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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mallorca welcomes lovers

Secluded coves, romantic hotels, small, but fine dining restaurants - all on the island, which is the center of mass tourism? Yes, and we will try to show you Mallorca from this side.

Since in 1838, George Sand and Frederic Chopin, spent several months in the monastery of Valldemossa in the mountains in the west of the island of Majorca, having retired from the world, called the island of Majorca in love. Indeed, despite the constant influx of tourists to Majorca has always been and there are corners, covered with romance and alien to the usual bustle.
So, if you go in the footsteps of George Sand and Chopin, you need to visit the "Dream Morages" - a wonderful restaurant in Valdenoza, where it is very tasty and very inexpensive meal and enjoy an unforgettable spectacle of sunset.
In Palma de Mallorca, in the central part of the old town, located a wonderful hotel "Born". And next door in the open-air cafes "Bosch" you always offer branded aperitif Islands - "Palo" from Carob. A few steps away - as decorations from the movie - towering facade of the Grand Hotel in Art Nouveau style. On the first floor, a bar, sitting as usual elegantly imposing local sybarites.

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Old Town with its narrow streets and architecture in the style of the Catalan modernism like a museum. While walking there, you forget that Palm, like other towns of the island of Mallorca, is the center of mass tourism.If you want to "partake of the arts", visit the «Fondation Miro» - studio of Joan Miro, in which the famous artist worked until his death in 1983.
And when, after a stroll through the Old Town you will "growl" in the stomach - welcome to the "CBS Parliament. This restaurant has preserved the charm of a bygone era, famous for its excellent cuisine and is a favorite meeting place for local politicians and artists. In the same building, but on the ground floor is the restaurant "Casa Eduardo", where you can taste the famous fish soup - the best in Mallorca.
Nightlife abounds in "Phytos" and "El Abaco - City Palace in the Baroque style, dating back 300 years ago.
In the northwest of the island, Dayana, is a restaurant "El Olivier, one of the best in Mallorca. Dayana - a small mountain village. After filming the TV series "Paradise Hotel", it became a place of pilgrimage for tourists. But recently there have banned parking of buses, and a heavenly place regained its calm.

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Once upon a time, until the First World War, there lived a Habsburg Archduke Ludwig Salvador Lorraine, together with his lover, the daughter of a local carpenter Catalina. Today his house is a museum.
Absolute peace and privacy can be enjoyed at the Hotel Formentor, that on the beach at the northernmost point of the island. The hotel is famous for the fact that it often rested Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Placido Domingo.
Not everyone knows that in Mallorca there is a new kind of tourism - the so-called agri-tourism. Individual farmsteads are ready to host guests. Thus, in the estate's Dream Joseph de Baie, that south of Manacor, in your order will provide a separate house, near which the fabulous secluded bays and beaches - again a paradise for lovers.

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