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Friday, June 3, 2011

Collusion social networking

Subject collusion and security of Web users now rises with increasing frequency. This time under the gun for the prosecution a number of popular social networks and blogs, which are suspected of distributing your personal information in order to derive commercial benefits from the collaboration with advertising agencies.

 According to the Wall Street Journal, a number of major resources have concluded with partner studios online advertising deal, whereby advertisers are taking the address of user profiles that pass through banners. As a result, partners have access to the name, date of birth, address, occupation and other data ukaznym in the questionnaire.
During the investigation it was found that the conspiracy involved these large Internet-formation, as LiveJournal, Facebook and MySpace. Sale, if you will, of personal data lasted for several months. However, many advertising agencies were quick to assure the user audience, that information collected is not used to achieve some business goals.
It is known that the owners of clicks to personalize banner on going get the site address. In the case of social networks is passed a reference to the profile, following which anyone can explore the personal data for the interested. On such a system, it became known last summer, but the owners of social networks in no hurry to be proactive and change the code. The representative of Facebook said that the gap has closed and the programmers are working on source code to prevent data leakage in the future.

Remember, this is not the first case of distribution of personal information Facebook users over the past six months. Now the owners of the largest social network is the task of raising the level of trust, since the portal's reputation was badly damaged in the light of recent events.

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