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Friday, May 20, 2011

Those over 70: Old Age - a joy

I want to help you create a mental image of the ideal age to help you realize that these years may be a reward for the whole previous life. And no matter how old you are, you know that your future is always great. Take an old age as a precious time of their lives. You can become one of the representatives of the Magnificent old. And do not think of any age crises.

 How to find and use the treasures inside
Many of you are now moving into the category of old people, and it is time to change the perspective on life. You do not necessarily live in their old age as your parents lived. You and I can change the established rules. When we move towards our future, knowing the treasures within yourself and using them ahead of us but good. We can know, say and truly believe that everything that happens to us in life is for the benefit and joy to us.
Instead of just grow old, to give up and die, let's make a huge contribution to life. We have time, have the knowledge and wisdom to actually show the world your love and strength. Modern society is confronted with many challenges of a global nature, which require our attention. We want to rethink their attitude toward different age stages of our lives.
Recently, in one of the largest universities was conducted very interesting study on the topic of middle age. Scientists have found that the aging process in the body starts from the time when you decide for yourself that you've reached middle age. As you can see, the body obediently accept what the mind tells him. Hence, instead focus on the average age of 45-50 years, we can easily take on a new average age of the 75-year milestone. Organism readily accept this belief. When we say: "I have little time left, we age and shorten his life. Instead, we should say: "I have more than enough time, space and energy to do important things."100 years - no limit

Since the inception of mankind and throughout its history, life expectancy increased. The first people on the ground did not live up to 20 years. Subsequently, the average life expectancy was as high as 30, then 40 and more years. Even at the turn of the twentieth century, 50-year-old man was considered old. In 1900, average life expectancy was 47 years old. Now we consider normal, if a person dies before 80. Why can not we make a quantum leap in our consciousness and establish a new age limit - 120 or 150 years?
Of course, for such a long life, we need health, love, compassion and acceptance of new beliefs. When I say that we can live 120 years, the majority of my students exclaim: "Oh no! I do not want so many years to suffer from disease and poverty. " Why do we have in mind at once there is a standard denial? We must not associate with old age poverty, disease, loneliness and death. If now we often see around these pictures, it is because we ourselves have created them out of our past beliefs.
We can always change our belief system. Once upon a time people believed that the earth is flat as a pancake. Now we know that this is not true. I know that we can change our thinking and adopt new ideas as a norm. We can live long and be healthy, loving, rich, wise and happy. Yes, we definitely need to change our current beliefs. We need to change the social structure of society: in the pension system, insurance system and health care. But all this is possible.
It is time to return to the older generation to its rightful place of honor. As a senior we deserve respect and recognition. But first we need to develop self-esteem and self-esteem. It is impossible to get outside. This can only consciously develop yourself.Start a new life
At this late period of life, we can fully realize all its possibilities. I look forward to when the time is.
Join me. Let's organize a movement called the "Great Age" and will make a precious contribution to society.
We can change the system of belief. But to do this, we, as representatives of the Magnificent old age, must vacate his creation from the complex of the "victims". As long as we treat ourselves as a hapless and helpless individuals, while we wait for the government to "develop" our business, we will never succeed as a social group. But should we unite and come up with constructive solutions to our problems, we will become a real force, and we can change our nation and the world for the better.Affirmations for the great age

I am young and beautiful at any age.
I'm helping the community an effective and productive ways.
I am responsible for my finances, my health and for my future.
I take the respect of everyone who knows me.
I honor and respect for children and adults in my life.
I honor and respect all the old people in my life.
Each of my day is filled with meaning.
Every day I ponder new and different thoughts.
All my life - a magnificent adventure.
I'm ready to open to meet any event that offers me a life.
My family has supported me, and I support my family. I have nothing limits.
In front of my whole life.
I assert my opinion, and I hear community leaders. I find the time to play with the baby inside me.
I meditate, go on walks, admiring nature: I love to spend time alone.
I often laugh and I'm not holding my head back in thought.
I think about how to help heal the planet, and carry out their plan. I own all the time in this world.

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