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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to protect wood from mold

Molds, in common called simply "mold" can not only worsen the appearance of a wooden house, but also significantly harm the health of its owners. Mold provokes the appearance of such chronic diseases as rhinitis, bronchitis, otitis, migraine, negative impact on the cardiovascular system. In order to protect themselves and loved ones from the "fungal" danger, you should use a protective wooden structures. Of our material you will learn about what and how to protect the wood from mold.

The appearance of mold you clearly communicate the changed shape of the wooden surfaces. Purchase of wood green or bluish tint, the appearance of black spots and Mahra, "fluffy" brown plaque - all clear indications that the mold is firmly settled in your home. If you absolutely do not aspire to such a distinctive home decorating, be sure to hold the protective treatment of wood antiseptic agents (biocides).
Of course, it is easier to prevent the emergence of fungal diseases of timber, than to deal with the consequences of defeat. Accordingly, all processing methods can be divided into three main groups:

Pre-treatment of wood under construction lumber;
Prophylactic treatment of wooden structures;
Emergency treatment of wood in the presence of an existing lesion surfaces fungus.
Chemical treatment of surfaces of wood can be carried out in different ways. Traditional "home" methods involve applying a solution of copper sulfate or 5% solution of potassium dichromate in 5% sulfuric acid. By choosing these methods, pay attention to compliance with safety, because sulfate is a means of extremely toxic and biohromat has strong oxidizing effect.
Consequently, in order not to expose the health dangers, should seek means to protect the wood shop. To date, major trading institutions offer a significant choice of biocidal materials: antiseptic impregnation, paint formulations, primers with antiseptic effect - all these tools are able to adequately protect the tree from the appearance of the fungus.
Such compositions are easily applied with a roller, sprayer or brush. There is also an option to dip wooden parts in a solution, but this method is hardly applicable in daily life and is used primarily in manufacturing.
We can distinguish some basic recommendations on the selection of biocides:

Read the instructions and know the purpose of funds. Composition "to protect against mold" can be protects, prophylactic or purposefully created for removing mildew fungus. Pick up the composition, perfect for your needs.
It is not necessary to apply the disinfectant compositions for combating mildew appeared - and long-term capacity of their action would be manifestly insufficient for business success.
Make sure to preserve the goods - note the date of manufacture and expiry date.
Make sure you have the appropriate quality certificate (certificate of conformity, hygienic certificates).
Assess the hazard class facilities: the human body are not harmful compounds from the class of risk 4 and above.

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