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Monday, March 21, 2011

Falls Altai

Gorny Altai rivers abound, and the river - waterfalls. Only on the Katun river there are about seven thousand. Most waterfalls are located on rivers in north-Chui, South Chui and Katun mountain ranges and river basin Chulyshman.

These waterfalls are so different that the ingenuity of nature is simply amazing. Some hide in dark crevices of rocks, the other, surrounded by bright green, shimmer with rainbow colors. Some crashes down on the granite rocks, while others escape on ice. Vary greatly in size and waterfalls. Some huge cascade rushes down from the hundred-meter height, while others fall from a moderate height of two meters. But they are all uniquely beautiful, and they all complement the charm of the Altai region.
The largest of the Altaic waterfalls are Chulkinsky Falls, a waterfall and Tekel Kokkol.
Height of the waterfall Tekel is sixty meters. It is situated on the river of the same name, which is part of the basin of the upper Katun. This unique hydrological and geological formation, which is a valuable monument of nature.
Waterfalls Kokkol as Tekel, overthrown with shestidesyatimetrovoy height. It is formed of a mountain river Big Kokkol. Sheer flow of water ten feet wide is a marvelous spectacle.

In the river basin has a large waterfall Kucherla Tegeek. Its height of more than fifty meters. Like many others, this waterfall can be visited in the tour group.
In the Altai nature reserve, on a tributary to the lake Corbu River is the eponymous waterfall. The road to it is paved with planks for the preservation of herbage. The height of this waterfall twelve meters. Also in the Altai nature reserve is flowing to the lake falls Kishte. The height of its fall eight feet, but it is easily accessible for inspection, unlike many other, larger, and waterfalls.
On the left bank of the Katun River, near the mouth of Qamishli located Kamyshlinsky waterfall. This short, but beautifully smashing against the rocks of a waterfall is one of the most popular tourist facilities.
Among the many tributaries to the lake falls most interesting is the Great Falls Humpty. It is difficult to reach, but the spectacle of the gorge emitted a stream of water, white foam breaks out on the granite rocks and shoots up again, well worth it. The total height of this waterfall falling twenty meters.
In a single large waterfalls in the Altai many waterfalls cascade consisting of steps collected small waterfalls. Type of separating and re-uniting the water flows simply mesmerizing.
The most famous and popular cascade of eight waterfalls on the river tavern, received the status of natural monuments. Central to this cascade waterfall occupy Giraffe drop height seventy meters, the waterfall double jump (or yogi) drop height twenty-eight meters and Tender mirage waterfall with a height fall of ten meters. It is noteworthy that these waterfalls are located very close to each other, the distance between them is less than one kilometer. The magnificence of this stage complements the gorge, which grows on the slopes of pine forest.
The largest cascading waterfall of Altai - Chulkinsky waterfall. The height of the fall of almost two hundred meters. This waterfall is young, educated a little more than a century ago, thanks to a collapse of the mountains, the river flooded Chulcha. It is very beautiful and impressive waterfall, but it is difficult to access for visitors.
The spectacle of the waterfall can not leave a lasting impression. Sparkling water flows in the summer and solid blocks of ice in winter is unforgettable. And their power and monumentality made to feel helpless part of nature.

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