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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ornaments in the interior

Flowers, buds, fruits, stems, flowers - the variety of plant ornaments is truly inexhaustible. From roses to nezabudok from chrysanthemums up daisies, cornflowers to lotus flowers on - all that is in nature, as reflected in the ornaments.

Floral designs

Floral designs consist of a smooth, wavy, spiral lines, so they attach to the interior of grace and gentleness.

Floral designs are very often used in modern interiors.

Applying a large floral design in the office or the office, you should choose a pattern, made in the non-aggressive, contiguous tones.

Terms You Need to Know

     * "Turkish ornament" - a dense pattern in the form of small curved cucumbers.
     * "Rapport" - the portion of the figure, which rhythmically repeated on fabrics, wallpaper, embroidery, etc.
     * "A stylized ornament" - a pattern in which the visual object (a flower, carnation, lily, etc.)
       is depicted generally, conditionally.

Carpet of Mouton ornamented "Damasco"

Geometric patterns
Cage, bar, circles ("peas"), diamonds, triangles and similar figures relate to the geometric patterns. Geometric patterns are used in interior and office space and interior design, bedroom, living room, children's.
Large geometric designs done in black and white or color gamut, although are strict, but very catchy and impressive, so they are often used to create extravagant interiors.
Imagine how elegant it will look black floor with white carpet in a wide black band and gold ornaments.
Geometric designs are often used to create an interior in the style of «power dressing».
Small geometric designs are widely used in the interior of a strict, office style. For example, in a business setting elegant look for things like carpet in a thin strip. 

Terms You Need to Know

* "Pepita" - the wrong cell (mostly black and white), as was his pattern similar to the imprint of chicken legs.
* "Op-Art" (in English the word "art optical effects") - a pattern (most often black and white), which consists of cells that diverge in concentric circles. Creates a visual effect of continuous motion.
* The Prince of Wales "- the pattern in the cell, made up of straight lines, drawn on a plain background at different distances from each other.
Exotic Ornaments
By the exotic (fantasy) ornaments are ornaments depicting the skins of wild animals, palm trees, parrots, dragons, etc., as well as abstract patterns and coupon. Such patterns are sometimes created by hand-painting, such as batik.
Fancy ornaments, attracting the attention of his unconventional, are designed to create an extravagant, informal interior. Best of all, they are suitable for interiors: houses, restaurants, theaters, exhibition halls, etc.
As fancy ornaments bear great emotional stress, they should not be used in offices and halls used for negotiation. In situations like interior with a similar ornament will be too glaring, with the result that you can take a man with underdeveloped taste. 

Terms You Need to Know

* "An abstract ornament - ornament consisting of randomly deposited on the tissue smears, spots, geometric shapes.
* "Coupon ornament" - a pattern caused by a single roll of fabric edges so that it is a decorative border that runs along the entire roll.
* "Batik - Indonesian way of painting fabrics. First, the fabric is applied a contour drawing with molten wax (hot batik), or paint mixed with glue (cold batik). Then, on the site, outlined the contours, colors are applied in different colors.
Erotic Ornaments
Representatives of the world's wildlife, wanting to attract the attention of individuals of the opposite sex, compete with each other in brightness and decoration of their outfits. The most erotic big, flashy, showy ornaments, such as a large peas, large flowers, wide band, etc.

Skin of "Exotica" (giraffe)
 Skin Cow "Normandy" (a zebra on a red background)
Skin Cow "Normandy" (tiger)
Highlights a number of striking patterns and ekstrovagantnyh drawings depicting various colors of wild animals such as tiger or leopard skin, striped black and white stripes (zebra), etc.
Skin Cow "Normandy" (panther)
A person who chooses the flashy, decorative erotic ornaments for interior decoration, must have well-developed flavor, otherwise the interior of his home can be vulgar.

So, we looked at how to create your own style in the interior with colors, lines, ornaments, learned about the compatibility of different shades, to understand how to express their character and mood, guided by a variety of color and texture.

We have seen that color can not only generate the general image of the design - the project, but also help in the design of your home or office. In conclusion we can say that all these elements can be your assistant, letting you in any situation, transformed to your liking.

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