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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Putting the right suitcase

If, after each trip anywhere you remove chemonada of things and thus "clatter" that so never put it here, and yet here it is ... if the weight of your suitcase into two or more times your own weight, then This article is for you!

1. If you are not traveling alone, we divide all things into two bags, so that in case of loss of one bag with you two things have remained, and at least one pair of underwear
2. Lay out all the things you want to carry on the bed. Calculate what you will wear day and night. Receive as much as your bed? It's too much. Still do not forget that you are all have to carry around in your hands. If you expect some things to buy on arrival at the place, then take even fewer things. Something like that, say, 3-day trip, you get half the average travel bag. Do not skimp on the only underwear
3. To poglazhennaya clothing retained its form, roll things tight roll
4. Stick to one color of your clothing, so it can be easily combined. For example, brown, beige, white, black, red
5. Do not leave valuables and cash in a bag. Especially if the luggage will be searched. Put some in your purse or handbag partner, and remove a portion of the pocket clasp or inside pocket.
6. If the luggage you will not (plane, bus), then assemble in advance in your purse or backpack is all you need with you (pills, contact lenses, a handkerchief, cosmetics, towels, water) to safely travel
7. Anything that can leak - will flow. Shampoos, shower gels, creams - all pack securely and tightly. In addition, use miniature packages familiar to you means. Why carry a whole 200 ml shampoo
8. If you travel frequently, do not poke the bag with mniatyurnymi tube. There are lots of handy little bags for such things. Gather all the necessary back up to a comb and a toothbrush, and you will save time and nothing ever forget
9. Rarely are driving somewhere and it makes no sense to keep a bag of collected? Write a list of those little things that we always so afraid to forget, and when you need to quickly assemble - remove the list and in a few minutes collect the bag
10. Of course, do not forget supplies for emergencies, another patch and a needle and thread black, white or beige
Have a nice holiday!

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