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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Case for bathroom equipment.

If with lateral walls of a toilet, a floor and a ceiling at repair usually there are no big problems what to do with a back wall of a bathroom not absolutely clearly. After all there sheaves of pipes with counters and gates are located. All this sanitary enchanting spectacle extremely modestly looks, however to immure it behind a falshstenka from gypsum cardboard for ever in any way it is impossible, as access to pipes is necessary. Besides behind a toilet bowl there is very many space which can be used for storage of household chemicals. As there it is possible to place a drain tank of a built-in toilet bowl, a water heater and mass of other useful sanitary gadgets. So, we will try to understand as competently to hide a pipe a toilet?

In any case you need a framework on which you will fix various decorative designs. Therefore, if you do repair in a new building, take care of it at a stage of draft furnish. After installation of a toilet bowl will fix levels to concrete walls less conveniently. What then to fix on a framework? A way first traditional — the sanitary hatch. This design can be so simple as far as you want. For example, pipes can be hidden a simple leaf of gypsum cardboard or plastic which will keep on pair саморезов and it is if necessary simple to act in film. For advanced sanitary auditing hatches now are on sale. They represent a metal frame with a door which opens being put forward. That is you can fix on it the GVL whole sheet with a tile. And this hatch will roll completely in a tiled wall, hiding any traces of the presence. Certainly execution of such difficult design demands certain skills. If the space behind a toilet bowl allows to arrange in it small shelves, it is not necessary to miss this possibility. After all a toilet — an optimum place for storage of household chemicals. In that case you need continuous access to regiments. To provide it it is possible by means of a door or роллетов. To buy ready furniture doors now not a problem. Certainly the more they that will be more best. It is thus important, that the sanitary case didn't block access to ventilation which usually is in the top right corner. For this purpose doors are more best for getting not continuous, and with an obreshetka. To strengthen them on a wooden framework it is quite simple. The framework will need to be closed beautiful platbands, and all design to process a morilka or paint on your taste. The top shelf can be made with vertical opening. Alternative to doors — so-called sanitary rolling shutters. They cost expensive, but look very esthetically and allow to close all wall completely. Besides they don't need a place for opening, unlike a door. However, choosing this way to hide a pipe, consider that if rolling shutters will close all wall, each time to get access to regiments, you should bend down and lift them from a floor to the necessary level. Therefore quite good option — this combination of the sanitary hatch for the lower part of a wall with pipes and rolling shutters for a useful area with regiments. Successful repair!

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