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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The most-most streets in the world

Ebenezer Place - the shortest street, whose length is only 206 centimeters! On this ulitsedazhe is building, but only one has addressed Ebenezer Place, 1, constructed in 1883. This hotel, held by the city authorities recommended that cause the street name on the short side. 4 years after this street was officially "discovered. "

The longest street
The Pan-American Highway (Pan-American Highway) is the longest highway in the world. Earlier this title held Yonge Street in Canada, but after some remodeling and renaming the title passed to the Americans. The length of this highway 48,000 miles and it connects the cities of North and South America, crossing the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and El Salvador.

The narrowest street
Parliamentary street (Parliament Street) in Exeter (Exeter), England is the narrowest in the world. At the thinnest point of its width nearly as high as 64 centimeters. Originally it was called Malaya ul (Small Street), later on the special instructions of the parliament she received its present name. It was built in 14 century, the length of the street about 50 meters.

The oldest road
As you might guess, the oldest street in the world is in Egypt, and this is the way to Giza. This is the oldest paved road, its age is more than 4600let, and the width is about two meters. The length of this ancient 'highway "of 12 kilometers, it connects to the quarry from the south-west of Cairo, leaning on the Nile Corniche. This road is believed to be used to transport stone blocks used for construction and decoration of the pyramids and the road itself.

The widest street
Street on July 9 (9 de Julio Avenue) in Argentina, which is named in honor of the independence of the state, is the widest street in the world. It has six lanes in both directions and takes the width of a quarter. On this street, "registered" by many famous buildings such as the building of the Ministry of Communications, Embassy of France, a statue of Don Quixote, and other monuments, and takzhePloschad Republic (Plaza de la Repblica).

The most crooked streets
Dubious title of the curve the street belongs to Lombard street (Lombard Street) in San Francisco. Why it has such a strange shape, it is unknown except to say that at the very catchy plot street has 8 turns, one-way traffic on it and there is a severe penalty for parking within its limits.

The most confusing turn
One "simple" reversal, located in Swindon (Swindon), England. Built is a marvel in 1972, and includes, in addition to the main ring rotation for 5 (pyat!) extra. To completely confuse the driver, you can add that on the central ring can be rotated only counterclockwise, as opposed to an extra. It is not surprising that this outcome is set numerous world titles, including "The worst intersection. I find it hard to imagine how one can go to, say, left the road at the bottom, and the drivers, especially newcomers, I do not envy you.

Most illegal street
I do not know what to call it more precisely, except to say that in England it is the only street where you can move on the other side - on the right, in contrast to the whole of England, where the left-hand traffic. This has happened historically, due to the fact that the horse carts make it easier to land the passengers is on the right side, without stopping the main motion. Permission to hand traffic fixed by a special law of Great Britain. Many streets and roads in the former Soviet Union can also boast that drivers move over them, generally not respecting any of the parties, but it's still not enshrined in law

Steepest street
In the city of Dunedin (New Zealand) has an interesting street on behalf of Baldwin Street. Its main feature, as you can see from the pictures - nemeryanaya slope, and in the literal sense - the angle of inclination of 35 degrees! Many cities in the country located on the rocky slopes, and the problem of New Zealand lies in the fact that most of its urban planning Englishmen who have never visited the construction site, so a straight line on the map turned into a steep slope in the terrain. The street is so steep that the upper part is made of stone, in contrast to the lower and most other New Zealand's streets - except in hot pogoduchast cover located on top, just dripping a slide down.

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