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Monday, February 17, 2014

Reassure the child: error parents

Often parents do not know how to behave during children's tantrums and whims. There is no universal method that would reassure all children. To every child needs an individual approach. However, in search of their method most parents are stepping on the same rake. Consider the 5 major mistakes.

1. The desire immediately to calm the child. Whims and hysteria is an emotional splash, which tells about the feelings and perceptions of the child. Children can be capricious, because they want to sleep or they lack the awareness of the parents, and sometimes due to the fact that you just need to splash out the accumulated energy. Before you instantly «plugging» hysteria, give a few minutes of free splash of emotions. And then start a conversation with your child about his needs.

2. Attaching to the child shortcuts «Crybaby», «Whiner», «Shame». Trying to quieten the child, parents often use methods of «Bullying» and «Пристыжение», especially if hysterics happened in a public place. In moments of public children's whims parents start ashamed of the behavior of the child. Hence harsh methods help calm that cause significant harm to a child. Children learn about themselves, first of all by the reaction of the parents on their behavior. If a mother says to the child that he «whiner» and «troublemaker», they will behave accordingly.

3. Blackmail: «You naughty, I go», «Surrender unto thee in the police». This method creates additional stress to the child. Kid gets scared and begin to scream even louder. Besides, children are quick to adopt in adults techniques behavior, and soon you will come across the fact that your child will all in a row to blackmail you.

4. Shout hysteria. Some parents at the moment of children's whims themselves fall into hysteria. Trying to cry, in a commanding tone calm the child. Such parental behavior is not useful. Of course, the child can calm down and shut up. But he remembers - the winner is the one who can shout the interlocutor.

5. The same response to all types of children's whims. It is very bad when parents do not try to understand the situation, and immediately punish the child. Because the baby may cry, because he feels physical discomfort, but does not know how to tell my mom about it. And so he tries to get her attention by crying. And, having received from her slap for that next time he will be afraid to tell her that he had something hurts. It is dangerous for the baby's health

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