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Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 things you should know going to Egypt

Egypt - one of the most popular destinations chosen by Russian tourists. And no wonder. Due to low labor costs, vacation in Egypt, is relatively cheap. Going to Egypt, remember a few rules that (though we may seem strange) applies to aliens.1) Mandatory gratuities.Let's start with the tip, which is a tradition in Egypt. In Egypt, the tip will be expected of us, almost all the locals involved in tourism - the bartenders, cooks, drivers, servicing the hotel. What they get them, depends on us. However, during the holidays in Egypt, tipping is recommended to give at least to secure the sympathy of the entire hotel. It may also happen that he will ask Egyptian tipping, what should be prepared. How high should the tip be? $ 1-2 (5-10 Egyptian pounds) more than enough. For us it is not enough, but for the Egyptian bartenders are a lot of money. They earn an average of about $ 40 a month.2) Follow the ... photo!In most civilized countries of the world, photography is free. In Egypt, everything is different. If, for example, the owner of the stand will see that you're shooting against the backdrop of his tent, he will approach you and ask for money for the pictures. This also applies to pictures with the camels, or camels. Of course, in such a situation, do not argue, just pull out a dollar.

3) Money in the open - a tip!During a vacation in Egypt, your money will "attempt" as staff clean hotel. This principle is very simple. If you leave the money in a room in the open, while cleaning the room, probably to take a tip. Regardless of whether it is 1 or $ 50.4) "No, thanks"Besides the money and tip, an important issue during his stay in Egypt are also shops that look quite different than in Russia or in Europe. This concerns mainly the purchase of souvenirs and local products. First of all, going on holiday to Egypt, be prepared for a crowd of people who will be "dragged" you to their shop. In such people it is best not to pay attention may exclaim, "No, thanks", without turning his head. If you are interested in the proposal, the 90% you should be prepared to buy the goods at the store. What then? Then consider the goods closer and take a few minutes to talk. The Egyptians can be really annoying for you and walk a distance of several hundred meters!

5) Negotiation, or how to get a 50% discount?Of course, there is something out of Egypt to bring, so sooner or later you will want to make a purchase. In this situation, always be prepared for lengthy negotiations. The basic principle of purchasing souvenirs in Egypt, is this: if the seller offered price of $ 50, this means that the product is sold in 30, and even cheaper. During a holiday in Egypt is worth haggling. You can often get a discount of about 50 or 60 percent! Just repeat over and over again that the product is too expensive, you do not have enough money, or pretend that you're not interested, and leave the store (seller will try to hold you back, lowering the price).And one more thing - in Egypt, working wholesale purchase. Best place to buy souvenirs in a shop, and do it in a few people. Having bought a few things you will be asked to buy anything else, reducing by 20-30% of the basic price.

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