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Friday, March 18, 2011

Your man and "adult movies"

Man, never in my life staring adult movies - a great rarity. And also the rare women who never jealous of his beloved to a similar occupation. But is it really worth wasting your nerves, or is it completely innocent man's leisure? So, let's try to understand this "hot" issue.

Why do they look?
Just want to reassure worried-especially the ladies. According to research conducted by psychologists, most people prefer a stable long-term relationships frequently changing partners. Therefore, if your man does not go headlong into the virtual world of love, does not waive the real making love with you, for the sake of porn, then everything is in order.
We arranged differently on the biological level. For the female brain is a major auditory analyzer for men - the visual. Therefore, for women's written tons of romance novels, which tells how he "passionately kissed her, the remaining details of Doris our imagination. For men removed erotica porn, to illustrate how and where exactly he kissed her, and not only.
It is no discovery will be that men want sex. A lot. Always. It just so happened that during the evolution of male brain has a tendency to polygamy, tends to have more than one sexual partner. If you reduce everything to a primitive and simple explanation, it is logical, since we have different biological functions: the man - to distribute their genes, a woman - to give birth to healthy offspring. Man can inseminate many women, while we must bear, give birth and bring up the child. All this requires a different energy and time costs.
Hence the second factor - men want diversity. It is their inborn. They want lots of sex, and women - a lot of sex with her beloved. In reality, a man can satisfy his desire for diversity, staying at the same time, the only true partner? As one of the options, using pornography.
There is nothing reprehensible in the fact that a normal healthy man pays attention to the "passing" by a bust or a round butt, or naked female body on screen. But these lovely forms remain to him only a featureless curves and roundness. For him, it's natural, it laid its biological desires and, of course, can not become a threat to your relationship if you're right it is to perceive and behave accordingly. 

How to respond?
So, you are faced with the fact that your man looks "hot" video. For a start, it is worth saying what in any case can not be done!
Do not panic. Do not declare it at once, so that you never in a do not agree! First, do not like so sharply focus on their complexes. This obviously will not play in your favor. Secondly, it is possible that you do not understand the difference between his sexual fantasies and real desires. The truth is, they do not always coincide. To distinguish between these two concepts have become more evident, let us take one of the most common examples of fantasy as a male and a female side - group sex. Very often in these actions are associated with having sex with multiple partners, sometimes in harsh or even brutal form, but few want it really.
Do not disgrace him. Who knows what secret dreams of your man. Talk to him about it, avoiding any sharp statements, not making fun and not hurting his feelings. It is even possible that some of his ideas seem interesting to you! And of course, intelligent and understanding wife will never make statements like this: "yes you are without it already and can not do." This happens when the wife for a long time together, but it might be worth to assess loyalty and faithfulness to a partner, instead of clumping "below the belt"? Let us not also forget the age factor. In words, men often flaunt their sexual abilities, but in reality a big impact on them, have fatigue, stress, and then really there - badly battered physiology. With age, both men and women want sex less often than in 18-20 years, but this does not prevent us sometimes think spree youth, and porn gives an opportunity for a moment to plunge into the forbidden world of debauchery, add novelty feel, while remaining faithful to their spouses. 

Turn to your advantage
Often the men take something from happening on the screen on your note, so is it worth it so resist? It is likely that your sex life will be fuller and more diverse. Try to join her husband, to watch the video together and relax. If men learn something from these movies, why do not we do the same? Let the films "for adults" will be your ally in dealing with loved ones.
Let's have no complexes and stereotypes, doubts and suspicions. Remember, men prefer us real faceless screen beauties. This is our naked body makes them delight, kissing and touching our delicate skin makes the blood boil. And that we are so vivid, cherished, and most importantly to truly respond to them even if not professional, but so desirable weasel! Because we know - the most valuable is not a virtuoso performance techniques, and enjoy intimacy with a loved one.

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