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Monday, September 10, 2012

Exotic countries, tips

Before you give some advice, there is probably understand what the exotic countries. For ordinary tourists exotic may be all that far, unusual and out of character from what he had seen before. These places are and New Zealand with Australia, and Thailand, Tibet, and China and Vietnam.

In section exotic could also be considered and the countries of the Caribbean to Latin America, which last time are popular with tourists, especially in winter time. All corners of our world, where there is a wild jungle, steaming volcanoes or mysterious peaks can be attributed to the exotic countries, which offer tourists an exciting adventure. Despite the huge number of advantages, in the race for the exotic, you may be faced with a number of rather unpleasant problems.

One of the most common problems of all that are waiting for tourists in the exotic countries, is unusual food. The most obvious advice in this case - do not buy the food on the street and in the suspicious institutions. Try the first days of the trips eat familiar food, and the «traditional» go gradually. Especially should be careful with all sorts of exotic fruit, desserts, dairy products and acute food - these products are most often spoil the trip tourists. And of course, if you know that your stomach «can give up the slack», please be special medicines.

In addition to the usual aversion to food in the exotic countries, you may encounter a variety of communicable diseases, rare in the European part. According to the doctors, to avoid various «exotic sores», does not need to take any emergency measures. Simply observe elementary safety rules, don't drink the water of unknown origin and frequently wash their hands.

Another problem exotic countries - is a variety of insects, plants and animals. Even if you feel like it is not worth to touch unknown to you plant or creature. So, for example, the touch on some kinds of corals may cause the strongest burn, and in the pure white Sands of the beach can be dangerous insects, so it is better not to go barefoot. If you are going to undertake an independent walk, develop means of protection and try to learn more in detail the natives (or the Internet), what danger can wait for you around the bend.

Going on a vacation, pay special attention to the place where you are going to live. Exotic countries - this is not exactly the place where it is worth to save on accommodation. Choosing a hotel is a 2 star at random, or stopping at the campsite, you can cool to risk their health and safety. Have a good think about where and how will be placed, especially if you plan to travel on their own without the support of the tourist company.

Any journey - it is not only a good and relaxing holiday, but also an opportunity to learn something new and unknown. Another problem that can occur when traveling to an exotic country - it is ignorance of the traditions and laws. In some cases, the acquaintance with them right on the spot conceals in itself is not very pleasant surprises. Maybe so, you should refer to the traditional culture in advance, not to get into the not-too-pleasant situation. In the countries of the Hindu-Muslim region, do not forget about the religious characteristics. Be careful in the clothing, especially in the churches, and especially women! In addition, local residents may not much like it if you are drinking alcohol in the streets. The same applies to public displays of affection at the same Bali, are prohibited passionate hugs and kisses, if you are in a crowded place.

One more thing, about which it is necessary to remember, going in the exotic country, is that not every purchase you'll have to take out, but because going for unusual Souvenirs, consult with a guide, or you may get into trouble. So, for example, from New Zealand you will not take anything that is connected with the kiwi - neither fruit nor wine from this exotic fruit. Kenya and Brazil prohibit the export of hunting trophies, stuffed animals, articles made of feathers and skins. From Egypt and from the Seychelles can not remove corals and shells. If you think that such prohibitions are not serious - keep in mind that the export of prohibited goods is equal to smuggling, as it can be for and put in jail.

In a word, respect the customs and peculiarities of places to visit. And they compensated for you is unprecedented miracles and the charms of a unique exotic holiday.

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