytes. Under no circumstances do not allow a man to go into your room - even if it's a porter!If someone tries to drag you into a sexual relationship, and you are not tuned to them - and firmly refuse to choose from this situation as quickly as possible. If you do not mind - well find out what everyone wants from you. A romantic story - or just sex in one night? Know what you are trying to draw - and practice safe sex. Remember that the number of HIV-infected, India ranks second in the world (behind South Africa)!In addition to your credit may suffer your property. Danger number two thieves.If you have several bags, tighten the belt or a cord. Belt is always a flip over his shoulder. Do not keep money in one place: a good idea to make a "nest egg" and hide it under clothing.There is a danger and a hidden theft. Hotel clerks, taxi drivers and vendors can easily shortchange you. Stipulate in advance the cost of services or goods before they pay. In the hotel know in advance whether the included breakfast and air conditioning in the room. Learn all the bills: sometimes they are entered in the services that you have not used.BagsDo not take a lot of things - a view of the same security. Bus and train - the most convenient means of transport in India, and when you have a few things - it will be easier to escape from an unpleasant situation, or do not attract too much attention. Ideal - a suitcase on wheels, at the request turns into a backpack. With convenient backpack travel to wild places, but the hotel for you will be treated with more respect, if your luggage will be similar to the baggage, and not on the knapsack.In India, a woman may face a contemptuous attitude than that to which she was accustomed to at home. However, if you dress and behave properly, you get the most out of travel in this amazing country.