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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to wean a child from diapers

Teach your baby go without diapers is not so difficult. We, the parents would like to see it passed as calmly as possible, and faster. But it seems that kids want to decide for themselves when the time comes.

 "Your son is still walking around with diapers? But nowadays children ask for a pot already at nine months! "There will always be my aunt or grandmother who would not miss the opportunity to remind you that in two and a half years of your child's time to accustom himself to the pot. A good way to cause you irritation and insecurity in the mother's competence. Especially the children of some of your friends for a year go without diapers. Sometimes anxiety mom is so strong that a sensitive and suggestible child eventually learns to stay dry in order to reduce the prevailing tension around this subject. But at some point the baby may lose this skill, to make sure that such a simple way it can regulate your relationship with him. Small children can easily find our "pain points" - what we are most afraid of: lack of appetite, poor sleep or an inability to control his sphincters. Small sly way in urging us to various relief measures, new toys or sweets. However, in most cases to teach to the pot occurs without hindrance, subject to a few simple rules.
Of course, there are many benefits to early child learned to walk on the pot: the budget disappear spending on diapers, and associates do not get tired to admire the early maturity of the wonder-child, and educational talents of his mother. But there is no truly compelling reason to rush things. Many experts believe that the reason for the appearance of disorders such as enuresis, and chronic delay in the chair, may be too early to teach to the pot. In any case, the child will be ready to stay dry only to the age of about 18 months when he becomes able to control their sphincters. This age is considered to be most beneficial not only in terms of physiology, but also in terms of psychological readiness. It is important to remember that every child develops at their own pace, and, as a rule, boys need more time than girls. This is due to some physiological characteristics.
Starting to wean the child from diapers, be prepared for that at the beginning of his pants will be wet often. Do not scold, and most importantly, no shame for this kid. Shame in this situation is not very good assistant, the child feel guilty and helpless. Remind your child from time to time about the existence of the pot. It is important that the child perceives the pot as a subject, which he readily uses it, feeling themselves at the same time happy and proud of their achievements. And, of course, no stress and duress. At the age of one year to two children are in the anal phase of psychosexual development (as Freud), which, in particular, is associated with the desire for cleanliness and order. Also, this phase is characterized by a special relation to their babies bowel movements, they perceive them as a product of creativity, and pride in their creations. They are pretty hard to get used to the fact that their creations flushed down the toilet. By the way, psychologists analytical direction believe that attempts too early to potty train a child in the future result in reduced creativity and spontaneity. So please be patient and dry pants, a transitional period, of course, quite difficult, but it did not last long. In order for these days and you and the child feel comfortable, choose a time when you do not distract any major concerns.
Every mother finds its way to accustom the child to the pot. For example, wait until he had done in the pants, then join him to shift the "content" in a pot and then into the toilet. Or let the kid himself cope with cistern, most children, this procedure very much. In this area, not so many rules, most importantly - do not forget the words of welcome, addressed directly to the child, not what is in the pot. Then it is not too upset when it is necessary to send him "kaku" in the toilet. It is also better if the pot will take their place in the bathroom, not in the middle of the room. Of course, the first time, sitting the child on the pot - an act not without solemnity, there is, than to admire. But very soon it will cease to be so, so, even if the toilet for some reasons are not too comfortable, choose another private place.
The world is full of miracles, and have children who give up their diapers just for one day. But there are others, and there are many more who do it gradually. If this is your case, try to do so: as soon as your kid went to the potty, put on his pants without a diaper for one hour, then two, then the whole morning. While he was walking without a diaper, regularly ask him if he wanted to pot, especially if he is obsessed with the game. Children have a tendency to run to the toilet in the last minute. Wear your baby pants that can easily be removed. For the first time, if you want to relax, go for a long walk or quietly go shopping, do not hesitate to wear his diaper. All will benefit if you do not worry about the wet pants. As soon as the baby gets used all day to do without diapers, tell him that it was time to learn to stay dry all night. Do not worry if to teach a child to "dry nights" take several months, it is perfectly normal.

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