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Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to take therapeutic bath?

For those who choose to be treated baths, there are some important rules. They must be followed if you do not want instead of Curative effect achieved quite the opposite.

First of all, always empty the bowels and bladder before taking a bath. Wash with soap and water to remove the fatty skin formed on the film, which will prevent penetration into the skin and under it biologically active substances.

Do not take bath immediately after eating. Still less should be used in the bathtub spirits of any strength, even in very small quantities.

Immersed in a bath to his chest, leaving his head and heart area above the water. People who suffer cardiac or coronary insufficiency should not fall into the water deeper than the line of the navel. In no case can increase the procedure time.

Following the adoption of therapeutic bath to 20-30 minutes. relax, no wiping, but wrapped in a warm Bath towel or robe. On their feet at this time is best to wear wool socks.

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