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Friday, May 13, 2011

Thermal water - what it is and why is it necessary?

One slight push on the cap, and your skin enveloped in a gentle mist of tiny droplets, and a moment later she was radiant with youth and beauty. Not surprisingly, the business women, Model, actress, and never leave a bottle of spring water. Let's see, where is thermal water, differ from each other different kinds of it and what its properties are so remarkable.

Thermal sources generally are those in which the water temperature is warmer than the ambient temperature. Cosmetics, established on the basis of thermal water, allow to solve a large number of dermatological problems. They have healing, expressed anti-inflammatory and cleansing action, while also struggling with dehydration and showing signs of aging.
Spewed out of the ground thermal water can be, depending on the source of the most varied: from a little salt or fresh hydrocarbonate to oily hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen-methane. The properties of each source affects the combination of its unique mineral composition and temperature. In the cosmetics world-famous thermal waters of French thermal spas on the right to occupy a leading position.Uriage thermal water (Uriage)
One of the most famous thermal spas of France - Uriage, in the small town of Uriage-les-Bains at the foot of the French Alps, near Grenoble. His many kilometers of water doing a path through a variety of crystalline rocks before welling up in freedom in a deep cave, protected from external contamination. Due to this thermal waters remain clean and free from bacteria and saturated rich composition of essential minerals to man.
The first hospital-based thermal water has been organized in Uriage-les-Bains in the early 19 th century, after the light came the publication of scientific treatises doctor Jules Vulfrank-pole of the unique composition of thermal water from this source and its unique therapeutic effects on the skin. Today, based on the source of thermal water Uriage (Uriage) Cosmetics is born with the same name, produced by the laboratory Biorga.The composition of thermal water Uriage (Uriage)
This is the only thermal spring water with isotonic properties (in fact - it is saline, close in composition to the composition of human blood), which is used in dermatology. Uriage thermal water (Uriage) has a neutral pH level of acidity.Properties of thermal water Uriage (Uriage)

Soothes, moisturizes and protects skin from harmful effects of sun, wind stress and negative factors of the environment, gives it shine, and improves the local (local) immunity.The use of thermal water Uriage (Uriage)
Thermal water is suitable for inflamed, irritated and sensitive skin of children (even newborns) and adults. After irrigation of the skin does not need to blot the excess with a tissue thermal water - it will have the most beneficial effect, if allowed to self-absorb into the skin.Vichy Thermal Spa Water (VICHY)
Near Paris in the heart of France the resort town of Vichy. This is a true haven of peace, surrounded by greenery and gardens, conveniently located on the banks of the river Allier. Vichy Thermal water saturated with carbon dioxide, sodium bicarbonate and another 17yu mineral salts and 13 trace elements. All this wealth of sucking knocked to the surface through volcanic rocks in the 15ti thermal springs in the hills of the Auvergne, known for their blue cheeses.
Since ancient times, healing properties of thermal water - here treated their wounds and restoring force warriors of ancient Rome.
Since the XVI century there was the residence of the French king Henry IV, who on own experience in the medical effects of thermal water. After this long time treatment of this miraculous water was reserved for members of the royal family. Furnishings parks, the architecture of buildings and the magnificent landscapes and still recall the times of Emperor.
In 1931, the company L `Oreal has released the first line of medical cosmetic products based on thermal waters of Vichy.The composition of thermal waters of Vichy (VICHY)
Vichy - sodium hydro-thermal water. To account for up to 1 liter of 5.1 g of minerals. As the concentration of salts in water above 1 g / l, it belongs to a class of waters with high mineralization.Properties of thermal waters of Vichy (VICHY)
Contributes to the updating process of the skin cells, soothes, and enhances its protective properties. Water is known for its ability to improve the metabolic processes at the level of cellular metabolism and as a consequence, effectively remove from the skin with various toxins and wastes.The use of thermal waters of Vichy (VICHY)

It is used for youth issues with the skin, dehydrated with sensitive skin. Excess water in half a minute after spraying on clean wet cloth is recommended.Thermal Spring Water La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay)
The small town of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay) is located in a wonderful quiet location near two world-famous attractions of France - Laura Castle and the vineyards of Bordeaux. Among the pine forests and sand dunes, attracts here for its clean air and mild climate, plenty of tourists, is a source of healing thermal waters of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay) and established on the basis of its spa center.
Of the thermal water from this source since 1989, La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay) produces its therapeutic cosmetics that are very popular not only in France but all over the world.The composition of thermal waters of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay)
No other thermal water can not be compared with the spring water of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay) on the concentration of selenium. Selenium is a natural antioxidant - it protects cells from lipid peroxidation, which is responsible for aging.Properties of thermal waters of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay)
With the included composition of thermal waters of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay) selenium neutralize free radicals that are protecting the skin from the first signs of aging. Condition mature skin upon its application is greatly improved.

In addition, thermal spring water of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay) has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect, protects against such an annoying external factors such as increased drought, ultraviolet radiation, sharp temperature drops, unfavorable environment.The use of thermal waters of La Roche-Pose (La Roche-Posay)
If you or your children's skin is prone to allergic reactions or just a very sensitive, then the thermal water for you. Thanks to its properties, provided cleansing. With it you can easily refresh the face or fix makeup.Thermal water Aven (Avene)
In the medieval village of Ebenezer in southern France, in the picturesque valley of the river Orb at the foot of the Cevennes is thermal spring St. Odile. It is widely known since 1736, when the owner of the land, the Marquis de Rokozel found that water from the spring accelerates the healing of skin ulcers. In 1874 the terms of the Avena won the main prize of the World Exhibition in Paris and were considered a national treasure of France. And 100 years later, in 1975, the pharmaceutical group "Pierre Fabre" was founded Research Center for studies of the properties of water Aven and developed a series of cosmetics based on it.The composition of thermal water Aven (Avene)

Thermal water Aven slabomineralizovanna, rich in silicon and has a neutral pH level.Properties of thermal water Aven (Avene)
Rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin. Emollient, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect. Reduces the skin's sensitivity to external influences.The use of thermal water Aven (Avene)
Avene laboratory specializes in developing therapeutic creams for dry and very dry skin. Thermal water, which is the main active component of brand, provides a gentle cleansing and care of sensitive and irritated skin.Kotre thermal water (Cauterets)
Pearl of the national park of the Western Pyrenees separating France and Spain - thermal power Kotre. Healing properties of its waters known since ancient times. He mentions in the records of the famous French surgeon Ambroise Pare XVII century, who noted the ability of water to purify and heal the skin.
Based on it, with 70 years of XX century produced cosmetic line "Kotre" laboratory "Galenika» (GALENIC), a member of the pharmaceutical group of "Pierre Fabre".The composition of thermal water Kotre (Cauterets)
Thermal water Kotre saturated with sulfur, silicon, silver, and magnesium.Kotre properties of thermal water (Cauterets)

Regulates the sebaceous glands. Eliminates shine and pores.The use of thermal water Kotre (Cauterets)
It is recommended for oily and problematic skin. Effective in treating acne, gives the skin a matte finish, smooths the surface and pores.What else you should know about thermal water:

Water from hot springs is poured into bottles in a completely sterile environment. Therefore, its medicinal properties are stored in an airtight container for several years.
Cosmetics based on thermal water - cosmeceutical agent, and it can only be purchased at the pharmacy.
Except for the thermal water is used in cosmetology extract of thermal plankton - the active element of a source located in the south of France. This component is patented brand Biotherm.
Refreshing and invigorating sprays for the face may include in its composition and other active ingredients: natural essential oils, extracts of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

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