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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to care for suspended ceilings

Today's variety of materials of construction for the basic elements for suspended ceiling systems, just can not hit a man who has decided to choose the most suitable option for the registration of ceiling space.

Among the leaders is worth noting pendant design, basic elements of a module which is a glass made of mineral components. With an already pretty impressive list of advantages (quick installation, the ability to replace individual parts of the ceiling, etc.), the ceiling system is also fairly easy to maintain. Caring for suspended ceilings, in this case as simple and requires no purchase is absolutely no additional equipment or special detergents. However, the apparent simplicity should know and care about all existing nuances regarding choice of both the detergent and the equipment used. About how must also be caring for ceilings, this article will be discussed.
Initially, before it started cleaning the ceiling, you should determine the type of material that was used for its manufacture, as well as technology-figure, which is applied to the surface and the presence of the special fiber. For this reason, care for suspended ceilings can be somewhat complicated or limited in the selection of equipment and cleaning agent. So, be aware that the surface of the glass ceiling systems belonging to the category of "hygiene" (they are usually used in children's and health facilities), protected by a special layer, which prevents the reproduction of bacteria and it does not collect dust and dirt. In order not to disturb the layer and save the surface of the ceiling, thereby retaining its functionality and purpose, you should carefully select and self cleaning agent and the instrument / equipment, which it will be applied. Cleaning the ceiling in this case is not satisfied with the use of abrasive materials (powders) and coarse in its texture sponges and rags. Mikrotsarapiny that are sure to appear on the surface, not only spoil the general appearance of the ceiling, but will cause more rapid contamination (usually it is in these grooves and scratches accumulated dust and dirt).
Caring for the ceilings of this type tends to be of several types - dry and wet. In the first case can be used plain or flannel cloth or a vacuum cleaner. In the latter case, care for suspended ceilings involves the use of specialized cleaning products, which should be carefully washed from the surface of each module. It's no secret that the surface having the remains of the detergent, is several times faster to take the dust and dirt than the usual clean surface. For this reason, care should be taken so that the detergent was washed away completely sure. Of course, wet cleaning of the ceiling in many ways similar to the care of the products made of glass, it is better not to use hot or warm water, but rather cool. As for the choice of detergent, then this issue is better to consult directly with the manufacturer, because you can not just scratch the surface of the abrasive particles, but also permanently affect him. Caring for suspended ceilings can be compared with the care of any product / surface of the glass. It is also pretty neat to be treated to the surface of the modules and the ceilings in the case when there is caused to any technology, it was drawing, because the use of strong detergents can damage it.
Caring for the ceilings, of course, should be executed, not when its surface is already visible to the naked eye, a thick layer of dust or soot, and at regular intervals. Typically, regular care, you can avoid the need to use detergents with a potent components and abrasive materials, which saves the ceiling modules.

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