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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to choose the style of the interior?

"My house - my fortress", those words, though not taken literally, but nevertheless are of great importance for everyone. In his apartment we spend most of their lives, restoring power after work, hiking, travel, travel.

Comfortable house, decorated in the same style of interior, will always create a sense of warmth and comfort, in harmony with your inner world. Agree, an element of the Baroque will apparently be "not free" in minimalism, thus creating dissonance.
Fashion on any particular style often equates completely different in temperament of people, leading them to the apartment to the arithmetic mean. But each of us individually, as a fashion peculiar to radically change their tastes and priorities. Therefore, to two or three years do not regret having chosen style interior, we must understand why you like the design in a particular style? Because it is fashionable, or because the style fits your temperament?
People varies with age, which is reflected in the way home. Tastes are changing, this also applies to interior design styles. In addition, the style can be defined, taking into account your character and temperament.
For example, open and outgoing sanguine like space with lots of light, preferring the modern styles of interior design with custom layouts. The house is designed to "recharge" the energy that irrepressible sanguine spend the maximum.
Often changed their impressions of choleric prefer extravagance. The interior should consider the possibility of frequent rearrangements, since the constancy of - not in the spirit of the choleric. Modern technical interiors, complete with technical innovations, the style of minimalism - in such interior choleric temperament will feel comfortable.
Permanence and solidity phlegmatic dictates the conditions when choosing a style of interior. Every thing will be to choose a practical, phlegmatic, guided not only in appearance products, but also the material, environmental friendliness, and size. The abundance of cabinets, wood, textiles, lighting - that's what people prefer such a temperament.
Romantic melancholic fill their homes with memorable photos, inherited inherited things. The main principle of a man with a melancholy character - comfort. Moreover, the open space cause discomfort and insecurity. Melancholic soul of nooks, private space. The style fits all, it is only important that people feel truly comfortable.

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