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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to care for the skin?

As you know, a bath - a great tool for improving health, maintaining normal weight and tone the skin, to cleanse the body as a whole. In addition, it presents not only health but also the internal harmony. To enhance the beneficial effect of baths and saunas on the skin and body, issued a number of special agents, but there are some simple home recipes that can successfully replace many expensive tools. Let's examine them.


Ground coffee - a great natural scrub that not only makes the skin smooth, but able to adjust the shape. The fact that coffee can break down fatty deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite and fats found in grains, saturate the skin with nutrients. After this procedure, the skin can not apply lotion or cream - it will be moist and soft as velvet.

To prepare the mixture for a sauna, you need to take a few tablespoons of ground coffee (best if kofeinki be larger), add half the sugar, pour a small amount of hot water. Sugar should melt at the time of application, on the body. Apply it must be not earlier than the second call to the steam room, so the skin will be more receptive. Smeared the skin, it should be well massaged, especially in problem areas and leave for a few minutes, then rinse.



Honey - a tool that is unique to the skin. He feeds, opens pores, increases sweating. For removal of slag was more intense in the honey is added to salt, which at the time of use must be completely dissolved. Use as well as coffee, a person is better not to apply, especially if you have sensitive skin. For a single person can make a mixture of honey and aloe juice, which must be applied to the skin in a steam room and leave for 10-15 minutes. Before a session, "medoterapii" it is better not to drink the liquid, as all stand out through the pores of a drunk, drinking water is better then.

Honey Scrub, like coffee, you need to rinse with warm water, not cold, as if reluctant to do it. To make the honey was more effective, it can add essential oils - juniper, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, tea tree. If there is inflammation of the skin or rashes, essential oils (especially tea tree oil) podsushat them. Special honey mixture for baths and saunas are also sold in pharmacies.

For many years in the bath and the sauna is used cosmetic purified clay. It is different, is under the shade and has its own special properties. Sauna would be the best blue clay - it contains the greatest amount of minerals and elements, removes from the subcutaneous layers of excess fluid, tones, and when applied to the problematic fate helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. For oily and problem skin is perfect black clay - it detoxifies and cleans the pores.
For age, dull and aging skin will benefit white clay or kaolin - its properties are well known in cosmetology. The remaining clay "color" are more specialized: yellow nourishes the skin with oxygen and green tones, nourishes the gray, red increases blood circulation. Preparation of the clay is very simple - it is diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio with water, if the skin is very dry and sensitive - the milk. Apply on clean skin with a little steamed for 10-15 minutes. The impact with the skin of the body may be longer - as you have enough patience.
Also in the sauna is not superfluous to the use of herbal concoctions. To do this, you chose weed pour boiling water and let stand. This is best done at home, and bring the broth to the sauna with him. Which do you choose the grass? Suitable for sensitive skin, Daisy series, for the problem - calendula. Saturate the skin with iodine kelp help. Of course, these plants can be self-assemble on the lawn near the house, but it's better to buy in the drugstore. Rinse skin broth is better after one or more visits to the steam room.

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