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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Called the most beautiful islands of the world

Island - a place of secrets, leisure and pleasure. Here are ten of them are recognized by the French Yahoo most beautiful.

1. Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

Islands are located in the Andaman Sea between Phuket and the mainland, and are part of Krabi province. The largest island of Phi Phi Don - is a good place for diving as it has high and steep banks. The second largest island of Phi Phi Lee is better known, though uninhabited. Photos of these heavenly scenery admired around the world - an archipelago called the most beautiful in the world.2. Molokai, Hawaii - United States

Molokai - the fifth largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. At length the island is 61 km in width - 16 km. The highest point - Kakmaku (1515 m). The southern side is the biggest in the U.S. coral reef (40 km).3. Lofoten Islands - Norway

Islands stretched along Bode (city in Northern Norway) in the north of the Arctic Circle, between Vestfjord and the Norwegian Sea. Here, wonderful scenery, sea and mountain time. They are also distinguished by the presence of "climate": ie, the relative softness of the climate throughout the year.4. Lombok - Indonesia

Lombok - a volcanic island, situated between Bali and Sumbawa. In the north of the island is the volcano Rindzhani (3726 meters) - the third highest point in Indonesia. The last eruption was in 1994. In the crater of a volcano hidden lake Segara. Since 1997, the volcano and lake are treated as a national park. The southern part of the island is very fertile: here grow rice, maize, coffee, tobacco and cotton.5. Putu Shan - China

Putu Shun - one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China. It is located in the southeast of Shanghai. The island became known for its spiritual atmosphere and landscape with a light haze, which gives the subjects an unusual silhouettes.6. Kangaroo Island - Australia

The island is located in South Australia. This is the third largest island in Australia. Forests, it is covered, remained virtually untouched by human civilization: there can still be found are rare and most ancient on the planet plant and animal species.7. Bora Bora - French Polynesia

Bora Bora - one of the Leeward Islands archipelago Community, located 241 km north-west of Tahiti, is located about 260 km. north-west of the capital Papeete. The correct name of the island's time is time, which means the Tahitian to "first born." The water here is clean, turquoise, the climate is warm and soft.8. Ventoten - Italy

A small island as if frozen in time. Next Romanesque island culture is its charm, to the same obscure island.9. Island of Mozambique - Mozambique

It is located in northern Mozambique to the Mozambique Channel. First of all, the island became famous for its fortress city founded in the late XV century, the Portuguese route to India. Style architecture of the city (materials, equipment) from the XVI century, remained unchanged. Since 1991, the city is included in the Heritage Centre.10. San Blas Islands - Panama

Located in the Caribbean, San Blas Islands consists of 365 coral islands, of which only 60 are inhabited. Landscapes of the islands are beautiful, in addition, they have a rich history and cultural traditions. In the north-eastern side of the island lives an Indian tribe Kuhn, carefully store their ancient traditions. Since 1920, after the war for independence against the Indians of Panama, the territory gained autonomy, despite the fact that the majority still speaks Spanish.

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