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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Safe cleaning or do without household

To achieve the ideal of purity and brilliance is quite possible and natural means, without the aid of chemistry.

Baking soda - a natural means by which the dish can be brought to light. Soda can help you deal effectively with spots, clean and polish aluminum, chrome, silver, steel, tin and plastic surfaces, as well as jewelry. It can be used for cleaning and deodorizing refrigerators, heavily soiled and stinking carpets, upholstery fabrics for furniture and vinyl. Soda also softens fabrics and removes certain stains.
Microfiber. Fabrics from microfibers absorb much more water than normal tissue and remove fat. Therefore, a microfiber cloth can be made to clean and wash the dishes at all without the aid of detergents.
Soap. Clothes can be washed with soap and water. Soap does not contain harmful additives. If you use detergent and thoroughly rinse clothes.
Vantuz can cope with a clogged toilet is no worse than a special chemical.
Lemon juice can be used for removing rust stains from dishes, and silverware polishing. Lemon juice can be used for washing glass and remove stains from aluminum, clothes and porcelain. Lemon juice can bleach exposure to sunlight.
Vinegar is effective in removing wax stains and spots from various resins, fine disinfects (pure vinegar can be safely used to treat toilet), cleans tile, tile (just do not forget to properly ventilate the area), remove the scum (refill with water a little vinegar and leave overnight). In addition, because the vinegar can be made efficient and safe "liquid glass cleaner, which cleans well and leaves no residue. To do this we need only dilute two teaspoons of vinegar in 1 quart of water.

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