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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Third child: difficult or easy?

Once upon a time, giving birth to her second child, I thought it was my third time everything will be crystal clear to me. My second birth was miraculous: easy and harmonious, exactly as I wanted them to be. And I was very interested in what will be the third generations? It seems that there's nowhere better! My curiosity was satisfied, even earlier than I expected, and expecting her third child, I got a whole new experience!

FamiliaritySuch a start, we still were not. We live, not knowing that our third baby has already come to us and said quietly: "I will live here!" Apparently, very quietly, because we do not hear anything. Once I began to feel an unusual silence, wondering when will begin a new cycle in my body. It seemed as if the body does not think it started ... My husband and I giggled at this, but the days passed, and, increasingly, in my head swam absolutely incredible idea, from which the skin creepy fled. Believe in the reality of this assumption was completely impossible. But suddenly came the day when I realized that I wanted certainty. Immediately! An hour later I was in the hands of the test. And when in the first few seconds, the band lit up with two fat, I was overwhelmed by the storm all sorts of feelings. It was absolutely incredible! And at the same time is absolutely real! I was breathless with excitement that I wanted to run around, do anything just to feel solid ground under their feet. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. Ya I'm waiting. Third. The child.

This news has made a complete confusion in the slender ranks of my plans. At the time I just felt that my children grew up, I have had time out to come to grips with the fact my favorite thing to which I was all last year. I have already agreed schedule. I've already imagined how the next few months will grow, spread its wings in his new role, I longed for this activity of each cell. And now I see that everything is absolutely not true that the tasks before me are quite different, and this adjustment took time.I quietly got acquainted with new sensations and stayed in the burrow, and I could not imagine how you can tell someone this amazing secret.Quite unexpectedly, I realized that I am very afraid of that crumb, which is so quietly slipped under my heart. I imagined a missed abortion, then some kind of pathology. I thought that everything in my life is so wonderful, my previous pregnancy, so hassle-free, be sure to fly in the ointment should appear in this ointment. When I looked at it from the outside, I was very surprised, because such fears, I think, more characteristic of the first pregnancy, and certainly not the third. However, fears remained, I felt that I could not handle them myself, so there was excitement at the first ultrasound at 12 weeks.Next to the couch placed an additional monitor for me, and it displayed the same as seeing a doctor.I saw this man very well! That came out of the darkness leg, back here, that's little head. Oh! The handle was pulled to the mouth! "And it's so jumps under his head?" - I ask. "Well, that may well jump? - Meets the Doctor. - Heart! "So beating that goes all the thin shell shake! And once again comes up leg, then another ...And I suddenly realized that I was lying for ten minutes with a very wide smile, and sentimentality pours from all cracks! That's how you!AdoptionThe child is healthy, he's all right, and I breathed easily. I went home with the same very wide smile and carried in his memory the first physical evidence: the kid in me growing up. It seems that only then I realized before the end of it. And then felt ready to share it with someone else. And that "someone else" was my older daughter Taya. She is a sixth sense caught the baby's appearance, and just the last three months of pestering my question, when will we have another baby. I told her that in my tummy already lives a little Porn, but it's still a secret. Her eyes sparkled, she digested the news for five minutes, and then a conspiratorial voice, said: "A father can say?" I admitted that my father already knows. But she could not keep the joy in itself, and she "passed" our grandmother. For us, my grandmother pretended not to know, and waited for the official announcement. And the news slowly crept.I was especially pleased that our friends and acquaintances have taken this news with joy. I was preparing myself for what I will say what my life would be difficult to express some doubts and fears. Sometimes, I have heard such talk before about the many children in general. But in our direction, poured a continuous positive, and I was very supported.When the excitement subsided and fears, our day began to flow very easily. Pregnancy was not the center of life, as it happens the first time. Taye was four years old, Danilo two, they have changed with them was interesting, our life together was filled with a variety of activities and occupations, and the week flew one after another. But one night, at exactly 16 weeks, I heard inside the small but clear "bundle!". I immediately recognized him - the joy filled me, and I once again broke into a satisfied smile. And love is even greater. I still do not know nothing about you, but choking on love! In the following days these neat "package!" Became more and each time felt the first push, I felt faint and mentally asked, "Well, come on! Well, one more time! "And the kid doing my request! I caught myself on the fact that dropped out of the world. I find that I'm standing in the street with an enthusiastic smile and look at yourself, or sit on the bed or in a bus. The whole world is disappearing, and I'm all turned into one big expectation and request: give me this meeting again! It was a totally new experience for me. I had never been involved in this relationship with the baby so much.Yes, of course, for the third time already know a lot in advance. It is not so clearly a matter of weeks, you should not, what size it is now. Attention to detail, detail, feelings. I felt this baby. Not physically, but in some other sense. The more, the stronger grew my impression that he was - on my side. In previous times of pregnancy seemed to me that is a confrontation between me and the baby, which I wear. Already in the third trimester, they suddenly turned over to the breech, and I was going through, trying to persuade flip head down, doing exercises. This time, I was absolutely sure that none of this would be. Communicating with your baby, I'm using mental images to tell him how he will have to move during labor, and in return received the full confidence that he will do everything wrong.The closer we were chosen to leave - and we flew them fast - so often I pop up that old question: I wonder what will be the third of these births? Something tells me that in childbirth, as well as throughout this pregnancy, I get a new lesson. I even guessed what it was. This theme emerged at the very beginning of pregnancy, in large letters: acceptance. I learned to accept the new circumstances of his life. Man, it suggests, and has, as you know, does not it. And I learned to accept, believing in the appropriateness of everything that happens in life. When I thought about the upcoming birth, I felt that the ability to make here is even more important. I recall again the fly in the ointment, which should show up in my ointment, but I said to myself: "Yes, and so, too, happens. But I'm getting ready to take a natural course of events, which is waiting for me. " And when you consider that I gave birth to this baby is developing quickly and completely wonderful, it was clear that no real assumptions for that very fly in the ointment was not. Only fear. A dispel fears adoption. MeetingThe last month before delivery, I went nowhere. I quickly give birth, give birth and the prospect of public transport I do not relish. We walked with the children in the city and waited for spring. That which is not on the calendar, and it really is. I began to slowly train the tummy. She remembered how to breathe in the battles, and tell the children about it, so do not worry, when my mother suddenly died down to some bizarre pose. And so began a series of evening pozdneaprelskim skhvatochek not ended. Finding the disclosure of an inch, I am alarmed. I was a little banged up the idea that this is the birth. I realized that I was not ready to give birth now. No, all! I smelt valerian, oil of jasmine, but calmed down only in her husband's strong arms and fell asleep with the thought that I was not prosplyu genera. I felt the fight all night, sometimes in the morning and for dinner, they subsided. And I was overwhelmed with guilt before the baby, who was ready to be born, and I said "NO!". So categorically that stopped the delivery. So I thought. To calm down, I phoned the midwife, with whom we were going to give birth, and she advised: "Do you ask yourself, what do you want more: to give birth or have a little walk?" And I realized that I do not know! My husband took us to the cottage. They are the children planted a carrot, and I walked barefoot on the cold yet, but a living earth, to embrace the beloved apple trees, and requested the wisdom not to decide "I want - I do not want to" just take the natural course of events. Two days of silence I was a mute reproach, and I grow and develop their ability to make non-judgmental and understanding that when the time comes, the baby is born - and nothing can stop this!On the first day in May, I woke up in the blinding rays of the sun. Here it is - this spring! The grandmother took the children to imagine that we could safely continue planting in the country, and my husband and I instead got into a car and drove off to buy a new dresser in the bedroom. Like it or not, it was the most convenient day. And the greatest folly, in my reasonable point of view. But something in me said "yes," and we, as a light to lift students who traveled 150 kilometers on this day. We ate ice cream, chatted happily about something, and I do not feel my 39 weeks. Abdomen sometimes "podskhvatyvalo," but I was not paying attention. At some point, when we were flying down the highway, I thought that it would be great to have on a day when all the happy and easy when you feel the flight of life, not sitting in a corner of the sofa waiting for hours X. And then there was room! And build a new collective chest. It was a great day! Birthday Yaroslav.I went to bed with skhvatochkami, and I dreamed that I measure the intervals between them. And then in my dreams I heard the familiar click and immediately woke up! Yes, it was he, bursting of the bubble in the battle. I went into the living room and congratulated her husband have just finished collecting the last drawer. Mug! Then I got a surprise. The contractions stopped altogether. I sat in disbelief on the couch and did not know what to do next. Suddenly wanted to include music that we danced the dance of unity with the child on our "pregnant" classes, and I began to dance. I hugged his stomach, his thoughts turned to the baby and said that the time has come, very soon we will meet. Reminded him that he should do and how to turn around. An hour later, the fight resumed. And here I am again reminded that this is the third genera: I knew very well his body and anticipate what will happen next. The remarkable discovery was a big gym ball, which we borrowed from friends specifically to give birth. I enjoyed rocking on it and did not want to get off! In the most powerful battles I supported myself with the thought that a little bit more, only 2-3 of the bout - and start pushing. And I was right! First attempts did not frighten me with his power, and pleased: we got to the finish line! We found that very position in which the baby moved more efficiently - and then he swiftly born! It seemed to us so much! Yaroslav once gave me, and I began to stroke his back, arms and legs, they rozoveli eyes. Everything in me was quiet and well. Quietly. Happily. Very intimate and family.And then ...And then we became acquainted. I am very pleased with the reaction of children they adopted a baby born as something ordinary. They approached him, looked admired, stroked and went about their business. And I watched with amazement for yourself. There was no fatigue, as after the first birth. There was no euphoria, as after the second. There was peace and quiet. I have considered this already familiar to me man, stroking his shaggy velvety skin, and even a few days after birth, he smelled amazing that the first day of our meeting!The first days we spent with him at home. For older kids were not bored, my husband took them to visit, and we continued our examination of Yaroslav. I went out on the tenth day after birth, and was surprised I got in the spring! Of course, I saw something green outside the window, but my attention was occupied by a completely different now and I was struck by a dip in the warm air and the breathing fragrance of a blossoming tree. Here began a new life! Like me!

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