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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9 keys to happiness

 Every man aspires to her happiness. In the opinion of psychologists, be happy simply, the main thing to want to do that and run 9 simple steps that will make you really lucky!

1. You are unique, so it doesn't compare yourself with others. Your skills can be better than the next, with the results you are after. Everyone in life is given to do something one, that it will be better at it, because of both the physical and other capacity of each different. Try to find their niche and be proud of yourself!

2. Do not think, that the money is happiness. Take a look at them differently - it is a commodity, the pieces of paper. Ask the person who became the owner of the winning lottery ticket, what he felt when you receive the money? Of course, euphoria, and, over time it was extinguished and the man again in the same condition as it was before.

3. Know that your relatives and close people is the most precious that you have. Do not forget about them and maintain contact with family and friends, because at any moment they would do the same thing.

4. Do not bother to age, forget about time. If you will only look forward, to see things in a positive tone and don't look back - you will take the way of
a happy man.

5. Be calm in all situations. Look from a nervous person and the one who leads in the dispute themselves quietly. How do you think, on whose side luck? Remember that the nerve cells do not regenerate, health is deteriorating, which means peace of mind - it is the best way out of the situation for a happy, healthy person anywhere."

6. Be in harmony with all things. Psychologists say that all men without exception were born good and kind, only with time the company and the vital trouble has left its imprint on the character and temperament. To learn to understand and forgive people. Rejoice that surrounds you, be thankful for what you have, love the world, and he will love you!

7. Enjoy every moment spent in the Land, celebrate the fact that you live, what you eat and sleep, cause for happiness can be any. Remember the line: «I was offended for the Creator, and I had no shoes, until I met the young man, who was without legs.»

8. Try to find for themselves this work, which you will like, even if it is embroidery, crochet, let it be a trifle, and pleasant to you. And you will feel the true happy man, because you have a favorite pastime!

9. And last, feel the happiness from the inside.

Scientists have proven that if you eat a healthy diet, maintain the purity of his body, to maintain cleanness in her house and in General the environment, it will give you a real opportunity to feel yourself a happy man.

Love life in all its colors!

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