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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wall painting with their hands

Make a highlight in a general view of the home, or to cover minor imperfections in the form of spots, you can use this simple way, like painting the walls. This method has long since ceased to be the privilege of people with an artistic background: in the modern world, virtually anyone can decorate the interior of your home by painting walls.

Before you start painting immediately, you should carefully consider what will be the next picture, it will be combined with other elements of the interior. Murals can be partial, for example, a large flower on one wall, or almost solid - this option will be most acceptable to the nursery, in which the big and bright pictures will be more than appropriate. You also need to carry out the corresponding measurements on the wall, make a mark in those places that will host the next drawing.
For the murals should be reserved a special stencil, spray glue, sponge or brush and acrylic paints. Stencils can be purchased ready-made, but if you want to get totally original and exclusive design, the independent production of the stencil will be the best solution. If the painting to be larger, the desired pattern may consist of several parts.

The process of painting begins with the preparation of the stencil. It needs to be put face on a sheet of paper, and in the opposite direction to cause a special spray adhesive stencils. After this template is pasted on the wall, this should be done very carefully, focusing on the notes, which have been affixed at the time of measurement.

  After attaching the stencil to the desired location is superimposed paint for this process, you can use sponge or brush. Stencil for the mural can be used repeatedly: after work it is enough rinse thoroughly.

Wall painting in the home is not only perfect to decorate the interior, but also emphasize individual choice of the host, will point to his outstanding, creative nature.


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