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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mars Mars Odyssey apparatus began to show signs of life

Obsolete NASA, rotating in an orbit around Mars was closer to recovery from a fault that occurred on it earlier. NASA reported that a small but very important part of the machine began to show signs of life. Now engineers are testing the work of one department of the service elements of the 11-year apparatus Mars Odyssey. After completing this work, it will be possible to establish the system of communication, which is already a week showed no signs of life.

Last week, the unit went into safe mode, because the number of service systems Odyssey out of order and the unit was unable to communicate in the center of the Earth. The problem with Odyssey lay in the failures of the system of jet wheels that are out of order, but the engineers were able to establish communications and emergency management to establish a jet wheel.
For the first time problems have arisen with jet wheels June 8, when one of them got stuck and the machine was not able to precisely control its position in space. As a result, the orbiter went into safe mode, awaiting commands from Earth. Now NASA engineers say that at least one jet impeller rotates at a speed of 5000 rev / min in both forward and reverse directions. Managers say that even one wheel out of order, but it can be replaced by a reserve.
NASA said that the jet wheels - it is important, but not the only regulatory system targeting the orbiter in space. To do this, you can also use engines Odyssey, but the jet wheels are more accurate, and may not expend precious fuel, articulating that Odyssey will not be able to rotate around Mars.
Today, Mars Odyssey is the longest in the history of the Martian mission. This unit is now to act for the landing radioretranslyatora Martian probes, in addition, he previously held scientific study of the Martian surface.

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