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Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to haggle in Egypt: Travel Tips

Markets in Egypt - it is the same attraction as the pyramids, the Sphinx or the Red Sea itself. Culture trade and sell all kinds of goods are formed over centuries. Egypt has always been a trading hub, which sold local goods and to come caravans with overseas goods. How to haggle - in Egypt, this skill is laid in childhood. We can say that the ability to bargain for residents of this country in blood and without it they would simply not have been themselves.

When tourists come to Egypt and first hit the local market, the first impression - it's noisy colorful series of very intrusive shill-sellers. Here vying offer everything yourself you can and can not imagine - gifts, jewelry, clothing, carpets, bathing suits, water pipes, wallets, bags ... This is a real bazaar, to which we, as a rule, not accustomed.
The most important thing to know about how to haggle in Egypt, this game is the Trading Success. Every seller and every day with each customer feels their trading success - and lucky you? The trouble is that commodity prices - not fixed and they are very different. Say, one thing can be sold several times cheaper than another, and almost in a row. Therefore, the more the seller can earn, the more favorable to him on that day turns his luck trading. If the buyer is a good bargain, so luck was on his side, and the seller will try it next time. This does not mean that you are something does not sell, no, you can get what you want at very competitive price, but the Egyptians would take it that this time no luck. Vendors are doing a lot of attempts, because they know that in any event, several times a day they will be able to make very profitable for them to deal in the loser will not go. Everyone passing by the tourist - this is an opportunity to experience the Trading Success, than they with passion and zeal and engaged.

So, let's move on to the advice of a bargain for tourists in Egypt.Tip 1. It makes no sense to look for a price below
The most common mistake made the tourists when they are in the markets of Egypt (especially often make it, as noted, women), it is fast perebeganie from one vendor to another, from shop to shop to find the product cheaper. You understand that once the price is not fixed - occupation completely useless. Price below can only be in the trading process, but not at the beginning. Surcharge may be 3-5, if not all, 10-15 value of the goods, so the price that is called at the beginning - very far from that for which goods can be sold.
So, the first piece of advice how to haggle in Egypt is that we need to slowly scrutinize item (the Egyptians do not like to fuss, the more the market - in fact it and the daily activities and entertainment, and gambling at once) and try to negotiate with a specific seller.Tip 2. Never call price first
It operates the same rule as in the major talks - who first called the price, he is lost.
When, leisurely walking along one of the markets of Egypt, you have found something that interests you, take in hand, poperebirayte and otherwise show that it is this product and you need it. In this case, better to smile, to radiate joy from what you've found - on the principle: "the artistry - the better." Then boldly ask price. Then - very important: no matter how many pounds or dollars you called, represent a huge disappointment, confusion, upset and horrified by the huge prices, about the size of which you never imagined. Put the selected item and start to leave. Again - the more natural you will succeed, the better would be a bargain. Shakes his head, lift up your eyes, throw up their hands ...
You can be sure in most cases, an Arab-seller will overtake you and ask - "A Tu as you want?". There fashionable to be sure - first round win.

 Tip 3. More persistence and imagination
When you've already started the process of trading, you can feel free to call your price - once in 2-5 below the offer. At the same time, remember that you are starting an exciting process of implementing your trading fun, which you get not only the right product at the best price, but still fun. So - more arguments and perseverance. Does not even matter what you say, and most importantly - how. As a rule, the Egyptians can easily be included in the process. If you still do not like the price - do not be afraid to pretend that going already: most likely, you will catch up and offer a better price. Because the markets of Egypt, there is a rule that if the buyer began to work, he needs something to sell in almost any case, in most cases, negotiations will continue.Tip 4. How to haggle in Egypt for two
If you're in the market of Egypt came together - with husband, wife, girlfriend or friend, here it is easy to fit a game of "good and evil policeman." Particularly well, it can be when the wife is already ready to pull the purse and the husband-meanie believes that the price is too high, and was ready shoved his wife into the street, if only she would not waste money.

 Tip 5. How to haggle in Egypt girls
As the saying goes, "Eastern men most appreciate two things - money and feminine beauty." Therefore, the girl is better to go quietly into the shop in the market and slowly look around. Wait a couple of compliments from the seller, start a conversation on abstract themes, and only then proceed to trade. For the joy of fellowship and the opportunity to talk with a beautiful girl sellers are often willing to offer a good price.
At the same time, talking about how to haggle in Egypt, you can not pass by such a moment: Arabs living in Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh and elsewhere, believe that tourists are available to women, especially if walking alone or girlfriends, without men. For the Arabs, there is a simple rule - if a woman can touch, so you can feel it all. To do this, they use different ways: offer to be photographed with a girl for a discount, shake hands after the successful sale and more. It is important to remember that touching an Arab, you yourself can give rise to his further action. Therefore, the inaccessible you behave, the more respect cause. Even the presence of a husband or a friend with whom you come, can not protect you from attacks. This point is more about the Arabs than the Egyptians, since the latter more respectful towards tourists and foreigners.Tip 6. Use Egyptian money for shopping
To bargain with the greatest effect, it is best to use Egyptian pounds, or piastres, not dollars or euros. Then you will have more opportunities to "maneuver" and the pitch will not trade a dollar a pound.

 Tip 7. For shopping and souvenirs in Egypt to go better in the end rest
Upon arrival in Egypt, many immediately rush for souvenirs or shopping. We recommend you do it towards the end
of your stay in this country. The reasons for this three. First: business card guest, who came into the store - it was his tan. It's almost like a stamp in the passport to the Egyptians: if sunburned, then in Egypt long ago, and local regulations are likely to know. If an off-white - it means just arrived and get a tourist can be a lot more.
The second reason - a few days later, looking closer, you'll navigate around in the price level and understand how much and what to ask the Egyptian market.
Third, by the end of holiday money will less, and they liked to buy things you need to exercise great ingenuity in the negotiations - so you can better learn the rules of trade.Tip 8. Where you can and can not be traded in Egypt
As we have said, to trade in Egypt can be almost anywhere - is a national trait of local residents. Only two exceptions: Mosque (where it is prohibited) and stores with fixed prices. In stores where the prices are at the price tag, the current European regulations: the value of the goods determines the leadership of the shop and bargain here is meaningless.Tip 9. Have fun!
Well, finally, the last piece of advice, how to haggle in Egypt. Importantly, remember that trade in Egypt, is both a communication, and leisure and entertainment, and recreation. So try to enjoy how you doing, talking to the Egyptians and Arabs.
Successful trip to Egypt and more of your trading Luck!


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