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Monday, June 20, 2011

78 tips mistress

Tip one: in many recipes indicated "a pinch of vanilla," "soda pinch of ..." Remember that soda or vanilla better nedosypat than pour, otherwise you will screw up hopelessly pie.

2. Do not knead too much pastry, otherwise it becomes a dense, tough.
3. On the biscuit dough is not worth too zealous: bake immediately, otherwise the cake may disappear from the air bubbles, it will lose flavor and tenderness.
4. To determine whether the baked dough, slide it into a sharpened wooden stick. If it stays dry - the cake is ready and it can be removed from the oven.
5. If you have to prepare the dough with raisins, rinse it in hot water, then sprinkle with flour. Then distributed as raisins in the dough evenly.
6. To cabbage pie turned out good, try to bake the first 15 minutes did not open the oven
7. Noodles, pasta, rice boiled soft poorly in milk soup. This problem can be solved by the soup before filling to boil them in salted water. And the milk is not burnt, cook the soup in a saucepan with a thick bottom and on low heat.
8. Watch as skilled chefs stir soup! Slow circular motion, they reach the proper thickness of the soup and do not destroy the cooked vegetables.
9. Never leave in the finished soup, bay leaf! It is beautiful when cooked, and then only spoils the taste. And add the crushed garlic at the very end of cooking.
10. Before you remove the soup from the heat, pour in a little fresh juice of carrots, tomatoes, cabbage. This will not spoil it, as mush butter, but tasty as it turns out!
11. Do not cook vegetables for a few hours, and do not pour into the pan as much water as it is laid on prescription. This will keep the natural taste of vegetables.
12. Salty soup can be made edible, if you omit it in a handful of boiled rice, tied in cheesecloth rice will absorb all the excess salt
13. To beans, peas, cooked quickly, add in the cooking process every 5 - 10 minutes on a tablespoon of cold water.
14. Preservation of vitamin C helps to soak peeled potatoes in salted water.
15. If the potatoes are cooked at high heat, it fall apart on the outside, but inside remains moist. undefined undefined
16. Boiled potatoes will be particularly tasty, if the boiling water add a little citric acid.
17. Water, boiled potatoes which can be used to make soups.
18. To cabbage odor had steamed cabbage, slightly open at the beginning of fire cover for up to 10 minutes.
19. Before you put in the sauerkraut soup, stew it alone with the fat in a small amount of liquid. Cabbage with prolonged suppression becomes excessive sharpness, becomes a pleasant aroma, it does not break down lactic acid, which delays the softening in the soup and most of cabbage and other vegetables.
20. If you want to add to salad raw onion, finely crumble it, put a colander and rinse with boiling water, it will lose the bitterness and it will be much tastier.
21. If you grate the radish and wash several times with cold water, it will lose its bitter taste.
22. You must know that the long cooking pepper reduces its aromatic properties and bitterness of being too attached to the dish, so add the pepper just before the end of cooking.
23. Do not take too small or large vegetables and sprouts with bright green upper leaves - a sign of nitrate!
24. Cleaning and washing of vegetables reduces the nitrate content of 10-20%
25. From the roots ability to accumulate the greatest amount of nitrates has beet
26. The egg does not crack during cooking, if the bottom of the pan upside down to put a saucer.
27. If you need to boil an egg with a cracked shell, brush with lemon juice and cracked much salt water.
28. How to test: fresh egg or not? Dip it in salt water (100 grams of salt per 1 liter. Water). Fresh egg sinks, and certainly spoiled pop up.
29. Make sure that the protein that you are going to beat, did not get a single drop of yolk. Otherwise, you will not work. You can not beat the proteins in the enamel or aluminum pan from the enamel can rebound and get a piece of protein, and protein from aluminum sereet. It is best to use a porcelain or crockery, and before the beat, do not forget to cool the eggs on ice or in refrigerator.
30. Egg yolks remain fresh for a long time, if you omit them in the jar with cold water.
31. Eggs cook on low heat only. It is more beautiful, healthier and tastier, if sprinkled with chopped onions.
32. Scrambled eggs is particularly tasty and lush if it dissolve a piece of yeast.
33. If you have to give the finished pie stand 15-20 minutes, it will rise to become magnificent.
34. When knead the dough, milk or water pour into the flour little by little, thin stream, stirring with a wooden spatula. The dough will be free of lumps.
35. Do not immediately remove the finished cake out of shape. Allow it to cool. With the exception of those cakes that are served hot. However, if you leave the cake in the pan too long, it becomes moist and gives iron.
36. When ready the cake stuck to the sheet, hold the sheet over the steam. And if not removed from the mold, wrap it in a few minutes with a damp towel or put on a pot filled with cold water.
37. Pie is not the foothills, if the sheet to the shape of the dough, sprinkle a layer of salt. When you bake a cake on the sheet, place another sheet.
38. If the cake starts to burn in the oven at one corner, put it under a bowl of water.
39. That the milk does not "run away" when boiled, brush the edge of dish with fat.
40. Sour curd loses acid, if its wrapped in cheesecloth, folded 2-3 times to squeeze into a ball, twist the ends of the cheesecloth tightly, put on the board, top cover with the other board, and under a small load to leave for 2-3 hours.
41. To cheese, crumbled feta cheese does not wrap the blade with a thin layer of parchment paper.
42. Cereal with milk is tastier and healthier, if separately boiled barley and boil the milk, and then connect. Since milk does not lose its amino acids.
43. Cheese in the home should be because of the smell in the refrigerator to keep separate from other products (mostly soft and molds) and short-lived, since they not only become overripe, but also dry and become hard.
44. Squared advisable to store cheese wrapped in a cloth soaked in edible oil or vinegar and wrung, or keep them in salt water.
45. Soft cheeses and cottage cheese is best stored in a pan or bowl with a lid undefined undefined
46. To boiled meat is not dried up, it should cover with foil or parchment paper, wrap it tightly but not, because no fresh air perishable products.
47. Raw meat is convenient to store in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap, but not so that the product is "choked."
48. In boiled corned beef or retain more nutrients when it started to boil in cold water.
49. Started a cutlet, and there were no eggs in the house? Do not hurry to flee to a neighbor. Use potato starch (250 g for ground beef - 1 / 2 tbsp. Tablespoons). Patties perfectly browned and fried, are delicious.
50. There is a way to keep cabbage from the stick: the bottom of the pan, place the smaller diameter lug cover up, and her cabbage leaves.
51. The smell of fish. To destroy the odor of fish, you need a frying pan, which she roasted, boiled old brew tea.
52. Fish. If you want to cook the fish, which has a strong peculiar odor (cod, mackerel, catfish, flounder, etc.), the water must put a lot of roots, flour and spices and add 1 liter water 100 grams of cucumber brine or vinegar flavored 50 g. The broth simmer for 10-15 minutes, then put the fish in it.
53. Fish and odorless. If the water in which fish is cooked, pour in fresh milk, a strong odor disappears, and the fish will taste better.
54. To improve the taste of stewed flounder, pike, cod, it is recommended to add liquid to the mayonnaise and the resulting broth used to prepare the sauce.
55. The fish is digested more quickly digested fish meat faster and easier, creating a false impression about its lower nutritional value. Meanwhile, the fish is not less nutritious than meat, its fat is absorbed better than any other, its full protein, and the fact that it is easier and quicker to digest, it is a positive property.
56. Fried fish is obtained tasty. Delicious fried fish obtained if, before roasting it to hold the milk, then roll in flour and fry in boiling oil.
57. For the preparation of most dishes use fish skin, which helps preserve the form of pieces. In cases where the dish is made from lean fish, give him a better high-calorie sauces such as sauce, Polish, cream and other jelly of oranges 300g sugar, 2 oranges and zest of half an orange. Oranges good chop, mix with sugar and grated rind, put in a pot, cover and cook for 5-6 minutes at 100%.
58. Aluminium utensils. In aluminum cookware can not long keep sour milk, salt fish, dishes of potatoes and tomatoes. You can not keep warm salt water or vinegar, as the action of alkalis and acids, aluminum is destroyed.
59. To make the light a glass ... To make the light a glass of water to wash it. As you add salt or vinegar, then rinse with clean warm water and wipe dry with a towel.
60. Stains on porcelain dishes. Stains on porcelain dish is easy to remove if you wipe them with warm water and a small amount of ammonia. undefined undefined
61. White dishes. To restore the whiteness of the porcelain bowl, it should be wiped with baking soda or salt and vinegar.
62. Glassware. Glassware from the dairy first rinsed with cold water and then washed with hot, as hot water from a drop of milk on the walls of the vessels are welded and turned into a sticky mass.
63. Before pancakes, carefully wipe the skillet with salt.
64. Cake with walnuts get a much more delicate, if it add pureed apple.
65. To layer cake with fruit filling baked better, pierce in several places in the bottom layer of dough.
66. You were going to bake bread and pastry is risen and the oven is not ready yet? So that the dough did not rise further, cover it with a well-dampened paper.
67. The dough should be not only delicious but also beautiful. To accomplish this task, you can add the mashed egg yolk. And if you add a pinch of powdered saffron or ginger - the dough will become and the beautiful and fragrant. By the way, without the saffron in Central Asia do not bake muffins pies.
68. Chicken will be even more fragrant if a little to separate the peel and put on a leaf of basil. Instead of tomatoes, you can use the pods of sweet peppers. Before serving at the table, free from the top plenochki pepper.
69. Frozen fish should be thawed before use in cold water (1 kg of fish 2l of water) and immediately start cooking. Fillet of beef and thawed in air. 70. The fish will taste better if you fry it in a mixture of sunflower oil and butter (in equal amounts).
71. Fish cooked in a little water, using primarily its own juice. In this case more fully digested it contains nutrients. Fish is ready when the remnants of the fins can be easily removed.
72. Fish spoils quickly, and, moreover, a fishy odor is easily transferred to other products, so it must be stored in tightly closed enamelware on ice (up to 2 days) or frozen. Salted fish can be kept at a temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius. Dried fish are kept in limbo, it's better in bags of any loose tissue. Drums or other containers with salted fish in brine for storage in the basement is recommended to put on bricks or wooden lattice, and sprinkle with half of these places with sawdust, periodically replacing them with fresh ones.
73. Prepare eggplant: cut the stalk, washed. Older eggplants scalded with boiling water and purified from the skin. Cut into slices and slices. If the eggplant slices, salt, leave for 5 minutes, then rinse in cold water - the bitterness is reduced, for the same purpose may be to hold the slices in salted water.
74. Potatoes, beets, carrots, boiled in their jackets, it is easier to clean if, after cooking them slowly pour cold water.
75. Vegetables become a delicate taste, before serving if they add a little butter.
76. You should not cook raw cabbage. When frying, it becomes dry and tasteless, so it should be first boiled and then fried.
77. New potatoes are easy to clean, if briefly put him in hot water first, and then - in the cold.
78. Wash the parsley, not in cold water, and warm - it will be fragrant.

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