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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer swimming with his own hands

Private swimming pool has always been the object of dreams for the owners of private houses and cottages, but the possibility of its production, much less acquire, unconsciously frightened away by the owners of the ordinary cost and scale of operations. At the same time, making his own swimming pool, a fully realized project, not involving in-depth knowledge in construction, but requires minimal knowledge of certain technologies, which will be discussed in this article.

The initial stage of construction is summer pool excavation, the scope and size of which depends on your personal preferences. The bottom of the excavated pit carefully aligned and firmly compacted walls. In the presence of large irregularities in the bottom of the pool of the future, they are covered with earth or sand. The initial stage is one of the most complex, a large amount of work usually involves the use of heavy equipment that will perform the excavation.
In the second stage of the walls and bottom of the pit laid waterproofing material, which acts as a thick canvas cloth or thick polyethylene film. The edges of the waterproofing layer of the pool should serve at least a meter and a half outside of the pit, and on the sides, it should be pressed wood blind area.
At the bottom of the pool poured a layer of river sand, which, after filling the tank with water, prevents the raising of the insulating material. The system involves draining the pool at its bottom a special trench, into which fit drain hose, the end of which shall be kept at the lowest point of construction. In order to prevent water was poured through a hose, it is enough to keep the free end above the water level.
The undoubted advantage of such designs is that they can be built on any type of soil, as water will not hold back the soil, and a special waterproofing material. In this basin can be given any shape: round, rectangular or oval. In addition, you save huge amounts of money to purchase large volumes of concrete, you do not need a delivery of sand and other consumables.
The most crucial moment of the building should include compliance with the angle of inclination of the walls of the pit, as with a strong inclination of the soil under the insulating material can fall.
The design of this pool is intended solely for the summer operation, the winter is only necessary to drain water away from the sand and conserve the fabric your pool until next season.

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