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Monday, March 21, 2011

Overseas property: what to expect from a standard room?

Holiday abroad! Who among us does not think about it? Living in anticipation of the upcoming holidays, many of us stare at the posters of travel agents, best deals, choose a tour of the country, wherever we wanted to go. As a rule, which appeal to a worldwide digital library, ie the Internet.

Leafing through the many colorful pages of the web sites, learning about the wonderful vacation in Egypt, Turkey, exotic, Australia, Finland, frosty or in European countries, we consider what we can offer every single type of holiday, and what draws us a country. However, defining tour the country and travel time, we turn to the most important - choice of hotel.
Chetye, three or five stars? That was the question when choosing a hotel asks himself each. Pay more or not worth it? Than a hotel room three-star will be different from the room at level 5 or 4 stars?
A huge number of such questions appear in our after becoming topical issue of choosing a comfortable, beautiful, comfortable and affordable hotel, where there are most necessary for a great holiday and favorite hobbies.
Take a closer look, that offers the most common foreign hotels. Differences in the star being felt in the service, the interior design of rooms, type of furniture, consisting of services that are offered at the hotel and the location of the hotel.
Imagine the furnishings of ordinary rooms (bedrooms and bathrooms) at any star level, one can easily determine what set of furniture in it will be virtually the same: living rooms, beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, stand under the TV. In the more expensive hotels in the furnishing of the usual number, which consists of a bedroom, living room and bathroom, may include sofas and living room, mini kitchen, several bathrooms instead of one, closets hallways, beds with orthopedic mattresses.
Interior style and quality of furniture in a hotel room, again depending on its level. In the 5 * hotel offers single or double beds, as well as French beds, equipped with sleeping mattresses. The beds can also be water mattresses, with a good orthopedic effect.
In the hotels of three stars or four beds will be equipped with ordinary mattresses, or the cheapest mattresses with an orthopedic effect. Hallways, kitchens and living rooms in these hotels are often offered only in more expensive rooms. Sofas, upholstered furniture, wardrobes in these hotels is expensive or in rooms or in rooms that are designed for 4-5 people.
If we talk about the interior decoration of rooms, the hotel top-level interior of each room are often different. Living rooms and bedrooms in these rooms are usually performed by hand specifically for their facilities. For finishing and decorating the hall's interior hallways are used most often expensive materials: precious wood, fabrics, fresh flowers, reproductions of famous paintings, statues, vases, murals, etc. In the hotel rooms the same low-level interiors, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and living similar. Wherever used furniture mass production.

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