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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relationship with her husband after giving birth

How to stay attractive to her husband after giving birth? With the birth of a child a lot is changing in the lives of young parents. Not enough time for themselves, each other. It seems that life has changed dramatically and there will be no such light and carefree relationship as before. But in reality it is not.

It is difficult only in the first months after the birth of your baby while you get used to him and he to you, yet your body is not switched to a new schedule, and unless you adapted to combine care for your baby with your personal life. At this time, is difficult, not only you but also your spouse. Of course, my husband does not have to sit all day with the baby, but it takes a while to get used to the idea that he became a dad and you have new concerns - not only about him, as it was before, but also about the small, helpless lumps that is so in need of love and attention. Therefore, in this period is extremely important to treat each other with understanding and respect and help each other and not to worry over trifles. Create a home atmosphere of warmth and comfort to you both feel comfortable and wanted to spend together as much as possible. Relationship with her husband after the birth of a child requires the same attention as before. Pay attention to her husband every day, ask, how are things in his work, which took place a new day? This is necessary to love not feel deprived attention that he knew that now you need him no less than before, but rather with the birth of a child love to him multiplied, and he was added responsibility, and there are new worries.

Do not be afraid to ask her husband to help you with your child. It is clear that he was tired after a workday, but ponyanchitsya with the child for a while until you are setting the table or doing another, he will be only joy. Yes and shared concern about the kid will only strengthen your relationship.
Try to find a little time to devote to his care. Of course, initially it will be difficult to allocate time, even on basic things, such as shampoo, but you soon adapt himself to combine everything.Let's start with the simplest - with clothes
Many of my friends, sitting with the kids, wear old homes, well-worn T-shirts, pants incomprehensible size. They explain it this way - most importantly, it was convenient. But, imagine that every day the husband sees you in your home clothes. And when he was at work says about you in front of him will arise such a slovenly way? It is unlikely that it can be called an attractive and enticing. Therefore, the arrival of a loved to work wear something elegant, but at the same time, comfortable and convenient, it helps to keep the relationship and the interest of her husband after giving birth to you, as a woman. No need to dress up in evening dress, it is totally useless. Good fit easy sarafan or platishko, which can be put to the elk or bridge. Remarkably will look and trousers with a nice topics. The main thing is you yourself feel in this dress comfortably and elegantly. After the work is your favorite male will rush home, where he was waiting for a beautiful, smiling wife and little treasures.
If you are going for a walk with the baby, do not wear all the time old comfortable jeans and sneakers. Of course, it is very convenient, but when you go for a walk, for example, in the park with her husband and can be dressed up. At such joint walk I love to wear pretty dresses or pants, heels or stylish shoes. In this form, and I feel more confident and pleased my husband look at me.
No less important, and Sleepwear. Night to get up several times to feed the baby. So I was uncomfortable to sleep in my favorite lacy penyuarchikah. Instead of them I bought a few cute separate maechek and shorts. They look very attractive and tempting, but at the same time very convenient for feeding.Well-groomed hair
Sitting with your child, it is inconvenient to wear long hair, so the baby constantly for them clings, yanks and pulls them. But always go with the collected hair in a bun - also not an option. A woman should look good in any situation. Make sure that hair is always clean. Even with the constant presence of the house to go with the messy hair is unacceptable.

Learn to do simple hair styles, long hair can plait into beautiful braids. This elegant and unusual, and the hair does not tangle. Recently I found on the Internet video tutorials on creating various hairstyles and braiding braids at home. From the first time I got not very nice, but spending a little time, I learned how to make unusual hairstyles quickly and even without a mirror. Now I always pet your family what a new hairstyle. Her husband wonders how I manage, sitting with a child, invent new images.
A few months after childbirth, I appreciated the fact that now, being at home with synuley can be much more time to myself. After all, before I spent all day at work and after work are rarely able to be alone, to make a home hair mask or do face and nails. Now I can calmly do it all, or when the baby sleeps, or when he plays in an arena or in the crib.How to put himself in shape after childbirth
After returning from the hospital, I was sure that once I can get into your favorite skinny jeans and trousers, which I missed during pregnancy. What was my disappointment when they are not buttoned me! I even managed to quietly cry because of this! In fact, nothing surprising in this. After birth, the abdominal muscles have not yet been cut, and hip bones had not yet converged back. After the abdomen during pregnancy grew gradually all 9 months. Of course, the body needs time to the internal muscles contracting back. I went back to their normal weight in about 3 months. But all this time is different.
If you exercise, the recovery will be quicker. But with exercise you should be very cautious. First, the organism has experienced severe stress during childbirth, may still persist discomfort and ache a little place seams and gaps. Secondly, in the first months of lactation is still installed, so do not put too much load, it can reduce the inflow of milk. Make careful, do light exercise, if feel that is hard for you - immediately stop work. Deal better after you fed the child. Use special sports bras that tightly pressed against his chest and would not allow her to stretch out.
Some exercises can be done within a few days after birth. In general, these exercises aimed at strengthening the domestic intimate muscles that have been overstretched during delivery. Well-trained abdominal muscles alternately retracting and relaxing the abdominal wall. This is an exercise I like the fact that it can be done while walking with a child, and household chores. More intensive activities, such as press and hips swaying doctors recommend doing 6-8 weeks for natural childbirth, and for caesarean section - 2,5 months.Make time for each other

Whatever you're tired during the day, worrying about the kid, try to find time to spend with her husband only two. We are fortunate that we have both grandmothers may from time to time to sit with the child. And we at this time we can go to his friends, the cinema or a restaurant or just walk together. Sometimes we importation son to his grandmother, and themselves arrange a romantic dinner, buy, or cook something delicious, light candles and enjoy a quiet evening. Now we have become particularly appreciate those moments when we can just stay together. It is very strengthening relationships.
We are from the early days became accustomed synulyu sleep in his crib. Even if I get up to 5 times a night to feed the kid, I always try to shift it back in the crib. I believe that my husband should have their own space where we can just stay together. Although, it decides for itself each one individually.
Do not forget about communicating with friends. This is also very important both for you and for your relationship with your beloved. I meet with friends energized, help relax and feel, though not for long, free and carefree. After these meetings, I go back home with renewed energy and positive emotions. Meetings with friends are also needed and your husband, he also wants to relax, to chat about any nonsense, watch with close friends football or hockey. Do not let it. Decide what day can go anywhere you are, and how he is.
Relationship with her husband after the birth of a child moving to another level. At this point is extremely important to correctly allocate their time, in addition to caring about the kid, he had enough to care for themselves and to communicate with loved ones. In the first months it will seem incredibly complicated, but then all of a habit and will not pose any difficulties. A few minutes a day on yourself, will you look good and stay for my husband the most charming and attractive.

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