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Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to improve the health of the fall

Soon will come not the most pleasant time of year, summer is coming and when it rains, cold winds and snow - how to preserve their health in the fall? In addition, the autumn is often sad and depressed. What to do and how to deal with it? The first rule - to live for yourself!

Gym can wait
October and November - not the most cheerful month for the residents of our latitude. We become less active, because the body is under stress, and spends more calories to heat the body, than in warmer seasons. And we, in spite of everything, we continue to go hard in the gym, just under the lash of forcing yourself to do, even if a cold or get sick. Doctors insist: the immune system to deal effectively with the disease if not exposed to stress. While you are not completely recovered, go to the more leisurely activities. For example, try Pilates - these exercises you can do in bed. In the very early morning moments when you do not want to get up so come out and the gray street, you can wake up your body and set it on the working mode with a total of 6 exercises. After all, Pilates based exercises - fluidity of movement and muscle control.

Swimming - Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms forward, feet shoulder-width position. On the exhale, raise your left arm and right leg 30 cm and Freeze for 10 seconds. Then return to starting position.
Kick on your side - Lie on your right side and pull your right hand along the bed. Lean left hand in front of him. Keep your head straight, without tilting it. Raise both legs simultaneously and in a few seconds to return to starting position.
Shoulder Bridge - Lie on your back, bend your knees and your feet are set to the width of your hips. Extend hands along the body. On the exhale, pull your belly and slowly raise your pelvis, leaning on his feet. Within seconds, slowly lower.
Posture slats - Lie on your stomach, rest your elbows and toes on the floor. Feet shoulder width apart. On the inhale and pull your belly gently lift your pelvis off the floor so that your body was a straight line. Hold for several seconds.
Pulling down - Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body, and lift legs, bending at the knees. On the exhale, straighten your leg and pull it forward. Hold for a few seconds and return to starting position.
Stretching - Bending legs, sit on your heels. Hold your head to the knees, and hands forward. Hold this position for several seconds.
Japanese massage for face color
Of course, the beauty of Japanese women - a moot point, but that's part of the health of the Japanese have much to learn. Why not try a massage?

The tips of your index and middle fingers of both hands slowly "paint" a straight line from the center of the forehead to the temples.
Make the eyebrows along the same lines ten spiral movements.
Perform 15 times on the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose and the same - along with each side of the nose of the wing to the nose.
Complete with 10 strokes from the century - from the inner corner of eyes to the outside, from the wings of the nose and chin - to the temples.
Laughter a cure for diseases
Laughter strengthens the heart muscle, stabilizes the activity of the brain, improves blood circulation, reduces pain. In the U.S., "smeholechenie" is generally accepted by science and is gelotologiey ("gelo" - smile). Scientists smehoterapii department of the University of Los Angeles estimated that 27 seconds of laughter normalizes blood pressure as well as ten-minute meditation. A 15 minutes of laughter can help the body cope with the load and improve the condition of your blood vessels.Peeling
At least the sun - it's time for chemical peels and other procedures for exfoliation and anti-pigmentation. Be sure to treat not only face but also the body.Scrub coffee for home SPA
Mix 2 cups of ground coffee, 1 / 2 cup brown sugar or sea salt and 2-3 tablespoons of massage oil. After a hot shower in a circular motion rub the broad scrub. Then rinse with water and apply a body lotion.Take a bath
In order to improve mood and reduce fatigue, take a bath before going to bed with a drop of essential oil. Tonic known for jasmine, nutmeg, orange and rosemary. Soothing - bergamot, lavender, ginger and sandalwood.Visit the procedure "Antistress" in the SPA salon
There are many SPA relaxation and stress relieving programs that include elements of aroma, light, and sometimes steam therapy and relaxation massage, and moisturizing bath. Once a month, it is necessary.A glass of wine at dinner
Red wine - a storehouse of useful elements. It contains tannins, which purify the blood vessels, amino acids necessary for normal growth and protect cells, iron deficiency anemia on the healing, magnesium, healthy heart. Louis Pasteur called the healthiest drink of wine, if they are not abused. Recall that the French, who do not indulge in a glass of wine, even during working hours, almost never suffer from cardiovascular diseases.One stop - on foot
Walking in the autumn - a great way to recovery. Warm up, lift your mood, razomnete muscle. And if every day to overcome the 2,000 steps - and a 15 minute walk - it does not allow overweight, experts say.

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