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Monday, May 9, 2011

Foods with negative calorie

Recently more and more people are interested in foods with negative calories. Rumors that there are negative calorie foods, there is not just. The reason for all the wrong interpretation of the concept. It is known that in humans take place various processes that require energy. Everything we know about calories. That this is the energy that fuels our bodies.

To digest the food received, the body must expend a certain amount of calories. In the diet, there are products that are in its composition have a small number of calories. However, in order to absorb this product, your body must burn much more calories than it receives. It is this principle advocates of negative calorie foods. They believe that you can eat any food, supplementing them with miraculous food. But it's still a myth.
Had used a piece of cake, which has a high calorific value, and the product with a negative exponent, you will not get a zero result. Of course, you can try a diet that consists of foods with negative calories. Today we know a huge amount of weight loss methods, but most of them are short-lived mono-diet. Prolonged course of this diet could cause irreparable harm to your body.
Even eating only one with negative calorie foods, you can not easily lose weight because the body will experience a constant feeling of hunger. Do not forget about the nutrients and vitamins, so necessary for our body. In the group with negative calorie foods such components is very small. Most often in this category include vegetables, herbs, fresh herbs and spices. Agree that hunger in these products will not work practically.
As for the negative lipids and proteins, then such a nature does not exist. Show by example how to operate with negative calorie foods. Let your dinner consists of chicken and a salad of celery and cabbage. In the breast contains about 140 calories in a salad they practically do not. It turns out that the organism, digesting lettuce, spend all the calories that he received from the chicken.
Doing a little jog after dinner, you will burn the remainder of the calories, and you get what you ate and did not even. Now do you understand to what the basic properties of emphasis in these products. If you enjoyed this technique, we give the main elements of nutrition.Foods with negative calorie list
The group agreed to refer such foods as salad all vegetables, celery, cabbage, grapefruit for weight loss, various spices and herbs. Agree that on these products you do a lot of excess weight not gain. As for drinks, then this group include green tea. Our body to digest a glass of green tea, has to spend on this business about 60 calories. Also in the category of products with negative calorie necessarily should include plain water.
Summarizing, we can say for sure that products that have negative calories, do not exist in nature. There is only food that helps reduce the total number of calories that make up the daily diet.

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