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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bar counter

Making kitchen facilities in a modern style, it is impossible to refuse such a fashionable interior, like a bar. It not only fits well into the rapid pace of our lives, but also creates a special atmosphere of ease, looseness, brings a sense of celebration.

Bar counter will take its place in an isolated room kitchen, help zoned space, if the kitchen combined with dining. Of course, the appearance on the Russian kitchen breakfast bar is the trend of western food culture with its endless "fast fudom. Therefore, in our country where people enjoy a delicious and leisurely meal, it in no way replaces the traditional dining table, but simply took over a small portion of its functions. Can not be fully functional shift the burden of a full table at a trendy piece of furniture. This question is not only tradition, but also basic facilities - elderly people and children have no place in high bar stool.
Can be divided all the options bar racks for a few major groups.
Classic bar - a tall (110-115 cm above the floor) countertop, fixed on the bar consoles. As a rule, it is supplemented by high stools or chairs with cross-leg support. Chairs may be equipped with armrests. Some owners prefer a less high rack and, accordingly, the seat.

Combination with a dining table. In this embodiment, the height of the bar counter corresponds to the height of working table - about 90 cm to the bar stools or chairs matched the average height (63-65 cm). When working in the kitchen on a chair is quite comfortable to sit.
The combined track requires a combination of two levels of height. Higher surface serves as a breakfast bar, and one that is below, serves as a dining table. This option is most often used to separate the kitchen from the living room. A dining table is located in the kitchen area and bar faces the living room. Sometimes this combination is very comfortable. The main thing is that it formed in the interior space without compromising aesthetics.
Bar counter in a kitchen unit in the center of the room. This option is available to owners of large kitchens. Such an arrangement designers call "an island". It is a small sink and hob. Continuation of the surface of a bar fixed to the console. It is sometimes difficult to understand what its purpose, but also a somewhat muddled, the configuration has its adherents. Basically, these are people with a fondness for surprise guests culinary delights, prepared in their presence for special recipes - much like the exotic restaurants in the eastern style.Bar

Can be considered a bar counter in the kitchen, as a nice addition to the traditional furnishings, and can, in contrast, a full bar. This design in no way be tied to the kitchen. It will be a place for the built refrigerator, which will be stored juices, mineral water and fruit and a small built-in sinks, where you can rinse the glasses. And, of course, stands with bottles, Pestryaev variety of labels.
This bar, in the full sense of the word. That is, the place for an elegant bar on kuhneneprinuzhdennogo communication over a glass of good wine. Arrange a bar and you can pool and billiard room, and patio, if any.
Bar counter is not furniture - manufacturers do not offer nearly finished versions. It is rather a design that will consider, design and manufacture to order it. In the salons and shops have a wide selection of various types of shelves, the functional counters, tabletops, highlighters, pins and caps, accessories brushed or chromed metal and other accessories for the kitchen. In developing their model of the bar counter, should take into account the overall concept style interior solutions of the premises where it is installed. If accommodation is planned on the kitchen counter, it should be harmoniously combined with the existing furniture there.
Bar counter can have a one-tier, two-tiered or multi-level configuration. However, the latter now enjoys the lowest demand. clearance kuhniShkafchiki, if any, may be closed, open, glazed, decorated with stained glass windows or illuminated. Very often the bar emphasizes the original form is located above the ceiling and equipped with additional lighting and decorated in a style common to the reception.

The bar is made from any material which is applied to furnish a modern interior. This chipboard, wood, stone, plastic, metal, tile, glass or combinations thereof. To apply the veneer countertops corian. This is a composite that resembles marble in appearance but more durable and to be resurfacing in the event of damage to the surface. Such material is very plastic. Table top of it can have almost any shape - from a circular or rectangular to curved or multifaceted.
Corian Colours varied, it mimics the structure of natural materials such as marble, granite and others. Form countertops usually depends on the kitchen space. While avoiding excessive bends or corners. The design must not interfere with free movement in the room, breaking its ergonomics. Countertops desks and racks are not necessarily made of the same material. The same room with Corian counter dining stolomzamechatelno combined with glass. Contemporary glass design (shelves, doors, table tops), equipped with decorative lighting, look very aesthetically pleasing and original.
When designing a breakfast bar great attention to vertical space that surrounds it: lighting, light shelves, and accessories. Thereto adjacent functional "tree" for placing napkins, wine glasses, wine glasses, fruit, straws. It also may look original, sometimes even eclipsing the design itself stands.
In the small kitchen possible combination of two-level dining room table and breakfast bar. If the places suck a little, the rack can be a continuation of the working table top. It is not necessary to overload such a construction with additional cabinets and accessories. In a standard kitchen high bar will not look organic. Way out could serve as a fixation on a small tabletop functional vertical stand designed to accommodate accessories.

Designing the layout of your bar counter, moderation. This is especially true with regard to space, decorated in a modern ascetic style, where there is scope and clarity of lines, objects are strictly horizontal rows.
Do not forget about the three basic rules: convenience, zoning (separation of the conditional premises) and aesthetic (appearance and harmonious combination with the design of the building). If necessary, you can always hire the services of professionals of stylish accessories for the design of kitchens.

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