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Monday, January 10, 2011

The top 10 safest countries in the world

Crime situation in the world today tense to the limit. Places where relatively safe can hold two to three weeks, is becoming less and less. Offer you the ranking of the most secure oasis of prosperity and well-being in the world.

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a place where personal safety is absolutely guaranteed. Despite the conflict with Turkey, which divided the island in the South and North in 1970, Cyprus - one of the safest places in Europe. The crime is so minimal that you even can not close the door at night. Sights of Cyprus are a mixture of different eras - the Byzantine castle Kolossi in which Isaac Comnenus was hiding from the Crusaders, the church, in which Richard I the Lionheart was married to Princess Berengaria of Navarre, the Venetian fortress, the British drive on the left.

Denmark - another northern European country that belongs to the safest countries in the world. Homicide rate here is 0.88 per 100.000 people. Norms pickpocketing is also very low. There is also virtually no risk of being attacked by animals, and you should not be worried about any natural disaster. This is - an ideal area to ride a bike, especially if you're used to keep his iron ponies near their home. From the Viking Age monuments were left - the fortress Trelleborg (dat. Trelleborg), Aggersborg (dat. Aggersborg) and Fyurkat (dat. Fyrkat) and (dat.) Lindholm Høje. From the tenth century. constructed of wood, but with the XI - stone basilica. The most famous churches - in Viborg and Ribe, church Kalunborge and castles of Seborga and Vordinborg - Romanesque cathedrals in Roskilde and Odense - the Gothic. Known Frederiksborg castles near the city of Hillerød and Kronborg in Helsingør (Elsinore), which placed the action of the play Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Iceland is known for his songs, geysers and unspoiled nature. There is actually only one major city, called Reykjavik. If you do not like to see too many people, Iceland - an ideal place to visit it. Norma murders 0.00, and Iceland - without a doubt, the safest country in the world! There are only 700 officers in the country, and they do not carry guns. In the whole country has only 130 inmates who are allowed to go home for the weekend. In general, a paradise on earth!

Green Island, known for its culture, whiskey and beer, is also one of the safest countries in the world. Here one of the lowest homicide rate in Europe - 0,32 per 100.000 people. The numbers also show that Dublin is far less dangerous than the major cities in Japan, Australia or Canada!

There are many people living in Western countries, who would have died for something to eat real Japanese sushi, watching Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan. Norma murders of Japan 0.44 per 100.000 inhabitants per year, and, thus, Japan tends to Singapore and the safest countries in Asia. Theft and other crimes are also very rare in Japan. There is even a service bureau finds. If you are here have lost something, then you will return.

Luxembourg, according to a survey Mercer, the safest country in the world. Since this is a tiny state with only half a million people, it refers to the whole nation. People living in Luxembourg, as they say, are among the most satisfied in the world, and it is not surprising: after all, the country has a very developed economy and the highest gross domestic product per capita in the world. In the early medieval period the arts center was a monastery in Ehternahe where beautiful miniature performed, reflecting in VIII-X centuries. Irish, and at the turn of the X-XI centuries. Germanic tradition. Performed and carved Gospel settings with plates of ivory. In XI. erected numerous castles (preserved in ruins), a Romanesque chapel (Chapel decahedral Castle Vianden) and the Basilica (Church of St. Villibrordus in Ehternahe, 1017-31 gg.) with sculptural decoration. Gothic churches XIV-XVI centuries. (Luxembourg, Rindshleydene, Seth Fontenay, etc.) characterized by its numerous sculptures in the interior.

New Zealand
Beautiful scenery, mountains, lakes and coastline make New Zealand a dream of every traveler. Lack of political unrest, economic resilience and isolation makes New Zealand one of the safest countries in the world. Norm of 2.0 murders, serious crimes are almost unknown. No poisonous animals such as spiders and snakes do not live in New Zealand. Is not fixed, and shark attacks on humans, and there is virtually no danger of the disaster, as the island is too far from tropical cyclones. Conservation and development of national culture of Maori is one of the priorities of the country. Another half-century ago, the Maori language is practically no longer used in everyday communication. Today is one of the channels of national TV broadcasts only in this language newspapers are published, publication of the book. It would be interesting for tourists.

Norway - Scandinavian country, a very famous fjords and white nights. What more? Norway, with its murder rate of 0.71 per 100.000 also claims to be one of the safest countries in Europe. No wars, no political unrest, or even any natural disaster. This is - an ideal destination for a holiday. However, Norway is the most expensive country. The main attraction - a violinist and singer Alexander Fisher.

Singapore - a very popular place to travel. This - a mixture of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Arab and Western cultures. It is also one of the most unique places in the world where there is actually no conflict between cultures. Singapore, as experts believe, is also one of the safest places in the world! Norm of murders - only 0.38 per 100.000 inhabitants. It is extraordinarily low compared to, for example, Venezuela and Honduras, in which 58 and 52 deliberate murders per 100.000 persons respectively. Among the attractions in Singapore has a famous zoo, where animals are contained in natural conditions, Reserve Bukit Tim "is a 70 hectares of pristine rainforest, Jurong Bird Park area of 20 hectares, is home to many tropical birds. Sentosa Island - it's just a paradise for tourists.

Switzerland is known for its clocks, trains, banks and mountains. As such, it is a very popular destination of tourism not only for hikers and skiers. Switzerland - also one of the safest countries in the world. According to the study Mercer, Geneva, Bern and Zurich belong to the safest capitals in the world. Norma murder - 2,2 per 100.000 people per year.

The rankings are based on studies of large tourism portal Tourism Review.

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