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Monday, March 21, 2011

Inferiority complex among men: from the roots grow?

AКомплекс неполноценности у мужчин: откуда корни растут? man can be anything: high or low, nice and not very good, with long hair and shaved heads with freckles and scars. And all of these characteristics and many other successful men from the opposite sex does not depend. Surprised you? But nevertheless, it is. Therefore, like you, men, us women, or do not like answers your confidence.

 Where did it come from? So far except yourself about your weaknesses do not think or speak someone else, the lack of the complex does not turn. But here's someone else's careless word, comment, outright ridicule or mockery sounded, and all that is aroused in us a light displeasure, turns into a real problem.Dangerous than an inferiority complex?
That in addition to lack, because of which he, in fact, developed on the background of the complex there are a number of drawbacks. A bit difficult, eh? Then look at an example. Michael - the charming young man 30 years old, athletically built, has a great paying job and a wide range of interests. In women, the lack of never had a rapprochement was fairly easy, communication was different in length, but only those that brought pleasure to both. Had an intimate flaw that and the lack of something never considered - so easy personality: penis size Michael was slightly less than average length. Michael lives turned upside down after just one short fleeting sexual experience, when the lady was unable to experience orgasm. Disappointment, saying: "I'm just not used to men with young girl ...», flew off, while Michael began to develop an inferiority complex.
The first thing he did - it settled intrusive thought that girls such dimensions do not like. This means that after having sex with him partner, usually goes away disappointed. Michael became ashamed of making new acquaintances, eventually became withdrawn and unsociable. Because of constant doubt in himself, Michael stopped going to the usual clubs and entertainment venues. Friends had no choice but to spend time without him. Michael became nervous, broke on colleagues and subordinates, began drinking and soon lost his job, according to women's site
How it ended - let everyone think out himself in a measure of optimism. But tell me, whether the cause that produced such a great inferiority complex, that both her bother? But most of the inferiority complex among men based on such a trifle here. And well, if a trifle that can be eliminated, and if not?
Would like to advise all men who, for whatever reason do not believe in myself. Take a look, for sure, the only man who is haunted by this your disadvantage - is you. So decide to yourself that question once and for all! We women love you, men such as you are, with all of your complexes and disadvantages. And can not be everything a man - entirely Brad Pitami and Benami Affleck. Because it would be a disaster. After all, there are also women who, for example, like Gerard Depardieu. Them, then be like? The ancients said: Lechi his vice counterweight. To your every need there is lack of dignity, which will balance the scales of your personality. Make it the dignity of his calling card - and your weaknesses no one will be interesting.

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