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Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to choose a water heater

For us, the ordinary urban residents, the summer every year marred by disconnecting the hot water. How much discomfort it brings, you know yourself, and if the flat little kids, no hot water just will not do.

In order not to depend on public services, it is best to buy a water heater, the benefits of which will appreciate all of your family. The most important thing - to decide which one fits more. Therefore, the purpose of this article - to help you understand the water heating equipment, which represented a wide range of now on the Russian market.Gas flowing water heater ("geyser")
Do not be afraid of the name "geyser". We are not talking about those old devices, which were everywhere in the homes of "Stalinist" type, but a modern gas appliances that combine high performance with stylish design.
Gas water heater on the consumer properties is as good as electric, and in some ways even surpasses it. For example, many users report an economical work in accordance with established tariffs for gas.
By choosing such a device, be sure to ask about his power. With the simultaneous use of hot water in several places (for example, in the bathroom and the kitchen) you need a powerful machine (24 kW). If this is not necessary, it is sufficient to instrument the average power (18-19 kW).
Particularly noteworthy gas water heaters Swedish company Electrolux. Made from high quality materials, they have a number of benefits, including full automation of the ignition system, infinitely adjustable water temperature, absolute reliability in operation - two security systems. The relatively low cost makes the gas water heaters available to most buyers.


Electric water heater (boiler)
Savings electric heater - heat exchanger capable of heating water to 55-75 ° C and keep it in automatic mode with the thermostat, which switches the heater (heating element). Objectively consider the main advantages and disadvantages of this device.
The main advantage of this type of water heater - low battery consumption, so it can connect to even an ordinary wall socket (no need to connect three-phase power supply). In addition, setting such a machine at home, you will be able to use standpipes by several points (for example, in the bathroom and kitchen).
For water heating water heater requires a certain amount of time, and compact it is different. This is its major drawbacks. However, currently available and more sophisticated models, do not take up space. If you want you can place such a device, even under the sink.
Water heater maintenance-free, so do not forget from time to time to clean the heating elements of lime, formed due to poor water quality, and change the magnesium anode, which prevents corrosion of the inner tank.
The tank water retains heat for a long time (an effect similar to a thermos), thanks to modern thermal insulation, which saves a lot of electricity to heat water when in the night (subject to an automated accounting system and reduced rates). You can even initially very hot water, and then as needed to dilute it with cold to get the required temperature.
When choosing a water heater be guided by its capacity. If the tank capacity is 10-15 liters, then the device was only enough to wash and wash your hands. You do not like? You like to take a shower? Then buy the appliance water heaters with a capacity of 50 liters, but its size will no longer be compact. Well, for a hot bath is required tank volume of 80-150 liters. Therefore, selection of displacement to better align with the experts, taking into account your individual needs.
Wide range of boilers is not limited in volume. There are water heaters that can operate on multiple sources of energy. They are in great demand among owners of cottages, country houses and cottages, where there is centralized or autonomous heating system.
By its design water heater are both horizontal and vertical location for the convenience of your apartment. Exceptions are devices Swedish company Electrolux (series EWH SL), which can be arranged in both cases due to special design.

Electric water heater flow
Such a device is installed in most rooms with electric stoves, or to install it is not enough electrical power wiring. The apartment, which has a gas stove, suitable flowing water heater only low power.
The main advantage of this type of heater is to supply an unlimited amount of hot water, we need only open the faucet. In this case the water does not need to pre-prepare for use. In addition, there is no need for regular maintenance.
However, for an instant water heaters consume a large amount of electricity, which eliminates the power consumption in contrast to the water heater.
Before you make a purchase, pre-think over, for what specific purpose you need this type of device, and depending on it to choose for themselves the right power unit. Currently, a wide selection of electric instantaneous water heaters whose power range is from 3 to 27 kW. If you use this technique for washing dishes and showering, it is quite suitable water heater with a capacity of up to 8 kW. Another thing - a hot tub. It will require a more powerful device (not less than 13 kW), for which you supply to 3 phase with a voltage of 380 V. Typically, the flats it is not provided, and to summarize the strain in your home, you need expert advice on the maximum network capacity. Also must be treated professionally and in the possibility of installing the water heater flow type in the country house.
High-quality flow-through water heater will provide you with the stability of the hot water supply and security operation, combined with reliability and long-lasting durability.



  1. Choose a water heater that will best fir your home needs. Not all models are made to fit into all home types. Besides, there's the price to consider. And when you install your water heater, better get a professional to do it for you if you are not too sure how to. In this way, you avoid one home hazard that occurs frequently

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  3. A solar water heater would be most appropriate for someone like me, since I live in a place with a tropical climate. I can definitely make use of the solar energy and save a lot. After all, it's mostly sunny in our place. =)

    - Lilly Mowll

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  6. some really great advice here. There are many different water heater systems and you never really know the best fit for a home until you look into the issue deeper. Your tips can really help make that choice easier! Thankfully when I needed a new system I found a great company that paired me with exactly what was best for me

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