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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Choosing ventilyatorh.

Fan - one of the most common and well known devices. More recently the device was one of the few facilities to create comfortable conditions at home and at work. With the advent of devices such as air conditioners, we somehow quietly forgotten about the fans.

Although in recent years because of a humming motor with a propeller household fans turned into a quiet activity, compact and easy to use device which can be virtually invisible
In order to organize the movement of air in homes, as a rule, use table and floor fans. Equipment of this type is the most simple devices ventilation. These fans are capable of creating airflow in any room, and depending on the model of change of force flow, ability to adjust the directions, as well as the possibility of including, layout and design.
Floor Fans have impressive size and performance. They are equipped with more powerful engine and designed for large area blow. Choosing a floor fan, you can pay attention to the model with a timer that allows programming of the work unit from 1 to 12 hours, and with a remote control. Fans of this type can be adjusted for height, tilt the "head" is chosen steady-state mode, or mode rotation. The flow of air can be easily adjusted.

Table fans are designed for installation on the table (in the cabinet in the kitchen, in stores). This type of mechanism is different from other compact dimensions, making them mobile (up to the fan-pegs that can attach to the edge of the table on the window sill ...). They work in a stationary position or in a rotation of 90 degrees. The majority are from one to three modes of operation that allows you to adjust the air flow.
Fan heater - universal thing - warm during the cold winter and save on hot summer heat. Operates on a cold, warm and hot air. Devices equipped with thermal overload, some models are equipped with a device for mounting on the wall, and some may turn to the body 90 degrees, thereby increasing the area of ​​the heating / blower. All heaters are made of heat-resistant plastic, which guarantees the security of your home.
Choosing the fan, to determine in advance what area you entrust your future mate. The more floor space, which will operate the fan, the greater should be its capacity. Pay attention to noise characteristics. Quiet fan - one of the most important parameters. For bedrooms, nursery, classrooms, the final index of noise should not exceed 25-30 dB. Make sure that your intended purchase is your desired number of power modes of air flow. Choose a fan with a good steady tilt "head", with easy height adjustment. This will provide you the convenience of using the device. Buy only what you really like!

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