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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Broke down on highway

 Terribly unpleasant incident - failure of the road. If you during your movement feel or notice that the car rides like a strange way, it will certainly include emergency gang and try to do everything possible not to stop in the middle of the road.

Take my car to the curb. If you have it not work, then first remove the car off the road, no matter where it happens on the track or in the city. It is advisable to use the passenger car as the engine well, or drive a little on the starter, unless of course it works. After all this you have to install a warning triangle. And only after that you need to find the cause of damage to your car. If the same thing in the engine, then try to think and remember how this all actually happened, or was there a knock or rattle can simply dropped the engine speed or anything else.
This will help you more quickly identify engine malfunction. If you see yourself exactly what it is not otremontiruete, only one way out - lift. However, under certain breakdowns is prohibited. In this case, you just help tow. We also recommend you acquire in advance with a phone of such services.Reduce the chance of breakage at helping timely vehicle maintenance. In the car, without any interference parts break very rarely. But it does happen that some car break down movement is possible.And here are some events that often occur on the roads
Damage to the engine cooling system:

If the engine runs antifreeze, then in a warm place for antifreeze can be filled with water, or anything similar to it, and go we
ll on the service.
If you have a broken thermostat, you probably will need to open all the windows in the car and turn on the full capacity of the stove, it will allow you to continue your movement without overheating.
If in your car and the stove is not working, it would need to move gradually, ie, we drive a few miles, and then standing and then continue as well.
Possible problems with electricity:

if the generator belt broke - immediately turn off all the devices (radio, air conditioning, fan). This greatly helps to pass long enough.
If burned some important fuse and spare at the moment no. You will need to change to a similar fuse with other devices.
If you are not working turn signals, remember the SDA, as required hand feeding signs, and continue to go to an electrician.
If a bulb burns out the stop signals, in this case, change it to any other such as, for example, you can reverse.
Possible failure of gearbox:

if you broke the clutch - will go without him. I just factories on the transfer. As it moves, shifts gears quickly, but not too harsh, sometimes it can happen even without the rattle and noise.
And in conclusion we may add that the chance to try to repair the severely increase the presence in your trunk of various tools and spare parts.

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