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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Harmony of Feng Shui: 6 steps to achieve the harmony of feng shui

You are always unlucky? You pursue the failures, one after another? And do not you think that the reason is not always washed plate or permanently open toilet lid? Feng Shui can help you cope with perpetual bad luck and rebuild their lives.

Indeed, in ancient times, people noticed that the environment in which they live can have positive and negative effects on life. With the help of ancient science of Feng Shui you can become a full-fledged mistress of the house, but for this we have to go 6 steps to achieve harmony in the house.Harmony of Feng Shui - to live in the house pets
For positive energy flows in the house Specialists feng shui, you can create a pet. The Chinese prefer the turtle or a frog. They make for a small pond turtles, there lay a little stone, and when a bug wants, she can get out of the water. But we can be for the turtles to purchase an aquarium. Do not forget to change the water at least three times a week. Feed the turtle best small fry. It is believed that tortoises are making the house calm and stability. But if the turtles you do not like, you can make a frog. Effect was the same. It is believed that the frog guards the house and its occupants from all sorts of trouble. Well, those who like warm-blooded animals, feng shui offers to have a tiger, but because tigers in our country start was made, it can be replaced by an ordinary cat. Cat symbolizes the feminine and protects women's well-being. It must be noted that in ancient times in Egypt, the cat was considered the goddess of the hearth and his defender. What about dogs Chinese said nothing, but I think they also did not harm the harmony in your home.Harmony of Feng Shui - Look at your front door and hallway
A well-known proverb: Theatre begins with a hanger, and the apartment - with the door. China is considered a bad omen if the door is located right by the stairs or on top. But the stairs, of course, do not move, but something that can be corrected. Very well to hang on door mirror, it will reflect all the negative energy that goes up the stairs. The same can be done if your apartment and your neighbor's apartment located opposite each other. If you want to come to your house wealth, then hang it on the handle of the door bells or Chinese coins tied with red ribbon. The entrance to the house must be bright. If your hallway is very dark, then use it to design a light-colored wallpaper, hang on the walls of vivid pictures in rectangular or oval frames, but most importantly - make a light brighter.
In addition, the hall has to be clean always, and not only when to come visit. If the hallway is not clean, do not be surprised if you will constantly pursue apathy, fatigue and depression. In Feng Shui it is recommended to put under the front mat three gold coins. But if not gold, do not despair, there is not so much important material of the coins, as their color.
Always close the doors of bedrooms, baths and toilets that were included in the corridor of people do not look for these run across the room, otherwise it could lead to fragmentation of the family.Harmony of Feng Shui - go to the bathroom and toilet
An important requirement for the bathroom, so it was dominated by order and cleanliness. Bathroom furnishings should be quite simple, not pretentious. If your bathroom is in the southern corner, the outside of the door hang a mirror of small dimensions. To select a tile walls blue or blue hues. If you do not like these colors, then hang on the wall at least the image of waves or fish.
If you're unlucky and your bathroom is with bath, then correct the situation by using screens or partitions. And I would like to remind once again - always keep the toilet lid closed. It will be useful, if you put any plant in a closet.
Rags, mops, etc. always keep in a place where they will not see otherwise everyone who lives in the house can not see success. Especially watch out for these in the kitchen. Ignoring this rule will lead to the fact that you will always needs something.Harmony of Feng Shui - go to the dining room or kitchen
Not seldom the role played by the dining room and living room is one room, so it is worth it to pay special attention. And since the beginning of a dining area separate from the recreation area. This can be done in lattice with climbing plants, bookcases, mirrors, paintings or photographs. No matter what piece of furniture will play the role of the separator, the main thing that you had two separate zones.
Proved that the person during the meal, feel better about themselves in a room with high ceilings. And in "hruschevke" for example, the ceilings are very low, and the hole to the neighbors do not do it, so you need to increase the height of ceilings on the visual level. For this fit wall lights directed towards the ceiling. But very bright light does not give that comfort and convenience that you want, so it is recommended to use switches to control light.
Mirrors - a favorite attribute in feng shui, as are appropriate and in the dining room. They not only create a feeling of more space, but the number of dishes and make twice as much, which would make every lunch and dinner are more impressive.
Not recommended to put a dining table to the wall, which is adjacent to the toilet. This is not only beneficial effect on appetite, but also harm the welfare and health of your family. If you have a dining table standing between two doors, it is not too good. Then from your home will leave the welfare and wealth. You can remedy the situation by hanging by the door bell or windchime.
Color tablecloths are selected based on to what area is your dining table. Green is best applied in the eastern zone, the blue in the northern part. Stand under a hot must be combined with the form table. If you have a round table, then the base must be round, square table - stand square.
During lunch, pour into transparent glasses clean water, then they will be associated with crystals and stimulate energy flow of Qi. And it is not necessary that the glasses were made of crystal.Harmony of Feng Shui - go into the bedroom
You want your home was always the financial well-being, do the following: Fill a vase with crystal, semi-precious stones, or just jewelry, and zapryachte this vase in the closet or dresser, only to see that a cabinet or chest of drawers is not standing in front of the entrance door to the bedroom. This vase can not show anyone.Harmony
of Feng Shui-talk a bit about the corridor
If you have a long and narrow corridor, it is recommended to hang on the walls of mirrors, which create a wavy effect. You will also assist in the creation of comfort in the corridor wall hangings, lamps and pots of climbing flowers.
All of these simple tips and tricks to help you achieve harmony of feng shui can help make your home unique and special, where you and your whole family after a hard day to relax and feel the comfort, convenience and peace of mind. The house, which was created by the rules of feng shui, you will not only be able to relax physically and mentally, but it is so important in our hectic days.


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